60+ Coolest Hand Tattoos for Men[Best Inspiration Guide]

male hand tattoos for men

If you’re a man and you’re thinking of getting a hand tattoo, you’re in good company. In fact, you’re in the majority! A recent study found that more than 60% of men have at least one tattoo on their hands. Hand tattoos for men are a little painful to get inked but look so cool.

However, you should also understand that aftercare is necessary when you are getting inked on hand. The reason is it is prone to fading and blowout, as the hands are the most exposed part of the body.

To make your body art a statement and stand out in the crowd check out these badass hand tattoos for men! From fierce animals to cool designs, there’s something for everyone. So why not add some personality to your look and get inked up today?

Best Hand Tattoos For Men

In this article, you will look at some of the badass, fierce, cool, unique, and best hand tattoos for men. By the end of this article, you’ll have plenty of mens hand tattoo ideas in your mind. All you will have to do is contact a tattoo artist and book your appointment. Why should females have all the fun?

1. Rose Hand Tattoo for Men

Rose Hand Tattoo for Men

Who said rose tattoos aren’t for men? Rose is the perfect way to symbolize a man. He reached a state of beauty after going through the roughs and many ups & downs. And that is what a rose described. Along with that, it is also a symbol of love won or lost. You can get a tattoo of the rose with a stem on the thumb area.

2. Unique Hand Tattoos for Men

Unique Hand Tattoos for Men

This unique hand tattoo is for men with a quote capturing moments. It is a simple yet cool-looking tattoo design a man can get. These side tattoo designs for men will show how much you care about every moment of your life. Also, how much do you like to enjoy and capture small moments with your loved ones?

3. Inspirational Hand Tattoos for Men

Inspirational Hand Tattoos for Men

This backhand tattoo design is for men who are struggling with their new startup or phase of life. The quote says, “You are your only limit, remember why you started.” The quote intersects with the letter Y and forms a beautiful design to look at. The font here is a simple typewriter font. Get this tattoo and you won’t need anyone else to inspire you.

4. Finger Art Hand Tattoos for Men

Finger Art Hand Tattoos for Men

If not on the arm or hand, you can pick the fingers for the tattoo design. However, be aware it will hurt you the most while getting inked there. This is a simple yet attractive tattoo design for men with a considerate heart. You can see different elements like the moon, flowers, waves, and stars on the fingers. All the elements are placed carefully to complement each other.

5. Clock Hand Tattoo

Clock Hand Tattoo

Show how much you value time with the full hand tattoo for men clock hand tattoo ideas. Here the tattoo design is pretty detailed and large. If you are fine covering up your wrist with a tattoo design and time is what you value most, this one’s for you. You can also read the quote “nothing is forever” under the clock, and that explains your personality.

6. Illuminati Hand Tattoo Designs

Illuminati Hand Tattoo Designs

Another wrist tattoo that is as badass as you is this Illuminati eye tattoo design. This is one of the most preferred and liked hand tattoos for men. It is an all-seeing eye on the triangular pyramid and is meant to symbolize their alleged omnipotence. It will showcase your supremacy and power over your doings.

7. Small Finger Skull Tattoo

Small Finger Skull Tattoo

Aren’t you a fan of big tattoos? No issues, we got you covered with the small finger skull tattoo design as well. Here you can see the variety of deadly elements inked on the man’s fingers. It includes everything from a skull and crown to a horrific castle and crescent moon.

8. Tiger Hand Tattoos for Men

Tiger Hand Tattoos for Men

The roaring tiger tattoo on the hand is all you need to look fierce. However, what does it symbolize? The tiger symbolizes many things from raw strength and power to freedom, independence, and innocence. However, we are sure the roaring tiger surely represents strength, power, and dominance.

9. Joker-Inspired Hand Tattoos for Men

Joker-Inspired Hand Tattoos for Men

Big fan of Joker? And also love batman? Well, if yes, then this can be your go-to tattoo design for the arm. It is neither too complex nor messy to look at. The classic ‘Why so serious?’ dialogue with the batman above and his mysterious laugh at the bottom explains the tattoo well.

10. Medusa Hand Tattoos for Men

Medusa Hand Tattoos for Men

Who said, a medusa tattoo is for women only? The meaning of the medusa tattoo hides behind greek art which represents an apotropaic symbol used to protect and ward off the negative. Medusa is known to dispel the belief that being victimized means they ought to be cursed or punished. As men, we are always protecting ourselves and others as well as keeping all the negativities at the bay!

11. Spiritual Tattoo Idea for Men

Spiritual Tattoo Idea for Men

This spiritual tattoo design for males screams the meaning courage is the key. The courage word is written specifically at the top and the design beneath that is key with the wings. It showcases that you can see and conquer all your dreams and the key to that is courage.

12. Trendy Male Hand Tattoo

Trendy Male Hand Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is like giving a commitment. You’re bound by it like forever. And the things that keep everything forever are trust and loyalty. This is the perfect way to show how you value trust and loyalty in any relationship.

13. Colorful Hand Tattoos for Men

Colorful Hand Tattoos for Men

Bored of regular black and gray tattoos? Try this colorful one. Men usually prefer less colorful tattoos, but the one that goes for it is very lively. This one is among the unique hand tattoos men can get. The colorful rose tattoo shows how lively your nature is, just like the bloom!

14. Skeleton Hand Tattoo for Men

Skeleton Hand Tattoo for Men

Want to get a bit bold and creepy? Try the skeleton hand tattoo. This hand bone tattoo on your hand is like an x-ray of your hands. It represents you like things the way they actually are and no adorns are needed to beautify them. The smokey effect on the bone is what sends a chill down your spine!

15. Bone and Snake Hand Tattoo

Bone and Snake Hand Tattoo

This one is creepier than the above one. A skeleton is one horrifying object, adding it to the venomous snake makes it worse. However, if you are a person with horror love, this skeleton hand tattoo ideas are for you.

16. Crown Tattoo on Hand

Crown Tattoo on Hand

Show yourself as king (who you are!) around the city with this crown tattoo on your hand. It is exactly on the middle part of your backhand. The strokes of white color to give the dimensions make it look cooler.

17. King and Queen Crown Tattoo for Men

King and Queen Crown Tattoo for Men

If you have already found the love of your life, you might want to get this tattoo on your arm. Yes, you saw that right! The king and queen’s crown tattoo with both of your names. It is one of the pretty hand tattoos of men and women. You can get it in a colorful version as well.

18. Gothic Hand Tattoo

Gothic Hand Tattoo

Gothic tattoos are for the ones who want to portray the dark side of their life. Since gothic tattoos are macabre, they are usually done in black and grayscale. The one here in the image is a deadly skeletal pirate with a creepy smile and a sharp sword.

19. Family Tattoos for Men

Family Tattoos for Men

Are you more of a family man? If yes, then this tattoo may interest you. It is done on the forearm of both hands. The text says Family First and has clouds around it. This is what we want right? Be there for our family whenever they need us!

20. Geometric Hand Tattoo

Geometric Hand Tattoo

If nothing suits you well, consider exploring tattoo designs for men to find the perfect fit. The tattoo has designs of animal skulls and geometric designs around it. This shows how well-protected and secure you are to keep yourself away from any vulnerabilities.

21. Minimal Hand Tattoos for Men

Minimal Hand Tattoos for Men

This minimal hand tattoo is nothing but a two-word and rose design. With this men hand tattoo design, you can be cool, simple, and elegant. The words ‘Be Kind’, shows how patient you are and the Rose is the perfect symbol of love, peace, and kindness.

22. Deathly Hallows Tattoo

Deathly Hallows Tattoo

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter series? Do you call yourself a Potterhead? If yes, then get this colorful and pleasing deathly hallow tattoo on your hand. The symbol is a representation of an invisibility cloak, resurrection stone, and elder wand. Being a true Potterhead, you already know what it symbolizes, right?

23. Fine Line Pretty Hand Tattoos for Men

Fine Line Pretty Hand Tattoos for Men

Get the galaxy on your hand, but with the pretty hand tattoo design of fine line art. This is one of the sweetest male hand tattoos for men on this list. It shows the systematic moving of the solar system and your life.

24. Oni Mask Tattoo on Hand

Oni Mask Tattoo on Hand

Another Japanese culture hand tattoo for men on the list is this Oni Mask. the Oni mask protection symbol for the ones who believe in the spiritual world. Apart from that it also looks cool on the hand, especially when you go for the color mask tattoo.

25. Zodiac Sign Hand Tattoo Men

Zodiac Sign Hand Tattoo Men

You can either go for the large zodiac sign hand tattoo men like the one in the image or pick the small and clear sign only. Here, the zodiac sign design is quite mysterious and for the background, the artist went for the historical book pages structure. Overall, everything together looks amazing.

26. Bow and Arrow Hand Tattoo

Bow and Arrow Hand Tattoo

As we all know, the bow and arrow tattoo represents strength and power. You can get it anywhere, but the one on the hand looks classy. It is a traditional bow and arrow with a feather on the top.

27. Mandala Hand Tattoos for Men

Mandala Hand Tattoos for Men

Mandala is a very difficult sketch or art to do. One needs a balance of mind and sight to get the mandala drawing done right and beautifully. You might be thinking, why would someone get the mandala tattoo on their hand? Well, the reason is it represents the balance of body and mind, which is necessary for critical and serious tasks.

28. Palm Tattoos for Men

Palm Tattoos for Men

Many men get palm tattoos. You might think, is it even a tattooable place? Well, yes. But it is a bit controversial. Why? You will need to take care of it at the par. And it has a high chance of getting fade away way earlier. We would recommend going for palm tattoos for the temporary ones only, or if you are someone who has workers around you to help!

29. Tiger Hand Tattoo for Male

Tiger Hand Tattoo for Male

This one’s among other artistic hand tattoos for men on the list. To get this tattoo look super-duper cool, get your both hands inked. On one hand, there will be a tiger’s eye, and on another hand, it’s a roaring mouth. The result should be a tiger face with one eye when clicked like this!

30. Black Butterfly Tattoo

Black Butterfly Tattoo

Show your bad side to the world with the black butterfly. Although the butterfly represents life changes (the beautiful one), the black butterfly represents something bad that is going to happen or the temporality of life.

31. Scorpion Hand Tattoos for Men

Scorpion Hand Tattoos for Men

The most famous tattoo design among men and women is the scorpion tattoo. Some models have scorpion tattoos on their arms, back, thighs, and even chests. The question is why is it so popular? The Scorpio tattoo represents great strength, strong personality and sexuality, loyalty, and the ability to protect and control oneself.

32. Money Rose Hand Tattoos for Men

Money Rose Hand Tattoos for Men

Roses are fine, but roses made with money definitely attract people. Why? Because people adore both money and roses. This one’s a clever means of hand tattoo among all. Get yourself inked with the rose money and see people asking about it frequently. The idea is to represent your love for money and how much you value it.

33. Cross Tattoo for Men

Cross Tattoo for Men

Show your spiritual side with the cross tattoo on your hand. There are various options available for the cross tattoo. However, if you want to keep it minimal, go for the 3D art cross tattoo below your thumb.

34. Bold Eye Hand Tattoo

Bold Eye Hand Tattoo

One can think of many stories behind this tattoo design. How many elements can you see in the tattoo? Drops, a cloud, an eye, and sun. This tattoo is the perfect representation of the bad days in the perfectly sunny atmosphere. We all have gone through it once.

35. Crescent Moon Hand Tattoo

Crescent Moon Hand Tattoo

There are many meanings related to the crescent moon tattoo. However, the best tattoo for boys hand that describes its meaning is growth, creativity, and manifestation. So, if you are a person with this personality or you can relate to this, get this tattoo on your hand.

36. Sun and Moon Hand Tattoos for Men

Sun and Moon Hand Tattoos for Men

The sun and moon tattoo is a strong representation of the two opposite powers life & death, femininity & masculinity, and good & bad. It is similar to the expression of yin and yang. There are two things a life cycle consists of both positive and negative.

37. Coffin Tattoo Design on Hand

Coffin Tattoo Design on Hand

You will see this tattoo on countrymen. It is a symbol that represents one who is prepared for death. If you are someone you can sacrifice for the country or your loved one, consider getting this tattoo on your hand.

38. Fiery Tattoo Design

Fiery Tattoo Design

Another artistic tattoo on the list is this one – fire flames. The detailing on this tattoo is too good to be true. The fingers are inked black to represent the burn from fire and flames are made to look scary and deadly. On his fingers, you can see the word ‘PLAY’ written. Seems like, someone is ready to play with fire and win over.

39. Halloween Hand Tattoos for Men

Halloween Hand Tattoos for Men

Halloween is near, consider getting this pumpkin head tattoo on your hand. You can either go for the classic black and white ink tattoo or the colorful one like the image reference. It isn’t just the pumpkin but the terrifying pumpkin, perfect for Halloween night.

40. Anchor Hand Tattoos for Men

Anchor Hand Tattoos for Men

Some see it as a simple representation of the sea., while many see it as a constant reminder to keep their feet on the ground. Symbolizing commitment, safety, or hope, anchors can represent anything, which makes them an excellent tattoo idea.

41. Boondock Saint Tattoo on Hand

Boondock Saint Tattoo on Hand

Murphy has AEQUITAS tattooed on his trigger finger while Connor MacManus has VERITAS. Their tattoos symbolize their personalities and vigilante values, which are truth and justice. Get yourself the same tattoos in the exact same place. These are the best hand tattoos for men who are in the police department.

42. Jesus Christ Hand Tattoo

Jesus Christ Hand Tattoo

The Jesus Christ tattoo is the symbol of one’s faith, love, and trust in Jesus Christ and is religious or spiritual. Many men get this tattoo to help them stay sane in critical situations feeling Jesus is with them.

43. Deer Tattoo Design on Hand

Deer Tattoo Design on Hand

Get yourself, the deer head tattooed on the back of your hand. The black, white, and gray color palette makes it look more powerful and showcases how active you are. Here the tattoo designs for men also have left at the bottom which gives the finishing.

44. Small Compass Hand Tattoos for Men

Small Compass Hand Tattoos for Men

One of many meaningful men’s hand tattoo ideas is the one with a small compass on the hand. This isn’t the instrument but the actual compass drawn on the map, which means you’ll always have a compass with you, and you’ll never get on the wrong path.

45. Colosseum Hand Tattoo

Colosseum Hand Tattoo

Get the Colosseum amphitheater monument inked on your hand. It looks incredible and represents the tenacity and dignity of the entire city of Rome. So, if you are from Rome or like the city, you can get this tattoo as a tribute to its history and show some respect.

46. Artistic Male Hand Tattoo Designs

Artistic Male Hand Tattoo Designs

There’s a reason why we call this artistic hand tattoos for men. You can see three different tattoos making one tattoo as a whole. This tattoo has a bird, a knife, and tiger eyes. This tattoo represents the sharp eyes for one’s life goal and the freedom he likes to have!

47. Skull and Rose Hand Tattoo

Skull and Rose Hand Tattoo

The representation of the skull and rose tattoo together is the strife of ugly and beautiful in times of good and evil. The skull represents life and death while the rose is for beauty and love. Together they make a deadly combination of something cool.

48. Sibling Triangle Tattoo

Sibling Triangle Tattoo

A symbolic triangle tattoo in a small size represents three siblings. There are three triangles in the tattoo, which is a matching sibling tattoo. Keep the tattoo simple and elegant to look at!

49. Heavy Hustle Hand Tattoos for Men

Heavy Hustle Hand Tattoos for Men

Struggling to get on the top? Proud of your hustle? Show off the proud moment with this heavy hustle hand tattoo. Here in this tattoo, you can see two different tattoos on different hands, one is of a bird, while another is a text tattoo with ‘Heavy Hustle’ written on it.

50. Life Is Beautiful Hand Tattoos for Men

Life Is Beautiful Hand Tattoos for Men

It is important to have a motto in one’s life. If your belief is life is beautiful no matter how many lemons it gives you. This is the tattoo for you. A simple and basic tattoo that explains your way of looking at life.

51. Devil Butterfly Hand Tattoos for Men

Devil Butterfly Hand Tattoos for Men

Another butterfly hand tattoo on the list is–devilishly butterfly. You can see the darkness of this rather beautiful insect through its skull on its head. It showcases that not every beautiful thing is good and vice-versa.

52. Anubis Hand Tattoo

Anubis Hand Tattoo

This one is the badass-looking tattoo, but do you know what it is? It is a tattoo of Anubis, a symbol of death and the Underworld. Anubis represents death and the Underworld in Egyptian mythology. A tattoo of this print may represent your role in fending off evil spirits or you can use this tattoo as your symbol of protection and power.

53. Tree Hand Tattoo

Tree Hand Tattoo

As a symbol of many different things in life, tree tattoos can be profoundly meaningful. Trees represent longevity and endurance. The roots of the tree are deep in the ground and are always growing. The tree tattoo represents that you will not stop growing personally or professionally.

54. Beautiful Mens Hand Tattoos

Beautiful Mens Hand Tattoos

This is a black flower tattoo on the back of the hand and looks equally beautiful. If you are confused about what to get inked with, this is the safest option to go for! It is also one of the simple and elegant mens hand tattoo ideas.

55. Religious and Geometric Hand Tattoos for Men

Religious and Geometric Hand Tattoos for Men

The reason we said it’s religious and geometric lies in its sacred design. It is believed that if this tattoo is worn on certain body parts like hands, it can provide balance, restore health, and heal the tattoo wearer. The rose in the design adds the meaning of love and beauty while the geometric design adds the mystery of life.

56. Wheel Tattoo on Hand

Wheel Tattoo on Hand

Another small and sweet tattoo on the list of hand tattoos for men is this wheel design. Want to keep it simple and like a small tattoo like this, get the wheel tattoo on the back of your hand.

57. Dragon Hand Tattoo

Dragon Hand Tattoo

The dragon is the symbol of passion, rage, fearlessness, and wisdom. If these are the qualities you are known for, get this small but impactful dragon tattoo on your hand. If not this, you can also go for the dragon mouth tattoo that will cover your entire arm.

58. Sword Hand Tattoos for Men

Sword Hand Tattoos for Men

Normally, the sword tattoo represents authority, protection, courage, strength, and power. However, the three swords like the one in the image are symbolism of the pain you have experienced in your life.

59. Alphabet Hand Tattoos for Men

Alphabet Hand Tattoos for Men

This tattoo is for self-obsessed people (in a good way). If you think you are self-made, your life’s motto is love more, are a lost soul, or anything that describes you in eight words. Try the alphabet tattoo. There are many inspirations behind this tattoo, this is only one example.

60. Samurai Hand Tattoos for Men

Samurai Hand Tattoos for Men

A well-known Japanese warrior caste is Samurai. You think they are your inspiration. Get this samurai tattoo. Apart from that this tattoo also looks super cool on your hand as it covers your hand to the wrist

mens hand tattoo ideas

Discover the appeal of bird hand tattoos for guys, where artistry meets symbolism. From the majestic eagle exuding energy to the enigmatic raven representing thriller, these designs provide a canvas of that means. Navigate the world of inked expressions with our manual to bird hand tattoos for men. Elevate your style at the same time as embracing the fascinating symbolism of avian artistry.

FAQs on Male Hand Tattoos For Men

What Are the Risks of Getting a Hand Tattoo?

There are many risks associated with getting a hand tattoo. One of the most serious risks is the risk of infection. Hand tattoos are often more prone to infection than other tattoos because they are often exposed to more dirt and germs.

Another serious risk is the risk of nerve damage. The nerves in the hand are very delicate and can be easily damaged by a tattoo needle. This can result in permanent nerve damage and loss of sensation in the hand.

Lastly, there is the risk of skin cancer. Hand tattoos can be more prone to skin cancer than other tattoos because they are exposed to the sun and other elements that can damage the skin.

How to Care for a Hand Tattoo?

Hand tattoos are a popular choice for many people, but they do require a bit of extra care to keep them looking their best. Here are a few tips on how to care for a hand tattoo:

  • Keep the tattoo dry: When you’re not wearing gloves, make sure to keep your tattoo dry by using a paper towel or napkin.
  • Apply lotion: Apply a thin layer of lotion to the tattoo twice a day to keep it moisturized.
  • Avoid sun exposure: Sun exposure can fade your tattoo, so make sure to avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen if you need to go outside.
  • Avoid swimming: Swimming can also fade your tattoo, so try to avoid swimming in chlorinated water or salt water.

How Much Do Tattoos Cost?

For a small tattoo, you’ll normally have to pay $50-100, for a medium tattoo $200, and for a large tattoo, you’ll have to pay $250. The cost of getting elaborate and large tattoos can be very high–the sky’s the limit.

Final Words on Hand Tattoos For Men:

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and this trend is especially true for men. This year, hand tattoos will be one of the most popular types of tattoos for men. This is because they are unique and eye-catching, and they can be used to convey a message or show off your personality. These tattoo designs for men are a great way to express personal style or individuality or commemorate a special occasion.

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