20 Trendy Crochet Hairstyles & Braids That’ll Make Heads Turn!

Crochet Hairstyles

The trend for crochet hairstyles probably never went away. If you haven’t tried them until now, here’s your cue to go get one.

Picture this: You have set out of your salon with a crochet masterpiece that gives you confidence and adds charisma to your personality. You are making heads turn! You are giving GLAM; you are giving GORGEOUS!

Dreamy right?! Well, this dream is achievable!

Hello ladies! If you are scouting for trendy crochet hairstyles, then you have landed on the right page! Welcome to our exclusively curated list of 20 sassiest hair crochet styles featuring different variations to suit your preference. From short and chic to long and luscious manes, we are sure you’ll find something for your hair length in this article.

So, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned crochet aficionado who’s up for a change of look, enjoy our spread and make your bold pick!

Once the above things are thought through, you are all set to look fab!

To be honest, this was a fairly tough list to curate for us as there are endless possibilities with crochet hairstyles and braids. But we didn’t want to overwhelm you with too many options. So, we handpicked the 20 best and glamorous ones for our lovely readers.

1. Jamaican Bouncy Curls

Jamaican bouncy curls

These curls are all about that effortlessly bouncy look. They are easy to curate as well. Carry this Caribbean flair that features tight coils with soft waves, perfect for a playful vibe! We recommend this crochet hairstyle, especially before heading to a beachy vacay.

2. Long Box Braids

Long box braids

If you are into Afro-textured hairstyles, try out this one! Either you can use your natural hair or ask your hairstyles to attach some extensions for you to create this look. These are very low-maintenance braids, and you can choose your desired length that’s comfortable for you to carry.

3. Braided Cornrow Crochet Hairstyle

Braided cornrow crochet hairstyle

Look uber cool, serve glances, and break your Instagram with these amazing cornrow braids. Show up with this hairdo, and let the swag follow! 

4. Short-Length Twist-Out Curls

Short-length twist-out curls

We bring you one of the most versatile and outgoing short crochet hairstyles that are very easy to carry. These twisted curls offer limitless styling options and are perfect for those who are amateurs to crocheting. The shorter length adds up to the practicality of owning the look even more. 

5. Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists hairstyle

If you are in for a more laid-back look for longer hair, try out Senegalese twists. They look super chic and simple without giving you the anxiety of carrying a bold impression.

6. Long and Soft Curly Crochet Hairstyles

Long and soft curly crochet hairstyles

Exude a feminine aura after wearing this crochet hairstyle. This adds a good amount of volume if you are looking for a fuller look. There are various ways you can style it. Moreover, you can get creative with your hairdos as well.

7. Curvy Inverted Bob Crochet Hairstyles

Curvy inverted bob crochet hair styles

This asymmetric bob hairdo is another bold crochet look that you can opt for. It is easy to maintain and offers you a refreshed vibe. 

8. A Top Bun Moment

top bun crochet hairstyles

Pin it all up, honey! Go for this trendy snatched top-bun moment. Ain’t it a robust look to carry?! With all your hair out of the way, you can most definitely SLAY!

9. Double Bun Crochet Hairdo

Double bun crochet hairdo

Move above and beyond the classic hair updo. This double bun hairstyle will match a sporty vibe while being sophisticated. Moreover, your roots will stay protected and moisturized as well. 

10. Dense and Chunky Short Crochet Hairstyle

Dense and chunky short crochet hairstyle

If you want an even shorter length, these chunky braids could be a great option. They stay up and are even easier to maintain. So, can you rock this chic retro style? It’s definitely worth a try!

11. Mid-Length Small Defined Curls

Mid-Length Small Defined Curls

Mid-length hair looks dreamy and is suitable for an everyday casual look. You can either tie it up or dress it down, depending on your mood and outfit. Plus, these thin-defined curls will give you a posh personality.

12. Soft Curly Crochet Hair with Bangs

Soft curly crochet hair with bangs

Who said you can’t do bangs with crochet hair? Of course you can! Bangs look adorable and let you hide the hair tracks, if you know what we mean! (wink, wink)

13. Brazilian Crochet Hairstyle

Brazilian crochet hairstyle

Brazilian crochet hair doesn’t give you a tone of volume. So, if you are a round face-shaped gal, this is for you. It won’t add to your chubby face but rather complement it.

14. Blonde Ocean Wave Crochet Hairstyle

Blonde ocean wave crochet hairstyle

A laid-back hairstyle with blonde hair can never fail you. Take a look at this above reference as an example. You’ll feel lighter on the head, and your overall appearance will look less structured. This crochet hairstyle is perfect for women who love simplicity.

15. Bouncy Classy Bob

Bouncy classy bob

This classic bob hairstyle is very minimalistic, sophisticated, and formal. Some might say it is a safe route to take, but hey, unless it’s serving its purpose, who cares?! Classic hairstyles like these still reign.

16. Sunbeam-Inspired Cornrow Braids

Sunbeam-inspired cornrow braids

Embrace this multi-dimensional crochet braid hairstyle if you feel sporty. They elevate the classic slick-back look, providing it with a refreshed feel.

17. Through the Thick and Thin

thick and thin braids hairstyle

Alternate your braid’s thickness to reveal a cooler, unique look. This is such a fun style if you are in the mood for some experimentation.

18. Textured Tail

textured ponytail

If messy and fun is your vibe, a textured ponytail could be your jam. You can have your sleek cornrows on top and let them flow into a textured ponytail, creating volume and some pizzazz. 

19. Mambo Twists

Mambo twists hairstyle

Don’t have hours to spend at the salon but still wanna slay? Well, opt for the Mambo crochet twist hairstyle. Installing them slices off half your salon time while letting you look effortlessly chic.

20. Luscious Loose Curls

Luscious loose curls

Celebrate this simple look that’s glamorous enough for the red carpet. These loose curls sway and bounce over your shoulders to give you that oomph of confidence to shine wherever you go.

How to Choose a Crochet Hairstyle for Yourself?

1. Access Your Hair Health

Access Hair Health

Even though crochet hairstyles are not as damaging as other styling alternatives, they need good, strong-rooted hair as a base. So, check your hair health before you block your appointment. Make sure your strands are strong, well-nourished, and ready to take on any hair crochet styles you desire.

2. Opt for Consultation with Your Hairstylist

Consultation with Hairstylist

Go get all your questions answered by a professional before jumping on the bandwagon to avoid regrets or surprises later. Book a consultation at a good salon and shoot them with all your doubts. Talk about practical challenges, care regimes, maintenance routines, etc., with your stylist to get things sorted beforehand.

3. Style Selection

crochet hairstyles selection

When you select a crochet hairstyle, you’ll probably think if it will suit your face and personality. Yes, you should consider these things. But more importantly, consider if the new look aligns with your lifestyle. Think about whether you can carry that style with your daily life. 

4. Maintenance commitment

crochet hairstyles Maintenance

Crochet hairstyles can stay put from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the style you choose. So, as you carry that hairstyle, you need to maintain it very well. Ask yourself can you maintain this commitment to upkeep it regularly? Based on your answer, opt for a style that’s either low-maintenance or otherwise. 

5. Budget

crochet hairstyles budget

While crochet hairstyles can be fairly affordable than other styling treatments, there still is a budget that needs to be considered. Along with the initial installation process and maintenance appointments, there are post-care product costs also involved. Additionally, the budget may differ from the style you choose and the hair texture required for that particular style.


1. Is crochet good for your hair?

Comparatively, yes! Because crochet hairstyles protect and preserve your natural hair. Moreover, there are so many style options to try out, and keep experimenting every time you get those extensions off.

2. How long does crochet hair last?

Crochet hairstyles can last from four to eight weeks, depending on the style you choose. However, professionals advise you not to let the extensions stay beyond 5 weeks.

3. Is crochet hair better?

Crochet braids cling to your natural hair. So, unlike wigs or weaves, your hair, as well as your scalp, stays exposed. You can easily wash your head and even moisturize your roots for better hair health. Besides, there’s practically no heat damage with this technique. 

4. Is crochet fake hair?

Crochet braids (AKA latch hook braids) involve crocheting synthetic hair extensions to natural hair with a hook. So yes, the crochet strands are fake.


With this, we wrap up our list. Hopefully, we brought you closer to your decision. Unleash your inner goddess and go rock your look. Remember to stay true to your style and dare to experiment if you need to because the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to have fun through and through. 

Cheers to a fabulous hair makeover! Stay stylish, stay brave! Until next time!

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