How to Make a Wig with Bundles? Step-by-Step Guide

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Many are fond of wearing wigs. In fact, these are the go-to hair accessories of many people, may they be a male or a female. It is very convenient especially if you are a fan of experimenting with different looks for different occasions. That is why wigs are in demand both in physical and online stores. It also comes in various prices. Thus, if you do not want to go through the hassle of purchasing one for your needs, you can just opt to make one.

If this is your first time making one and you are having a question like “How to make a wig with bundles?”, then you are definitely in the right place. We will tackle a step by step guide on how you can make one.

You can follow the steps indicated below on making DIY wigs. Steps are made easy for beginners like you so it won’t be difficult to do.

How to Make a Wig with Bundles?


Step 1: Identify the Type of Wig

Before engaging in this task, you have to identify what kind of wig you want to have. You cannot start doing something if you are not sure about what you want to get. Thus, you need to identify your likes for a wig. Is it going to be made of synthetic hair? Will it be more of a human hair to make it look natural? You should also identify whether you want it full or otherwise.

You also have to consider the length whether you want it long or short. This step is very crucial because preparation for the next steps will depend on this. Not being able to do this right will lead to unsatisfactory results. You have to think about this very well.

Step 2: Prepare the Materials Needed

Once you have decided on what you want, you can start gathering all the supplies needed to kick-start the process. You need to provide the supplies listed below.

  • Mannequin head
  • Wig stand
  • Needle & thread
  • A pair of scissors
  • Hair bundles preferably of the same length
  • Safety pins
  • Wig cap

Place all the materials in place and within reach to avoid hassle. You have to double-check that everything is ready in order not to hamper the process. Another tip is to choose high-quality materials to ensure that they will last long.

Step 3: Get the Hair Net Ready

Place the wig cap into the mannequin head. Always remember to make adjustments on the strap so you can get the right size. You can place markings on the cap so there will be a guide when you start sewing. This is a very critical step because you have to get the right cap measurement for it to be comfortable when worn. It has to be just perfect for your needs, not too tight and not too loose.

Step 4: Get Ready to Sew The Wig

Now, get the hair bundles and you can start sewing the hair in the cap. As much as possible, do not start if the cap is not tight because it can lead to many mistakes such as incorrect measurement. Loose cap can move while sewing and it may affect the overall result. Find a stable surface where you can place the mannequin head to minimize movement or else you can use tapes to keep it in place

  • Begin sewing under the edge of the cap. It is up to you whether you will cut the bundle into pieces or you can just fold it.
  • Use the top and full method in sewing and secure the bundles using needle and thread. Do not forget to make tight knots after every stitch and cut the excess track.
  • Before you flip, be sure to secure the edge of the weft.
  • Row by row sewing is recommended when sewing bundles to make the spaces in between at equal distance. You can start from the first row, and then continue to the next row.
  • Keep the hair trace neat. As much as possible, it must be bump free.
  • Continue sewing until you have finished all the rows. The U-part section must be left on the wig cap’s forehead.
  • For a fuller look, finish sewing the U-part section with the remaining hair bundles.

Step 5: Inspect Your Wig

Once you are sewed your wig, make a final inspection for any excess thread or wig cap that overlaps. Be careful when cutting it or else you will end up ruining what you worked hard for. Cutting too close to the hair is not recommended.

Step 6: Style Your Wig

Wig Style

If you are satisfied with how the wig turned out, then you are done with it. But if you are not, you can opt to style it. You can use hair styling tools to achieve your desired look. You can choose to straighten it or give it a curly look. If you still want to make changes to the length, you can also do so by using scissors. Do not forget to use a wide comb when styling to avoid tangled hair. You can also use hair care products to add volume or shine to the hair but it depends on your preferences.


Do you find these steps helpful? It is made easy so beginners won’t have a hard time executing the steps. Always remember that careful planning must be made so you won’t be disappointed with the result that you will get. DIY wigs are best for those who want to give a personal touch to their hair accessory and you can save by doing it yourself instead of buying ready to wear ones. What are you waiting for? You can gather all the materials now and start with the process.

If you love this tutorial, then leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about this. I’ll be glad to read it. Happy sewing!

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