Common Grey Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing

grey hair myths

One of the most prevalent and natural hair problems is the appearance of grey hair before its normal time. When it comes to premature greying of the hair, the sun, stress, smoking (yeah, that is real), and heredity are all factors that might be to blame. On the other hand, we have also been blaming a few additional things that have absolutely nothing to do with your hair becoming lighter. These causes include:

It is time to unlearn and get your hair care fundamentals clear so you may treat the premature greys in a better and more effective method if you want to. We have heard these erroneous statements from our parents, friends, or other people around us that believed in these myths too. However, it is time to unlearn and get your hair care basics clear.

The following is a list of grey hair myths that need to be dispelled, and you should stop believing them as soon as possible.

Myth 1: Dying Your Grey Hair Will Make It Worse

Grey Hair Dying Myth

It is not true that using natural dyes such as henna or hair colors manufactured by trusted brands can hasten the greying process or cause more hair to become grey. It won’t take long for the color to fade away, and doing so won’t make the situation any worse.

Myth 2: Plucking Your Grey Hairs, More Will Regrow in Their Place

Myth OF Plucking Grey Hairs

This is a typical example of an old wives’ story, which is a phrase that people use to try to discourage you from plucking off your hair. Fortunately, this is not true.

However, although you will not experience premature greying as a consequence of removing individual strands of hair, you run the risk of permanently injuring the hair follicles in those areas, which will ensure that no new hairs will ever come back in their place. Put away the tweezers immediately if you don’t want your hair to be noticeably thinner when you’re older in order to have a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Myth 3: Men Are More Likely to Have Grey Hair Than Women

Men Are More Likely to Have Grey Hair Than Women

There is no evidence to support the notion that males obtain grey strands in their hair before women do. However, the pattern of greying that occurs in men and women is distinct from one another. While grey hairs first appear on men’s sides and sides of their heads, women first appear in the frontal region. Growing grey hair is natural and men can still rock their black men’s hair twist styles.

Myth 4: It Will Cause Damage to Your Hair If You Are Having Grey Hair

Beautiful Old Lady with Gray Hair

This is a widespread misunderstanding, yet it is really not too difficult to see why it persists. If you’ve started to go grey, you may have noticed that your grey hair is rougher and more brittle than the rest of your hair. This is a natural consequence of the aging process.

It should be noted, however, that this does not indicate that the loss of pigment is causing any harm; rather, it merely indicates that the new growth is occurring with a thinner cuticle. To provide some background, the cuticle plays a key role in protecting your hair from environmental aggressors such as UV radiation and heat styling, in addition to the loss of water, thus it makes perfect sense that your greys are in a worse state than your other hair.

Myth 5: You’ve Been Bleaching and Dying Your Hair Too Much, Which Is What Causes It

Bleaching and Dying Hair

You may relax knowing that the bleach in your hair is not actively damaging your hair follicles. To be more accurate, your genes, in combination with other aspects of your lifestyle such as smoking, your overall health, and stress, are what ultimately decide when precisely your hair will turn grey.

The average age at which Asians begin to see greying of their hair is the late forties. However, not all of us have the same physical make-up. If you want a better estimate of when you’ll start getting grey hair yourself, turn to your parents for clues. If they began losing their hair color at a young age, there is a strong possibility that you will as well!

Myth 6: Grey Hair Is Unattractive

Attractive Grey Hair

At this time no one worries as much as you do about a few grey hairs in your hair yourself. In point of fact, grey hair may be really attractive if it is styled well and worn with self-assurance. Many famous people are helping to normalize their appearance by rocking their grey hair, so you should definitely own it like a boss.

Myth 7: You Have to Cover Up Your Greys When You Go Out in Public

Do Not Cover Up Your Grey Hair

When one begins to show signs of aging in a society that sets a premium on youth, the first inclination is to conceal any and all evidence of it. The majority of the effort to conceal silver hairs and delay the onset of other indications of aging is placed on women. The trend toward embracing silver hair, which has gained support in recent years but is still a relatively new phenomenon, is a response to this pressure.

No one can really advise you on how to style your hair, nor should they have any influence in the manner in which you choose to treat the rest of your body. It is thus up to you and you alone to decide whether you want to keep your hair in its natural state or if you want to color it.

In Conclusion

The sensation of seeing your first grey hair may be a very emotional one. Some people happily welcome their greys with open arms, while others opt to engage in an activity of absolute fear in response to that. Both of these explanations are reasonable, and whether you choose to cover up or embrace your greying hair, it will still be a natural process at the end of the day.

At this point, you have two options: you may either let the greys grow out naturally, or you can disguise them for as long as you want but I’m sure after reading this article you will rock your grey hair with confidence.

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