Best Glasses for Older Women with Short Gray Hairstyles

Best Glasses for Older Women with Short Gray Hairstyles

If you have gorgeous natural gray hair cut in a short style, you may be wondering what type of glasses will best suit your ‘do.’ Happily, you have more options than most! Most color frames work beautifully with gray hair, so you might find a world of color, patterns, and styles opening up to you like never before!

Use the guide below to figure out the best type of spectacle to choose, dependent on your hairstyle, what to avoid, and the female celebs who have put the gray-hair-and-glasses combo firmly on the fashion map! so let’s see some best glasses for older women with short gray hairstyles

The Feathered Short Bob

The Feathered Short Bob hairstyle with Glasses

The classic short bob looks great on women of all ages, but many older ladies particularly favor the feathered bob for how flattering it is to the features and because it adds the appearance of volume to the hair.

A pair of glasses with round frames look wonderful with a short bob, complementing the hairstyle and emphasizing its bounce! Look for styles featuring bold frames – tortoiseshell or black options look particularly good on those with lovely gray locks cut in a short bob.

The Perfect Pixie Cut

The Perfect Pixie Cut with Glasses

Pixie cuts look divine on gray hair, and it’s one of the most popular styles for women aged over fifty. The best frames to beautifully match this hairstyle are cat’s eyes. This design of frame will flatter your features, draw attention to your eyes, and create fabulous balance. Not to mention they’re an effortless way to add glamor to any outfit!

You could consider experimenting with some oversized cat’s eye styles to up the chic ante still further. Try frames in warm burgundy or gold to add a touch of sophisticated softness. Have a look at Glasses USA for a range of cat’s eye styles to start thinking about what eyewear could work best for you.

Short Haircuts with Bangs

Short Haircuts with Bangs hairstyle with Glasses

Glasses and bangs can be a match made in heaven – as long as you take the time to pick the right style of eyewear! If your cut features side bangs, it’s best to avoid oversized glasses, which could overwhelm your face. Instead, opt for teardrop-style designs with thin frames.

If you have full bangs, try thin metal frames (or acetate) to flatter your haircut and open up your face. Aviator styles could be particularly effective as their brow line mirrors the blunt line of a full fringe.

The Lob

The Lob haircut with Glasses Look for Older Women

The lob (long bob) is a flattering style that’s very popular with women aged over fifty – adding layers to the cut gives extra movement and volume…not to mention the chic factor! The best glasses frame to complement this hairstyle is the Clubmaster. Typically, this type of frame is ‘heavier’ on the top half than the bottom and incorporates temple tips for extra elegance.

The effect of the Clubmaster frame is to draw attention to the upper part of the face, balancing the lob hairstyle to perfection. As the rims are only ‘chunky’ on the top half of the spectacles, you can experiment with brighter or patterned frames without risking overload.

Be Bold with Color!

Color of hair

The beauty of having gray hair is that you’re free to wear colors and patterns that those with other hair colors may struggle to make work.

Think about the outfits that you like wearing best. For example, if you have a lot of neutral or earth tones in your wardrobe, a pair of glasses with emerald frames could really make your clothes pop! Similarly, red-framed glasses will create a vibrant, dynamic contrast if you wear a lot of blues.

What to Avoid

A man cutting a woman's hair

There are not many glasses that are a definite no-no if you have short gray hair. Apart from this one: rimless frames. Rimless frames can age the features and, of all the designs of glasses out there, is the only one that’s universally unflattering on older women with beautiful gray hair.

Female Celebs Rocking the Gray Hair and Glasses Look

Female Celebs' Gray Hair and Glasses Look

Jamie Lee Curtis is a great example of a superstar celeb who looks stunning with her naturally gray hair cut into a cute-and-contemporary pixie cut. Her go-to glasses of choice have thick black frames that sit on the brow line – they give a dramatic, chic edge to the actress’s look and work just as well with a relaxed outfit as they do with a red-carpet ensemble.

Diane Keaton is another fan of the gray hair and glasses combo: she favors a lob paired with black-framed glasses that subtly suggest the cat’s eye shape. And then, of course, there’s Meryl Streep, whose Clubmaster style frames look gorgeous with her long gray hair locks.

Final Thoughts: Best Glasses for Short Gray Hair

Generally, round frames look fabulous on those with short bobs, cat’s eye styles work beautifully with pixie cuts, while teardrop or aviator style frames with thin rims look divine on those with gray hair cut into bangs.

Gray hair not only looks beautiful but also opens up many opportunities to experiment with color and style when it comes to spectacles. Have fun experimenting with bold colors, patterns, and frame shapes to find the design that perfectly matches your haircut.

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