27+ Low Maintenance Mens Medium Hairstyles in 2024 to Try

medium length curly low maintenance mens hairstyles

Are you bored with your old hairstyle? See these amazing low-maintenance haircuts for men and select the best one for you.

Movie stars can spend a lot of time grooming their hair because their basic job is to look good in front of the cameras.

But, what about the common men? We are always busy with our day-to-day routine hence, we get limited time to work on our hair. Hence, it is always a great idea to opt for low maintenance mens medium hairstyles. This way, you do not have to waste your valuable time.

It also gives you the liberty of attending any event on time. The same cannot be said about women. Duh!

But that is an altogether different story! We will talk about it some other time.

But going for any kind of haircut will not serve your purpose. You need to dig in deep. This is where this blog will come as a big help to you. In the forthcoming sections of the write-up, we will inform you about some of the best low-maintenance haircuts for men. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started with the best mens medium length hairstyles.

Best Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

1. Classic Taper

Classic Taper Mens Medium Hairstyles

One of the most common barbershop cuts is the tight taper. Around the sides, back, and top, the hair is clipper-cut short and seamlessly blends into two inches (the top can be taken longer or shorter, depending on your preference).

2. Textured French Crop

Textured French Crop  Mens Medium Hairstyles

This is an amazing and easy-to-style medium hairstyles men, and thus, it is perfect for events. Don’t compare it with the normal French crop. It is a shorter French crop with a sleek taper fade. The drop behind the ear will add more detail to the style.

3. Short Afro

Short Afro Mens Medium Hairstyles

If you are growing your hair but don’t want the maintenance of having to taper the sides for very few weeks, then embrace the texture and length with a short fro. For this hairstyle, moisture is very important, so make sure to use a healing conditioner and a good shampoo.

4. Long Quiff

Long Quiff Mens Medium Hairstyles

The long quiff style will allow the hair to fall into its natural state. Whether to keep the size of the hair long or short depends on your choice. First, decide how much hair you want to leave untamed, then decide the style length.

5. Curly Crop

Curly Crop Mens Medium Hairstyles

It’s recommended to experiment a little bit with curly hair because it tends to behave in any way it pleases. So, you can go with this medium length curly low maintenance mens hairstyle. Let it grow long enough to show off the curl while keeping the sides and back short for convenience.

6. High and Tight

High and Tight Mens Medium Hairstyles

It is one of the classics and never-out-of-style low maintenance mens medium hairstyles. It is the perfect choice to showcase the texture because all attention is drawn to the hair on the top of the head.

7. Short Fade

Short Fade Mens Medium Hairstyles

It can be the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle for men. It is a kind of men’s medium short hairstyle but has a ton of texture and class. The best thing about it is that it goes well with all hair-type even if you have kinky hair, you can go with this style.

The only limitation of this hairstyle is the upkeep. The hairstyle looks best if you regularly visit the barber or stylist.

8. Regulation Cut

Regulation Cut Mens Medium Hairstyles

The regulation cut hairstyle leaves around 2 inches on the top and has a kind of professional look. The sides and back are faded into the skin, but the top is left long enough to part, causing the fade to progressively fade away until it becomes part of the neck’s skin.

9. Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept Undercut Mens Medium Hairstyles

It is a very popular hairstyle that you can try. In most of the undercuts, the sides are buzzed, short, and often faded, but here the sides are short, and there is no fade.

You also have some flexibility in the way you style. Just brushing it to one side, creating a quiff, or even slicking it back are all acceptable styling options. It’s a fantastic choice for men that value flexibility greatly.

10. Spiked and Short

Spiked and Short Mens Medium Hairstyles

When you hear the phrase “spiked hair,” you probably picture high-rise hair.

If you have thick or coarse hair, you can achieve a micro-spiked effect by utilizing the hair’s natural texture.

The hair’s inherent texture will take care of the majority of the job in this low-maintenance hairdo.

If you have thick hair, the medium hairstyles for guys will fit you the best.

11. Windswept Texture

Windswept Texture Mens Medium Hairstyles

For something more casual, this low maintenance mens haircut is a fantastic choice. In contrast to the majority of hairstyles, this one fashions the hair forward to create jagged waves.

The sides are quite long to design a sense of fullness all over the head. For best results, you should use a quick dollop of hair product to add a bit of lift and texture.

You can dress in this style, but only to a certain extent; it’s definitely casual. The hairstyle falls into the best low-maintenance mens medium hairstyles category.

12. Short Coils

Short Coils Mens Medium Hairstyles

It’s preferable to go with a style that lets the hair do its own thing, like this short coiled look, because kinky or coiled hair can be more difficult to manage at shorter lengths.

The style also goes well with curly hair; it is one of the medium length curly low maintenance mens hairstyles that you can choose for any type of occasion. Also, you can play around with the lengths of the sides – the shorter the sides, the more you will emphasize the top.

13. Loose Side Swept

Loose Side Swept Mens Medium Hairstyles

If your hair is thick, just go with this hairstyle. It is one of the most stylish medium length hairstyles. This look is designed to be loose and semi-formal, though you can brush it into place.

14. Undercut

Undercut Mens Medium Hairstyles

The hair is completely shaved from the sides and back of the head. As a result, the sides and top do not converge. Using a little pomade, shape the top by using your fingertips to sweep it back into a pompadour.

15. Long and Wavy

Long and Wavy Low Maintenance Mens Medium Hairstyles

Men’s haircuts don’t all have short hair. Try this long, wavy hairstyle if you want long hair. If you have long hair, it is the ideal low maintenance long haircut for men.

It’s a fantastic look that will emphasize organic textures. Because you may completely avoid using any products, this hairstyle requires very little upkeep.

16. Taper Fade

Taper Fade Low Maintenance Mens Medium Hairstyles

It is the perfect medium hairstyle for men who want shorter and smart-looking cuts. You get a truly manageable cut by lengthening the top and gradually tapering the sides until they are flush with the skin. If you are in confusion regarding the choice of hairstyle, just go with this hairstyle.

17. Ivy League

Ivy League Low Maintenance Mens Medium Hairstyles

This hairstyle can be excellent for people who want a professional appearance. It is a professional medium hairstyles male that leaves enough hair on the top to be parted.

The Ivy League is a shortcut that lets you wear a side part, just like the traditional taper haircut. Since the hair is typically much more consistent, it has a cleaner appearance than the traditional taper. It suits males with angular, shaved facial features the best.

18. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut Low Maintenance Mens Medium Hairstyles

The Caesar cut may not be on the top of the contemporary men’s fashion list, but this hairstyle does not require much maintenance.

If you want your hair short, you can choose the Caesar cut. The hair is of the same length all over. Now, this is a very big advantage, especially if you are an active person. You can get this hairstyle from any salon.

19. Medium Length Shag

Medium Length Shag Low Maintenance Mens Medium Hairstyles

It is one of the very rare medium length hairstyles linked with the 60s and 70s. The carefree nature makes it a cool vintage choice for a low-maintenance hairstyle.

The shag hairstyle works with almost all types of hair types but is largely suited to wavy and curly hair.

The shags are meant to be messier, so a lot of styling may not be involved.

20. Man Bun

Man Bun Low Maintenance Mens Medium Hairstyles

The hairstyle is not suitable for everyone, but it is a stylish way of going low maintenance. Therefore, it can be the lowest-maintenance hairstyle on this list. However, do remember that it is not suitable for formal events.

21. Messy Hand Brushed with Taper

Messy Hand Brushed with Taper Low Maintenance Mens Medium Hairstyles

It is one of the most common low-maintenance hairstyles. This is one of the best messy low maintenance mens medium hairstyles.

The hairstyle is a mix of the thin-haired dense top with the taper on the sides. The best part of this style is the sideburns blended into a beard that kind of balances the face.

22. Crew Cut

Crew Cut Low Maintenance Mens Medium Hairstyles

It is a very classic and customizable hairstyle and is relatively short on the sides ad back. The hairstyle is easy to style, especially flattering on oval-shaped faces. Use a paste to keep the top looking polished.

23. Simple Texture with Low Volume

Simple Texture with Low Volume Low Maintenance Mens Hairstyles

If your hair lays flat on your head, you should choose this hairstyle. You will no longer need to struggle with this hair; instead, just use this hairstyle to make the best use of this hair.

24. Shaved Hairline with Shaved Taper

Shaved Hairline with Shaved Taper Low Maintenance Mens Hairstyles

This hairstyle is in high trend nowadays. You can choose a subtle line to give your haircut a bit more flair. It is one of those low maintenance mens medium short hairstyles that you can style anytime.

25. Short Top with Shorter Sides

Short Top with Shorter Sides  Mens Hairstyles

This hairstyle is considered a pop hairstyle. The special ingredients to this hairstyle are – a well-defined lineup with finely tapered sides. Next is a short top with substantial volume. Lastly, an undercut connects the sides and top.

26. Clean Top with Faded Sides

Clean Top with Faded Sides Low Maintenance Mens Medium Hairstyles

This hairstyle will give you a tall and swole look. Make sure to use a razor for the lineup so that it pops up. At last, make sure that the taper fade is finely clear and sharp. You can also keep the beard that suits the hairstyle.

27. Twice Disconnected Buzz Cut

Twice Disconnected Buzz Cut Low Maintenance Mens Medium Hairstyles

It is a simple and timeless cut; you can also add some modifications to the style. The hairstyle can easily attract the eyes of people. Thus, it is the perfect haircut to style for events and can be done quickly.

medium length low maintenance mens haircut


Which Is the Best Low-Maintenance Haircut for Textured Hair?

There are many such good hairstyles, but if we have to choose the best low maintenance haircuts men for textured hair, we will go with the short afro.

What Are the Benefits of Low-Maintenance Hairstyles?

The two major benefits of these low maintenance mens medium short hairstyles are that these hairstyles look good and can be styled quickly.

Is Long Hair Low-Maintenance or High-Maintenance?

It all depends on how you style this hair; if you style it in the right way, long hair can also be maintained easily.

Final Thoughts

Till now, you have known all about the best low maintenance mens medium hairstyles. Now, the ball is in your court, and you can select the style you think best suits you the most.

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