15 Best Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos That You’ll Love

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Soulmate matching couple tattoos are the next step in your relationship!

While saying “I Do” can be simple, getting a tattoo to symbolize your love takes courage. A couple tattoos can be a big hit-and-miss, so be careful when choosing a design. Avoid getting overwhelmed and opting for over-the-top tattoos or ones that cover your whole arm, only to regret it later.

Small and neat tattoos are the way to go!

If you’re not afraid of a little pain and want to show off your love with matching tattoos, we’ve gathered some adorable designs for couples that prove love lasts. From fun wrist tattoos that show off your personality to a couple of infinity symbols and quotes, this gallery offers the best of options. Now that you’ve found your soulmate and are tying the knot or professing your love, it’s time to seal the deal with a permanent mark of commitment! Get inspired by these couples who have nailed their soulmate matching couple tattoos designs.

15 Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos

Couples tattoos are a cute gesture and an unimaginably imaginative approach to telling the world how devoted you both are to this relationship. Those engraved bits of ink on your body have incredibly heartfelt, special, and clear importance for your relationship. Also, we as a whole realize that tattoos are getting very famous, particularly among slick and cool young people. In any case, there are so many tattoo plans to look over yet some of them are very imaginative, charming, and in vogue also.

So, without further delay, let’s know the top couple tattoos you can engrave for your beloved partner.

1. Couple Finger Tattoos

Couple Finger Tattoos for Soulmate Matching Couple Tattoos

One of the best couple tattoo ideas is to get them inked on your fingers. They’re small, cute, adorable, and they look fantastic. A love finger tattoo also symbolizes the strong bond you and your partner share.

Besides love tattoos, you could opt to have lines from a poem inked on your fingers.

2. Cross Couple Tattoos

Cross Couple Tattoos

Expressing your deep conviction of love and affection can be done through cross tattoos. These tattoos stand out and set you apart from other couples. Sometimes, a simple cross is all you need to convey the love you share.

While other gestures of love may not last forever, getting a Fine line tattoo for your partner can be seen as a romantic gesture or a declaration of a lifetime of dedication.

3. Love Symbol Tattoos

Love Symbol Tattoos for soulmate matching couple tattoos

If you feel deeply connected to your partner, a couple’s tattoo should be at the top of your list. They may seem simple, but they make a strong statement about your priorities.

These tattoos are simple but speak volumes about your love and dedication to each other.

4. Couple Infinity Tattoos

Couple Infinity Tattoos

This idea works great for couples’ finger tattoos. Get each other’s names inked and show the world that your love for each other knows no limits and lasts forever. This symbol also represents that your love is endless and knows no boundaries.

5. Tattoo Matching Couples

Tattoo Matching Couples

Matching tattoos for couples are popular because they’re a lovely way to show that your relationship is genuine and true. Getting identical tattoos connects you together forever. You can choose a unique symbol, word, or phrase. Tattoos that complement each other are favored by couples who feel complete together and convey the same meaning.

6. Couple King and Queen Tattoos

Couple King and Queen Tattoos

King or queen soulmate tattoo ideas show that your partner is your top priority.

They express that no one else holds a higher place in their heart than you do. These tattoos showcase your love for each other and symbolize that you both are equals, ruling each other’s hearts.

7. Small Couple Tattoos

Small Couple Tattoos

This cute smiley tattoo is a very small yet classic tattoo. It expresses that you and your partner are deeply in love with each other.

Also, this tattoo looks fresh and exceptional. The best part about this tattoo is that it can be placed anywhere, including the sides of the finger or your wrist. Moreover, as this is a very tiny tattoo, it could be hidden by any piece of clothing.

8. Couple Connection Tattoos

Couple Connection Tattoos

This tattoo design is special and unique for any couple. Choose a design that you both like, and you’ll have a tattoo that’s just for the two of you. It’ll always remind you of your partner and stay in your memory forever.

9. Couple Ring Finger Tattoos

Couple Ring Finger Tattoos

It’s tradition to wear wedding rings on the ring finger because the ancient Romans believed that a vein in that finger led straight to the heart. They called it the “vena amoris,” or vein of love.

For a similar sentiment, getting matching tattoos on your ring finger is incredibly heartfelt. Having a ring tattooed on this finger shows that your partner is very close to your heart. It’s one of the best couple tattoo ideas you’ll ever find.

10. Couple Lifeline Tattoos

Couple Lifeline Tattoos

This is for couples who want a small tattoo with deep meaning. With this idea, you can get each other’s pulses inked using electrocardiogram (ECG) lines. This tattoo shows that your hearts are in sync and nothing can tear you apart, not even death.

11. Couple Quote Tattoos

Couple Quote Tattoos

What if you and your partner have a favorite quote or a line from a movie? Getting that memorable quote inked could be a smart idea, right? You could either get the whole quote inked or get half of it inked on each of you. This would be one of the most meaningful tattoos because it’s only complete when you’re together.

Another option is to get your partner’s name tattooed on your skin. Having your partner’s name tattooed together with the word “life” on your upper arm is seen as a symbol of devotion.

12. Minimalist Couple Tattoo

Minimalist Couple Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are great when you want something simple and personal for your eye only. They don’t take hours to get inked, and they’re a good choice if you and your partner have different preferences because minimalist tattoos look good on everyone. This type of design is creative and simple—no long quotes or complicated designs, just a basic symbol of love.

13. Lock and Key Couple Tattoo

Lock and Key Couple Tattoo

Does your partner know the way to your heart? Then this is the creative couple tattoo idea you can implement for yourself.

In love, only one person will have your heart! Seal your love forever with a key and lock couple tattoo. The most popular places to get these tattoos are the inner forearm, ankles, and hands. The best part is that these designs can be small, large, paired with another design, or simple! You can ink the lock on one hand and the key on the other; you can also align the tattoos to represent the shared desire you have for your relationship.

14. Disney Soulmate Couple Tattoos

Disney Soulmate Couple Tattoos

Love can make you feel like you’re at home, bring out your inner child, and make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. If you want to celebrate your youthful love, what better way to do that than with Disney tattoos? Some tattoos are really cute if you want to remind your partner that they make you feel young again.

This idea will never go out of style. Let the lady have Minnie’s face inked while the gentleman gets Mickey’s face. It’s one of the most unique ideas you can come up with.

15. Infinity Couple Tattoo With Feathers & Names

Infinity Couple Tattoo With Feathers & Names

At this stage, many couples want to choose matching or similar designs that they both can enjoy. It’s recommended that the couple take some time to think and have a deep conversation about the kind of meaningful design they want.

If you want matching couple tattoos like your partner’s, decide on a specific design and get it inked on both your skin and your partner’s.These were some of the soulmate couple tattoos on hand available for all the couples deeply in love with each other.

Anchors couples tattoos ideas
Matching couples tattoos ideas
Wings couples tattoos ideas
Butterfly couples tattoos ideas
Aeroplan couples tattoos ideas
Black Rose couples tattoos ideas
soulmate Matching couple tattoos
Sun and Moon soulmate couple tattoos
soulmate Quote couple tattoos
Puzzle piece couple tattoos
soulmate arrow and bow tattoo couple tattoos

The Bottom Line

Concluding everything, we can say that these above soulmate matching couple tattoos were one of the best tattoos you and your partner can think of. Having a couple’s tattoo offers a striking expression about your relationship and shows the world how your other better half influences you. Getting inked also suggests that you not only love your partner but also have profound respect for each other.

So, are you thinking about whether getting a soulmate tattoos is an ideal choice or not? For that, you need to ensure that your partner is the only soulmate you are going to have for the rest of your life.

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