51+ Best Hand Tattoos for Women Trending Now

Hand Tattoos for Women

Your hand tattoos are constantly visible, so flaunt them! You won’t regret choosing any of these gorgeous hand tattoos for women, no matter how big or little, simple or intricate.

Hand tattoos are becoming really popular these days. Celebrities like Rihanna and Ariana Grande have added to the trend, and we’ve got to say, they look really cool. If you’re thinking about getting one, too, you can go all out with bold hand tattoos or choose more subtle designs. Either way, it’s a fantastic way to show off your personality. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together some lovely hand tattoos for women to help you decide!

With hand tattoos for women, you can show off your individuality and sense of style. Strongness, femininity, independence, tenacity, inventiveness, and love are among the metaphorical connotations associated with these tattoos. Look at the significant hand tattoos that women have accepted for ideas if you’re not sure what kind of design would fit your personality.

1. Butterfly hand tattoo

Butterfly hand tattoo

These charming and lovely small critters create amazing tattoo ideas. Think of having your hand tattooed with a beautiful butterfly. If you’re looking for a new beginning, think about these small hand tattoos for women, as they represent metamorphosis and rebirth.

2. Hand tattoo with quote

Hand tattoo with quote

Select a statement that best captures your essence and get it tattooed on your hand to represent who you really are. If you choose black ink, you’ll be astounded by how gorgeous your tattoo looks!

3. Leaf hand tattoo designs

Leaf hand tattoo designs

A leaf tattoo is a great way to capture the tranquility and quiet of nature. This basic but striking hand tattoo ideas for women is ideal for ladies. The side of your hand is the ideal location for this tattoo, regardless of your preference for a little, delicate design or one that covers your whole arm.

4. Flower tattoo

Flower tattoo

A flower tattoo would be adorable and meaningful, and it would look great on a girl’s hand. Numerous variations are available for floral tattoos, each with a distinct significance. An eternal flower may represent passion, development, and purity.

5. Bracelet tattoos

Bracelet tattoos

Female wrist tattoos or arm in ink are popular among women. The tattoo for woman hand design looks really gorgeous and gives the impression of being a bracelet. It makes you feel as if you are always wearing jewelry wherever you go.

6. Lion tattoo

Lion tattoo

Your hand will look gorgeous with this delicate but intricate pattern. Because the lion stands for bravery, tenacity, and devotion, this is a design you’ll want to look at every day and be pleased to flaunt to others.

7. Star tattoo

Star tattoo on hand

Star hand tattoo ideas for women are popular among women since they are symbolic and adaptable. Aspirations, ambition, mystery, hope, and desire can all be represented by a star tattoo. Stars are often combined with other symbols to produce original artwork. Try getting the star tattoo inked on your fingers or the side of your hands for the most results.

8. Evil eye tattoo

Evil eye hand tattoo

Embrace the trend by getting an evil eye tattoo, which is quite common among females. Many chose this tattoo for woman hand pattern for a variety of reasons; they often interpret it as a representation of luck, love, and tenderness. According to some, the evil eye protects you and others around you from unfavorable omens.

9. Word tattoo

Word hand tattoo

Just below your thumb is a wonderful place to ink a word since there’s lots of room there. You may choose to stick with this concept or use a different phrase that better captures who you are.

10. Crescent moon tattoo

Crescent moon hand tattoo

For many people, the moon has an enigmatic appeal that represents the cyclical aspect of life. Choosing a crescent moon hand tattoos for women is unique as it denotes a time of transition. This year, you can think about attempting one of those unusual tattoo designs.

11. Snake tattoo

Snake hand tattoo

These days, snake hand tattoos for women are quite popular due to their adaptability! A writhing snake has an appealing vibe and is an exquisite tattoo design. Although the meanings of snake tattoos vary throughout civilizations, they often represent power, seduction, and rebirth.

12. Heart tattoo

Heart tattoo on hand

Get a little tattoo of a heart on your finger; this is an ideal choice for your first tattoo. This design is bold in spite of its modest size and straightforward look. Tattoos of hearts are often associated with love, but they may also stand for bravery or be a tribute to loved ones who have passed away.

13. Cat tattoo

Cat tattoo on hand

Think about using body art to immortalize your best buddy, the cat; cat tattoos are an excellent way to do this. Cat tattoos may imply different things to different people. For others, cats represent luck, secrets, and mystery.

14. Dragon tattoo

Black Dragon Mini hand Tattoo

Take a look at this artistic dragon handprint tattoo. The dragon is a great pick if you have a bold and self-assured attitude since it represents power, wealth, and happiness. For the greatest effect, use basic designs or traditional Japanese patterns.

15. Rose tattoo

Rose hand tattoo

There’s a reason why so many ladies like rose tattoo designs. They are timeless and stylish at all times. This simple hand design beautifully captures the rose, a symbol of passion and love. A rose tattoo will give your hand a refined look.

16. Birds tattoo

Birds hand tattoo

Due to their versatility and abundance of design choices, bird tattoos are quite popular. Birds are a sign of pleasure, happiness, freedom, peace, and optimism. If any of these traits appeal to you, you can think about making a bird tattoo your top priority this year.

17. Minimalist tattoos

small hand tattoos

A meaningful minimalist tattoo doesn’t have to be large to be effective. Little tattoos really can have a tremendous influence on people. Think about going with a simpler but impactful design like the one above. Tattoo artists use black lines to keep their designs simple and uncluttered.

18. Name tattoo

Name tattoo on hand

Think about getting a hand-name tattoo; they are quite common. These tattoos, which may include script phrases or tiny pictures, are ideal for paying tribute to a loved one. Select a name that makes you happy or conjures up wonderful memories. Keep your loved ones near to your heart by proudly wearing their names.

19. Birth year tattoo

Birth year hand tattoo

Some women choose to have their birth year permanently engraved on their hands. You can get your birth year tattooed by just writing it down. Usually, it serves as a reminder of when your journey began, the encounters you’ve had, and the distance you’ve come since then. It’s a well-liked method of celebrating a memorable birthday, according to many.

20. Cross tattoo

Cross hand tattoo

Try getting a cross tattoo if you’re looking for unique hand tattoos for girls. Tattoos of crosses are well known for their profound religious significance. This pattern reminds you of the significance of religion in your life. The emblem of hope and trust in a higher force protects us from evil and walks with us through life.

21. Dog tattoo

Dog hand tattoo

Try this pattern if you want a traditional but unique hand tattoo. Since ancient times, people have valued dogs for their loyalty and protection. A dog tattoo may symbolize a number of emotions, including love, loyalty, protection, and direction.

22. Mixed tattoos

Mixed tattoos

You can combine several elements for a design that stands out. A distinctive pattern can be added, such as leaves, flowers, dots, lines, or geometric forms. It looks very fascinating and different when you ink many symbols or designs on your hand like a canvas.

23. Fish tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo on hand

Most women like getting fish tattoos. The meaning of peace is most often connected to a fish tattoo. But sometimes, it may also represent the difficulties people have in overcoming difficult situations and adversity in life.

24. Smiley tattoo

Smiley tattoo on hand

If you want something that makes you happy every time you see it, think about having a smiling hand tattoo. These are easy to show off, bright, and uncomplicated tattoos.

25. Feather tattoo

Feather tattoo on hand

This elegant and multipurpose tattoo design is ideal for a first tattoo or a sleeve enhancement. The feather tattoo, which resembles a soaring bird, stands for bravery, independence, and fearlessness. You may wrap this pattern around your wrist or drape it down the side of your hand.

26. Skull tattoo

Skull tattoo on finger

Selecting a skull design will enhance your hand tattoo. Although the skull is associated with death and mortality, it also stands for conquering adversity and protecting what matters to you.

27. Pine tree tattoo

Pine tree hand tattoo

Consider having a pine tree hand tattoo if you want an amazing nature-inspired tattoo. You may ink a little pine tree on your hand using either colored or black ink. It will have an amazing appearance!

28. Arrow tattoo

Arrow hand tattoo

Embrace the trend—many celebrities already have arm tattoos of arrows. It’s a fantastic option, particularly if you want a little hand tattoo design. Try it out!

29. Key tattoo

Key hand tattoo

You may be asking yourself why a key, but trust me when I say that keys make amazing little hand tattoo ideas. If you want matching tattoos on you and your significant other, that’s even more awesome. You could get a tattoo on your arms that says “lock and keys,” with one of you getting the lock and the other the keys. What a great and original concept!

30. Pizza tattoo

Pizza hand tattoo

Get a little adorable pizza tattoo on your hand to flaunt your appreciation for the dish. One of the intriguing possibilities to think about is this design, which is ideal for adolescents who like quirky tattoos!

31. Moon tattoo

Moon hand tattoo

For those of us who like the moon, like myself, you may want to think about having a beautiful but straightforward moon tattoo on your hands. It’s a pretty design that will undoubtedly get you plenty of positive comments from others!

32. Landscape tattoo

Landscape hand tattoo

Take a look at this brilliant tattoo design if you wish to include some bright colors in your life. With its lake, sparkling water, mountains, trees, and lovely moonlight, it has everything you need to create a really captivating tattoo.

33. Henna tattoo

Henna hand tattoo

Check tattoos with henna influences as well! Gorgeous flowers, leaves, and other design components may be used to create an amazing and complicated tattoo. You won’t need henna work done on your hands again if you have this pattern done on your forearm.

34. Angel tattoo

Angel hand tattoo

Consider having an angel tattoo; it will look great anyplace, on your shoulder or wrist. Angel wings tattoo designs are lovely and adorable. Try it out!

35. Music notes tattoo

Music notes tattoo

Music notes, believe it or not, create amazing tattoo patterns. This design is ideal if you’re a music lover who wants to show off your passion for the genre.

36. World map tattoo

World map tattoo on hand

Consider having a global map’s outline carved on your arm, particularly the wrist. It’s an original and unconventional tattoo design. Try it out!

37. Ambigram tattoo

Ambigram hand tattoo

Think of having whatever word you want tattooed as an ambigram on your arm. I promise that Ambigram tattoos look amazing!

38. Tropical sunset tattoo

Tropical sunset tattoo

Here’s a tattoo idea for all you beach lovers that is tropical! Imagine a scenario that has things like a boat, palm trees, water, and the setting sun. This will make an interesting pattern on your hand that looks like a pencil drawing.

39. Flight of Birds tattoo

Flight of Birds tattoo

A “flight of birds” tattoo is a great way to show off your passion for birds. In essence, it represents liberation. If you value your independence above everything else, this style is ideal for you!

40. Infinity tattoo

Infinity hand tattoo

Selecting a symbol for the artwork on your tattoo? Infinity is a fantastic choice. Additionally, you may add significance to your infinity tattoo by having inscriptions engraved within, outside, or on both sides of the symbol. For women, this is a significant tattoo option.

41. Roman numeral tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo

Don’t think twice about having your lucky number permanently inked on your body. Roman numerals applied to the inside of the wrist provide a really stylish appearance. They stand for bravery, grace, and elegance. Getting a Roman numeral tattoo on your hand will result in a striking and fashionable design.

42. Compass tattoo

Compass hand tattoo

If you like to travel, you can have a tattoo of a lovely compass and a globe map. This design is a fantastic option for your hand since it accurately depicts everything, including direction and destination.

43. Heartbeat tattoo

Heartbeat hand tattoo

A tattoo of a heartbeat is captivating! It looks great if you put a heart in between the beats of the heart-shaped bracelet. Depending on your preference, you may get the tattoo done in either all-black or all-red.

44. Tribal tattoo

Tribal hand tattoo

Imagine a beautiful tribal-inspired tattoo design. Numerous little tribal patterns are appropriate for your wrist, even though the majority of tribal designs are bigger. Try it out!

45. Dolphin tattoo

Dolphin hand tattoo

Consider having a charming dolphin tattoo on your wrist; it’s sure to look gorgeous and captivating. If you’re a dolphin enthusiast, this is a fantastic option.

46. Greek inspired tattoo

Greek inspired hand tattoo

Get a tattoo that is influenced by the Greek temple architectural trend in ancient Greek architecture. There are differences in the level of detail and coherence among tattoos depicting Greek revival buildings. This design is yours if you like Greek architecture!

47. Pinwheel tattoo

Pinwheel hand tattoo

If you want a simple, adorable design, think about having a pinwheel tattoo. These hand tattoos for women are stunning, particularly when done in black ink. Try it out if you’re interested!

48. Wishbone tattoo

Wishbone hand tattoo

The bony V that forms a bird’s wishbone is located between its neck and breast. There’s a fun ritual when individuals fight to take the largest portion of the wishbone after roasting a bird, such as a turkey. It’s a venerable American custom. Should you have a strong connection to this custom, it may be fitting hand tattoos for women.

49. Directions tattoo

Directions hand tattoo

On your forearm, ink the four directions as arrows. Make sure the design is not too large since it will be captivating.

50. Diamond tattoo

Diamond hand tattoo

Diamonds are the ideal hand tattoos for women, particularly for striking hand tattoos. You’ll adore this one, so consider having two diamond emblems engraved together!

51. Kite tattoo

Kite hand tattoo

Consider getting a kite with the string imprinted on your wrist for a unique hand tattoo for women. It will seem fantastic!

52. Safety pin tattoo

Safety pin hand tattoo

Consider getting an engraved safety pin on your wrist for distinctive hand tattoos for women. Everyone will want to know why you have a pin permanently etched on your arm. Try it out!

53. Sun and Moon tattoo

Sun and Moon hand tattoo

If you love the sun and the moon tattoo equally, you may choose to have tattoos of the sun on one arm and the moon on the other. It will have a stunning appearance. For this design, use black ink with a few hues of gray.

54. Punctuation tattoo

Punctuation hand tattoo

For incredible and distinctive hand tattoos for women’s design, think about using a punctuation symbol like a semicolon. A punctuation mark would be ideal for a little tattoo on your hand. Furthermore, people won’t be able to see it well because of its size!


Think about getting these distinctive hand tattoos for women, the most popular designs you want to attempt this year. Whichever style you choose, it will always be important. Since the design will be on display forever, make sure you conduct an extensive study before deciding on it. To guarantee the greatest outcomes, always choose a tattoo artist with a good reputation.

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