25+ Beautiful Semicolon Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings

celebrity with semicolan tattoo

Tattoos are a great way of expression, and a semicolon tattoo is a very popular choice when it comes to tattoos. These tattoos are great in design as well as hold great meaning.

Do you believe in hope, positivity, or any other words we use for positivity? If yes, you should get a semicolon tattoo. It is a tattoo representing faith and all other positive feelings.

Semicolon tattoos have become very popular in the past few years; this tiny tattoo displays hope and optimism.

Semicolon tattoos are minimalistic and attractive at the same time.

Be with us to know everything about semicolon tattoos. We will also tell you some of the best semicolon tattoo ideas.

What Is the Meaning of the Semicolon Tattoo?

What Is the Meaning of the Semicolon Tattoo

Let’s see what does a semicolon tattoo mean?

Most people know about the use of semicolons meaning in English grammar which is used between two closely related sentences. But apart from it also, the semicolon tattoo meaning carries great significance. It is related to mental health; it says no to suicide or self-harm.

The semicolon tattoo represents the victory of inner battles for people who go through depression, anxiety, or any type of suicidal and self-harm thoughts.

So, here we can see the meaning of the semicolon tattoo is very positive, and thus it can be a perfect choice as a tattoo. It shows your high-value thinking, mentality, and compassion toward people going through these types of challenges.

How Does the Semicolon Tattoo Interpret This Meaning?

How Does the Semicolon Tattoo Interpret This Meaning

The project semicolon deserves all of the credit for this. It is a nonprofit organization that works towards raising and spreading awareness regarding mental illness, self-harm, and suicide.

The ‘project Semicolon’ was started in 2013 by Amy Bleuel. She wanted a platform where one could inspire & support people who are going through depression, suicide, self-harm, or other mental challenges.

The semicolon project began as a social media campaign that enlisted the help of many individuals to get tattoos of semicolons to show support for the fight against depression and suicidal thoughts.

One can get a semicolon tattoo on any body part, but a semicolon tattoo on the wrist is advisable. People share the tattoo photos on social media to spread awareness of the project.

Celebrity with Semicolon Tattoo

Celebrity with Semicolon Tattoo

One of the most recognizable celebrity tattoos is the semicolon tattoo, which has been inked on the wrists, arms, and necks of many public figures. The most popular celebrity with semicolon tattoo is American singer and actress Selena Gomez.

As a portrayal of psychological wellness mindfulness and self-destruction counteraction, Gomez got her semicolon tattoo in 2017. The semicolon is an accentuation mark utilized when an essayist might have decided to end a sentence but chose to proceed. The semicolon represents that the author’s story isn’t over yet, and Gomez wanted to convey that message to her fans.

Since getting her semicolon tattoo, Gomez has been open about her struggles with mental health and has used her platform to raise awareness and support for those dealing with similar issues. The tattoo has become a symbol of hope and resilience for many individuals fighting their battles with mental health.

The actress got this tattoo along with the stars of the show ’13 reasons why’ as the show was also somewhere related to mental health. This thing became very popular. In fact, many people started searching about ‘semicolon tattoo meaning 13 reasons why’.

Overall, Selena Gomez’s semicolon tattoo has made a fashion statement and created a conversation and a positive impact on mental health awareness.

Best Semicolon Tattoo Designs

1. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

A semicolon butterfly tattoo is a stunning and significant tattoo design that combines a butterfly and the semicolon symbol. The meaning of butterfly semicolon tattoo represents change, hope, and resiliency in the face of mental health difficulties.

2. Semicolon Heart Tattoo

Semicolon Heart Tattoo

This style adds a sweet touch to the traditional semicolon by placing a heart and comma underneath. For those who purchase the artwork in remembrance of a loved one, this adds more symbolism.

3. Semicolon Floral Tattoo

Semicolon Floral Tattoo

This tattoo features a two-strand floral wreath around the semicolon. It shows how semicolons can be used in conjunction with other patterns to give them a special twist.

4. Semicolon Diamond Tattoo

Semicolon Diamond Tattoo

Symbolizing strength, resiliency, and the importance of mental health in our lives, this semicolon diamond tattoo is a distinctive and sophisticated design that combines the semicolon symbol with a diamond.

5. Paint Splatter

Paint Splatter Semicolon Tattoo

This tattoo pattern attracts the semicolon and enables the wearer to sport all of their preferred rainbow colors.

6. Thin line

Thin line Semicolon Tattoo

Simple and stylish, the tattoo is a semicolon. The many hues offer a contrasting and powerful pattern.

7. Disney Version of the Semicolon Tattoo

Disney Version of the Semicolon Tattoo

The semicolon symbol could be tattooed alongside a well-known Disney figure, such as Mickey Mouse or Tinkerbell, to signify the significance of optimism and resiliency in our own journeys.

8. Warrior Semicolon Tattoo

Warrior Semicolon Tattoo

This particular tattoo has a lot of importance when battling depression or other mental challenges. The tattoo reminds you that you are a warrior who can easily fight these problems.

9. Semicolon with a Quote

Semicolon with a Quote

When using a semicolon with a quote, it’s important to place it outside the quotation marks. For example: “You are enough; ‘You are unique’ is one of my favorite books.” This is the correct way to use a semicolon with a quote in a sentence.

10. Heart Monitor Semicolon Tattoo

 Heart Monitor Semicolon Tattoo

The heart monitor semicolon tattoo has become a popular way for people to symbolize their struggle with mental health issues. It represents the choice to continue on with life despite thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

11. Still Here

Still Here semicolan tattoo

“Still here” is a phrase often used by people who have overcome difficult situations, such as mental health struggles or life-threatening illnesses. It represents resilience, perseverance, and the determination to keep going. Here the letter’ i’ will be in the shape of a semicolon.

12. Cross Semicolon

Cross semicolan tattoo

Semicolons are solitary symbols of mental health, and the cross represents faith in God. So, it can be the best tattoo as it involves optimism and faith in God.

13. Lotus Semicolon

 Lotus Semicolon tattoo

Here, the semicolon represents life’s continuity, and the lotus tattoo is for strength and resilience.

14. Infinity Semicolon

Infinity Semicolon tattoo

The infinity semicolon tattoo depicts that the person keeps going even after experiencing challenges. Here, the challenges are related to mental health.

15. Sun Semicolon

Sun Semicolon tattoo

Here, the sun takes the place of ‘period’ in this semicolon design. The sun will add extra symbolism of dawn and new beginnings. It can be a good semicolon tattoo men.

16. Three-Leaf Clover

Three-Leaf Clover semicolan tattoo

A three-leaf clover semicolon tattoo combines two powerful symbols. The clover represents luck, and the semicolon represents mental health awareness and the choice to continue living. It’s a meaningful and unique tattoo design.

17. Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower semicolan tattoo

On first look, it will look just like a simple sunflower tattoo, but upon further inspection, you will find a semicolon in the flower’s stem.

18. Feather

Feather semicolan tattoo

It is a multicolored feather tattoo anchored by a bold black semicolon. This symbol can also be integrated into various other designs.

19. Arrow

Arrow semicolan tattoo

This arrow tattoo represents two meanings – the semicolon raises awareness for preventing suicide, whereas an arrow represents that the person getting the tattoo will continue to thrive.

20. Brush Strokes Semicolon Tattoo

Brush Strokes Semicolon Tattoo

A brush strokes semicolon tattoo is a beautiful and creative way to incorporate the semicolon symbol into body art. The brush strokes can represent the ups and downs of life, and the semicolon symbolizes the power to keep going.

21. Cat Semicolon Tattoo

 Cat Semicolon Tattoo

A cat indicates a witty mind, and this design, along with the comma, shows that the person has the choice between the heart & mind.

22. Small Semicolon

Small Semicolon tattoo

This small and delicate semicolon tattoo can represent a commitment to the ‘project semicolon.’ People who don’t want to show off their emotions go for this tattoo.

It is another traditional way to express struggles with mental health issues like depression, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts.

23. Earth and Asteroid Tattoo

Earth and Asteroid Semicolon Tattoo

In this tattoo, the earth replaces the ‘dot,’ and the asteroid is drawn like a ‘comma.’ The earth has a dinosaur on it, which looks like it will collide with ‘an asteroid.’

24. Flock of Birds

Flock of Birds semicolon tattoo

The tip of the semicolon here separates into a group of vultures. The message is one of liberation and persistence.

25. Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaid Semicolon Tattoo

The twin mermaids that make up the semicolon in this design are extremely original. This one is a show-stopper thanks to the vivid colors and striking design.

26. Semicolon Smiley Face

Semicolon Smiley Face tattoo

A semicolon smiley face tattoo represents triumph over mental health struggles with a positive outlook.

27. Semicolon Mandala Tattoo

Semicolon Mandala Tattoo

A semicolon mandala tattoo combines the semicolon with the intricate beauty of a mandala design.

The semicolon represents hope and continuation, while the mandala represents harmony, balance, and the universe.

28. Serotonin Semicolon Tattoo

Serotonin Semicolon Tattoo

A serotonin semicolon tattoo combines the semicolon with the chemical structure of serotonin. Serotonin is the “happy chemical” that regulates mood, happiness, and well-being.

celebrity with semicolan tattoo
celebrity with semicolan tattoo
celebrity with semicolan tattoo
celebrity with semicolan tattoo
celebrity with semicolan tattoo
celebrity with semicolan tattoo
celebrity with semicolan tattoo
celebrity with semicolan tattoo
celebrity with semicolan tattoo
celebrity with semicolan tattoo
celebrity with semicolan tattoo
celebrity with semicolan tattoo


Can Anyone Get a Semicolon Tattoo?

Anyone can get a semicolon tattoo regardless of age, gender, or background. It symbolizes mental health awareness and resilience; anyone who resonates with its meaning can get one. However, it is important to consider the tattoo’s potential impact and seek professional help if struggling with mental health issues.

Are Semicolon Tattoos Cliché?

No, a semicolon tattoo is not a cliché tattoo.

Where Is the Most Common Location for a Semicolon Tattoo?

The most common location for a semicolon tattoo is on the wrist, but it can be placed anywhere on the body.

How Do People Choose the Design of Their Semicolon Tattoo?

People choose the design of their semicolon tattoo based on what is meaningful to them. They may choose a design that represents their journey through mental health struggles, or that honors someone they lost to suicide.

What Should I Consider Before Getting a Semicolon Tattoo?

Before getting a semicolon tattoo, you should consider the design, location, and size of the tattoo. You should also make sure that you are comfortable with the meaning behind the tattoo and that it is something you will be happy with for years to come.


Here, we conclude our blog on different types of semicolon tattoos. A semicolon tattoo shows solidarity for people facing mental challenges. It also provides an attractive design. Thus, this is one of those tattoos that look good and have a deep meaning. You should definitely go for this tattoo; you can choose one from the designs we mentioned in this blog.

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