Mandala Tattoo Meaning : 20 Stunning Designs That You Will Love

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Tattoos have always been in the trend! There are several types of tattoos popular among people who love to stay creative and stylish. And a mandala tattoo is one of the most striking ones among them. The mandala is nothing but a geometric compendium of symbols that are typically aligned in the form of a circle. When it comes to the mandala tattoo meaning is not something strict and stoned. Rather, it indicates the real meaning of balance, eternity, and perfection.

The mandala tattoo designs are used in the teachings of many cultures to understand the real meaning of balance. For example, in the Hindu culture, a mandala tattoo is mostly embedded in the meditation rooms, as it is all about being connected to focus. In Buddhism, mandala tattoos symbolize a perfect balance between body and mind. Even in the Christianity culture, mandalas are often a part of the artwork that is done in the churches.

Be it a mandala lotus flower tattoo or a mandala elephant tattoo, all the beautiful mandala designs reciprocate internal balance, soul, and eternity. Moreover, the blooming vibe of a mandala tattoo mimics a flower. So, it indicates the translation of nature into geometry. But mandala tattoos always don’t have one single type of design. You can play around with different forms, just like how you want it!

In this blog, we will discuss different attractive mandala tattoos that will add a lot to your looks and beauty.

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1. Shoulder Mandala Tattoo

Shoulder Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas make one of the best shoulder mandala tattoos of all time. They are great for sleeve caps or just a simple shoulder tattoo in common. The shape of this tattoo mimics the shoulder. For making the tattoo look even more interesting, make sure you are considering the center of your shoulder to be the focal point of the mandala that you are going to draw.

2. Face Mandala Tattoo

Face Mandala Tattoo

If you want a daring look, a face mandala tattoo meaning looks great on the face and neck. This can be positioned in different ways on your body. For creating this mandala tattoo, you should skip the lines and altogether go for a dotwork for creating this unique design.

3. Upper Arm Mandala Tattoo

Upper Arm Mandala Tattoo

To cap off your sleeve with a mandala tattoo, a half mandala on your upper arm still represents that movement without being completely round. You can incorporate several natural elements like a sunflower to enhance this mandala tattoo and stay more connected to nature!

4. Chest Mandala Tattoo

Chest Mandala Tattoo

Since mandala tattoos are symmetrical by nature, if you place two tattoos together in an asymmetry area, it will emphasize your design more. All you need to do is go for the consistent flow of linework in this tattoo with a little bit of shading to add an element of depth to the tats too.

5. Intricate Mandala Tattoo

 Intricate Mandala Tattoo

In this type of mandala tattoo, you need to use dotwork for creating intricate patterns to give a whimsical touch. All you need to do is make use of different compactions and thicknesses to imitate the designs of a mandala without using any extra lines.

6. Rose & Mandala Tattoo

Rose & Mandala Tattoo

If you want to highlight the connection of the mandala tattoo that you have in your body to the beautiful surrounding nature, try combining it with one of the most beautiful natural elements, a rose. If you want to make this design realistic, avoid the cartoonish look in it and it will look amazing!

7. Armband Mandala Tattoo

Armband Mandala Tattoo

When it comes to armbands, mandalas make the most stunning centerpieces. They make the primary focal point to draw your attention. The shape of this tattoo also makes a great initiation of the tattoo with extra design and detail.

8. Sleeve Mandala Tattoo

Sleeve Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas are a great way to make your tattoo sleeves look more enhanced that are already in progress. The sleeve mandalas look extraordinary in both ways, foreground, and background. You can create a mandala tattoo in whatever way you like with the best that you have.

9. Background Mandala Tattoo

Background Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoos always grab a lot of attention. You can use one for the backdrop of a design instead of using a focal point and this will look awesome. The geometric pattern of this mandala tattoo is truly a very eye-catchy one.

10. Half Mandala Mandala Tattoo

Half Mandala Mandala Tattoo

If you don’t want to cover your complete sleeve with a mandala, having a half mandala is crucial. You can have it on your upper arm and it will help you move freely. All you can do is just incorporate the natural elements like a sunflower and it will emphasize your connection to nature.

11. Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo

Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo

A Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo is one of the most beautiful creations that you can have in such areas that you can cover up with clothes. It will help you have a larger area to be inked in more detail. You can have this tattoo on your outer thigh, which seems to be a fantastic option.

Moreover, having this tattoo is the least painful one on your body parts, especially in the thigh. Because there are few nerve endings and the thighs are well-padded. The overall impact of a mandala lotus flower tattoo is truly stunning.

12. Mandala Elephant Tattoo

Mandala Elephant Tattoo

Mandalas and Elephants have a very typical and long-lasting connection. When it comes to the Hindu religion, the god Ganesha depicts the head of an elephant. It depicts new beginnings.

If you want to signify success, wisdom, and getting rid of obstacles, the mandala elephant tattoo is truly the best option. However, the mandala elephant tattoo represents the universe and indicates focus and meditation. As a result, a mandala elephant tattoo is a perfect one for you if you love learning and spiritual sessions.

13. Personalized Mandala Tattoo

Personalized Mandala Tattoo

Despite going for a traditional cut-and-dry mandala tattoo, you can try adding some whimsical elements like flowers and other personal symbols in your tattoo and this will help you customize your tattoo like never before. Using traditional mandalas is an inspiration but you can make it your own, just by encouraging the creative side in yourself to act and work.

14. Fade Out Mandala Tattoo

Fade Out Mandala Tattoo

Do you want to go out of the box? The Fade Out Mandala Tattoo is your thing then! You don’t have to box your mandala with an outline. Rather, all you need to do is just allow the outer layer of the mandala to fizzle out with dot detailing for giving a unique touch to your tattoo.

15. Sleeve Addition Mandala Tattoo

Sleeve Addition Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoos can be one of the most convenient options that seamlessly fit into any kind of sleeve. This kind of tattoo can get into any space and can be created in different designs and forms. This tattoo can be seamlessly blended with the sleeve of your t-shirt which will make the tattoo look extraordinary.

16. Tiny Mandala Tattoo

Tiny Mandala Tattoo

You can shrink down a conventional mandala tattoo into an impossibly small-sized tattoo that just feels like the pupil of your eye. If you place it beside your wrist, it will make you look like a beautiful and permanent bracelet.

17. Mandala with Lace Tattoo

 Mandala with Lace Tattoo

Mandala with lace-like, fine lines coming down off the mandala is one of the best mandala designs of all time. Mostly, this mandala tattoo is famous for its looks and it looks amazing! The Mandala Tattoo with lace symbolizes the beauty of a perfect life that all of us want to avail!

18. Mandala with Bell Tattoo

This mandala tattoo comes with a bell shape structure inked on it. It is a symbol of emptying the human mind to allow wisdom and clarity to reach there. This kind of tattoo is an excellent one to take the positive energy in.

19. Wheel with Eight Spokes Mandala Tattoo

Wheel with Eight Spokes Mandala Tattoo

The circular shape of this mandala tattoo is awesome! It has a wheel in it which is perfectly round and represents a perfect universe. The Eightfold Path of Buddhism is represented in the eight spokes of the wheel that you will get inked in the form of this tattoo. It involves a series of perfect actions and thoughts that are meant to raise people on the path of enlightenment who will get this tattoo inked.

20. Simple Mandala Tattoo

Simple Mandala Tattoo

While you might have felt that the above mandala tattoos are too intricate and detailed, this mandala tattoo is more on the minimal side. You can keep an eye on the extra detailing to make this look even more minimal.

Wrapping Up 

The mandala tattoos are intriguing, intricate, creative, and unique. With the beautiful aura that they have, mandala tattoos are becoming even more popular with each passing day. So, if you want to get a mandala tattoo inked for yourself, get it inked now and enhance your look like never before!

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