50+ Best & Meaningful Friendship Tattoos for You & Your BFF

friendship tattoos for 2

Friendship is a special bond that can’t be just described in words! 

After all, there are friends; there is family, then there are friends that become family! 

Do you also have friends who are just like your family? If yes, it’s time to level up the friendship bond with a tattoo! Friendship tattoos are a great way to cherish those memorable memories you’ve created with your best friend or best friends. 

In recent years, best friend tattoos have become a huge growing trend. Yes, there are many ways to show the world your friendship love and how much your friends mean to you. However, friendship tattoos are one of the cutest and silent ways to celebrate your unique friendship bond. Just like couples rings and mother & daughter bracelets, you can also get a matching friend tattoo.   

Do you also want to get a friendship tattoo? Keep on reading. 

Today in this blog, we’ve gathered up some cool, funny, and cute friendship tattoos for you. So whether it’s your first time getting a tattoo or not, these tattoo ideas will surely give you some inspiration. So let’s get started.      

50+ Cute, Cool & Creative Friendship Tattoos Ideas & Designs

So are you guys ready to seal your friendships permanently with some cool inkings? These cute, creative and heartfelt matching friendship tattoo ideas will surely describe your friendship in a really cute and beautiful way! Although it’s not a friendship day, yet you can celebrate your friendship with some cute and meaningful friendship tattoos. So if you want to mark your friendship bond, take a glance at these cool tattoo designs. 

1. Ink the Initials 

A man and a woman holding hands with tattoos on their fingers
small friendship tattoos
small friendship alphabete tattoos

Let’s start with the simple design: Initials! Just ask the artist to ink the initials on places like fingers, elbows or wrists. These tattoos are small in size and look really cute. You can also get each other birth year or date you both met. This simple but really meaningful tattoo is a perfect way to embrace your friendship.  

2. Harry Potter Tattoo 

Harry Potter Tattoo 
Harry Potter Tattoo idea
small Harry Potter Tattoo 

Do you both friends love the Harry potter series? If yes, you guys can also get a matching harry potter movie tattoo, which is a great friendship tattoos for 2. Whether it is the Deathly Hallows symbol or the famous Harry spectacles, you can get whatever you like the most. Just keep the image or design with you while going to the tattoo shop.  

3. Small Best Friend Tattoos

Small Best Friend Tattoos
Small Best Friend Tattoo ideas
Small Best heart Tattoos

Perfect for people who have a big group of best friends. Gather all your friends and decide on one common theme for the tattoo. These tiny but really meaningful tattoos will be good if you’re getting a tattoo for the first time. This little inking looks cute and adorable and also causes less pain. 

You can select the minimal and simple to draw the design. You can go with numbers, small drawings or take a reference from your favorite movie, book, or TV show. Ask your friends and see what they like or not! 

4. Cute Friendship Tattoos

Cute Friendship avocado Tattoos
Cute Friendship Tattoos
Friendship Tattoos

After the small tattoos, the cute ones are the second popular choice. Did you meet your best friend when you were a kid? If yes, a cute tattoo will be an ideal way to symbolize your relationship. 

You can try designs like your favorite childhood cartoon character, animal tattoos, or the famous ‘hugging fingers’ design. Take inspiration from the above images as these all designs are pretty. So bring out the sweet and playful side of yourself and your bestie with these types of adorable tattoos.                                                          

5. Symbol Tattoos Designs

Symbol Tattoos Designs
Small Symbol Tattoos Designs

Before getting any symbol friendship tattoos on hand, you should always research well. There are many symbols with different meanings so figure out the one summarising how you feel about each other. 

You can search for the particular phrase that describes your friendship and get inked with a similar symbol—for example, double triangle symbol tattoo. If the one triangle is up and the other facing down, this means that even though the two of you are opposite in nature, connected on a deep level. In some cultures, this triangle symbol also represents creativity, new beginnings, and a new phase of life. 

6. Best Friend Sister Tattoos

Best Friend Sister Tattoos
Sister Tattoos
matching Sister Tattoos

Is your sister your best friend, or is your best friend like your sister? If yes, you’re too lucky! Now you’ve got many reasons to get a sister tattoo together. Get a design that is in two parts, one part gets yourself inked, and another one is for your friend. These types of designs make sense when you place the two patterns side by side. 

There is also a great meaning behind this. It means that you’re complete when you’re together and also you both share a good bond with each other. You can also get matching tattoos like Celtic sister’s knot, friends playing telephone or anything that you both like. 

7. Pretty Flower Friendship Tattoo 

Pretty Flower Friendship Tattoo 
Flower Friendship Tattoo 
Flower Friendship Tattoo ideas

There is nothing more elegant and pretty than a flower tattoo! So if you’re looking for feminine tattoo designs, you should get these interesting floral patterns. You can get inked those flowers that hold significance to both of you. This will constantly be a constant reminder of the beauty of your friendship.  

8. Matching Tattoos

Matching Tattoos
paper Aeroplan Matching Tattoos
Friendship Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos are also a popular choice among people when it comes to friendship tattoos. You can save and cherish your best bonding experiences by getting a matching friendship tattoo. So, whether you have one buddy or a large group of friends, you can get these as there are designs like friendship tattoos for 3 and 4. 

You can take inspiration from the above pictures or even create a unique design together with your pals. Make sure that the inkings suit both of you or the design style that you both like. Pick the body art that shows that you both love each other and your friendship has a special bond. 

9. Funny Friendship Tattoos

Funny Friendship Tattoos
Funny Unicorns Friendship Tattoos

Try to remember all those moments that you spend laughing your heart out with your friend. After all, one of the best parts of a real friendship is to laugh together even at the silliest things, right? 

So if you and your friend have the same sense of humor, keep it alive forever by getting a permanent funny friendship tattoo! From puns, cartoons, unicorns and cheeky or dirty jokes, you can get anything that makes both of you laugh and show your funny friendship moments. You will giggle every time you see this ink. 

10. Lipstick Friendship Tattoo

Lipstick Friendship Tattoo
Lipstick Tattoo

Do you both love shopping beauty products or love doing makeup? If yes, this creative and funny lipstick tattoo will be best for you. A perfect option for any makeup-obsessed pair of best friends who know the value of a great lipstick.  

11. Heart Tattoos For Friends

Heart Tattoos For Friends
Flower Heart Tattoos For Friends
Small Heart Tattoos For Friends

A Heart is a universal symbol of love, whether it is for couples or best friends! It is one of the trendy and famous tattoo designs of all time. Show the world how much your best friend is close to your heart through this cute heart tattoo.

For girls, they can get the heart one with feminine style, and guys can get the outline ones. Some people like the full filled heart tattoos with flowers, while some like small designs. Look at the above pictures of friendship heart tattoos for inspiration; both the designs look cool and pretty. You can also select the colors like yellow is the color of friendship, while green represents trust.

12. Best Friend Distance Tattoos

Best Friend Distance Tattoos
Best Friend Distance Tattoos ideas
Friend Distance Tattoos

Does your friend live in another city or move to another country soon? Living away from your best friend is so scary and depressing, but this is life, and it can take you and your friends in any direction. 

True friends are never apart, maybe in the distance but never in heart! 

Don’t worry; you can keep their memories near yourself with these long distance friendship tattoos. You can get a meaningful phrase, a map of the globe, an aeroplane or even coordinates of each other’s locations or any other design that you think is meaningful.  

13. Memorial Tattoo for Best Friend

Memorial Tattoo for Best Friend
Memorial Tattoo for Friend
Memorial Tattoo Idea for Best Friend

Did you recently lose your best friend?  You can pay tribute to your loving deceased friend through some meaningful tattoos. These memorial tattoos are very personal, and their design can be depend upon every individual.  

These designs can be simple as their initial or birthday or as intricate as a sleeve tattoo full of symbolic elements. See, memorial tattoos are not always meant to symbolize sadness; it shows closeness and love for that person. Three is always a rose in the design because it represents eternal and immortal love that transcends death. It also shows new hope and new beginnings. 

Here are some more friendship tattoo ideas and designs for you: 

A couple of people with tattoos on their arms
Powerpuff girls friendship tattoos
Mountains friendship tattoos
friendship tattoos
colorful Powerpuff girls friendship tattoos
Anchor tattoos for friendship
Bomb tattoo for friendship
small quote friendship tattoos
Adorable matching friendship tattoos
meaningful friendship tattoos
small heart friendship tattoos
friendship tattoos design
insect friendship tattoos
son and moon friendship tattoos
butterfly friendship tattoos
date friendship tattoos
Matching arrow friendship tattoos
feather friendship tattoos
Small heart tattoo for friendship
wings friendship tattoos
Simpson friendship tattoos
small insect friendship tattoos

The Bottom Line

So, which friendship tattoo do you like the most from the above ideas? Tattoos are undoubtedly captivating, attractive, and a great way to show your love for your friend. From small friendship tattoos to matching tattoos and funny ones, there are so many unique tattoo designs that you can explore.

So, this is all about friendship tattoos for girls and boys. However, getting one, remember that tattoos are painful to get (depending on the location) and can cause infection. So always get inked from a clean and hygienic place and from an authentic tattoo artist.  

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