Top 9 Best Female Celebrity Tattoos To Get

Celebrity Tattoos Female

Tattoos are something personal and every tattoo has a different meaning as well and people try to show their personality through their tattoos and on the other hands people get tattoos on the basis of trends as well and if you are the one who is willing to get tattoos because you want to flaunt your inner personality through your tattoo then you can go with permanent tattoos and if you are the one who wants to flow with the trend and want to get everything that is trendy then getting temporary tattoos is the best option for you. Now tattoo designs are difficult to choose and so you can actually copy celebs here so if you a girl who is searching for a good tattoo design then here are some of the best Celebrity Tattoos Female listed below that you need to check out and at the same time you can get them as well:

Angelina Jolie With Her Unique Patterned Tattoos:

 Celebrity Tattoos Female

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She is the style icon and even after reaching a 50 plus age she has not stopped flaunting her style and she is the one who you can follow for every styling purpose without any doubt as she is said to be the most stylish lady till date. She is the one who has been inspiring a lot of women and also she has a nice attitude, as well as grace that she always carries out and even her tattoos, tell the same story and if you want to be in style forever then you can get the same tattoo that she has on her skin. she has a Boondock Saints Tattoos design on her lower back which looks stunning and also there is a tattoo at the back of her shoulder and also she has one tattoo dedicated to her child which she got on her arm and you can literally choose any one of them and flaunt.

Nicole Richie With Her Rosary:

 Celebrity Tattoos Female

Nicole is someone who has a glam doll image in the industry and if you would follow her up for styling then there are chances that you would never ever go wrong with your styling and fashion representation. Here you would see that this glam girl kept her tattoo game simple and attractive at the same time and she went with a rosary she got her rosary inked on her ankle which looks like an ankle accessory and if you are more into getting simple but prominent tattoos then this is the one you should go with. Here you would see the tattoo is colorful and the use of black, as well as, red has been seen in this tattoo which made it look very pretty.

Penelope Cruz With Her Unique Tattoo That Says 883:

 Celebrity Tattoos Female

Penelope Cruz is someone who has walked a hard path to make her future shine bright and she is one of those actresses or celebrities who know how to be in style as well as in elegance at the same time. She is one who knows how to carry her style out in elegance and so she got an 883 written as a tattoo on side of her ankle and though there are many assumptions about this particular tattoo that she got but she denied all saying that this tattoo has nothing to do with a lucky number, phone number or anything and rather this number has nothing to do with her life, she got it because the combination of numbers together looked good on her. So you can also try getting numbers as tattoo as they look super cool as well as unique at the same time.

Cherryl Cole With Her Roses:

 Celebrity Tattoos Female

Now this is a bold tattoo to get and not everyone has that courage to get this tattoo and even not everyone can flaunt this kind of tattoo comfortable and if you are the one who is rebellion and has that courage to move with confidence to flaunt this tattoo then this tattoo is for you and if you are not sure about it then you can also get a set of Temporary Tattoos to form similar kind of tattoo. Here Cherryl went bold and got this bunch of roses drawn on her lower waist which also covered her hips and got slightly lower than the hip. Here she got red roses along with leave and here multiple colors have been used to create this tattoo and this has to be one of the Bold Tattoos ever.

Jessica Alba With Her Beautiful Arm Tattoo:

 Celebrity Tattoos Female

She is all about simple patterns and all and she loves to get statement things and so she got her name inked on her wrist and that looked so cute. Though she already has a bunch of roses drawn on her shoulder this time she kept everything simple and if you want people to read your name then this is the tattoo you need to go with. Here she got her tattoo entirely in black with nothing at all fancy and that is the reason behind the beauty of the tattoo. Here you can also get the name of your surname inked on your wrist and flaunt that with grace and this is another way to show self-love.

Emma Watson With Her Cute As Well As Simple Name Tattoo:

 Celebrity Tattoos Female

She is famous for her role in Harry Potter and now she is trying to get over her that image so she is trying out new things and she is so sweet and elegant about her style that copying her would never get you in trouble and even in terms of tattoos you can definitely follow her up. she doesn’t have any tattoos to flaunt but the one she has on her arm is a real eye catcher and looks so flattering as well a colorful that you would fall in love with the tattoo and if you love bright colored tattoos then you can definitely check this out. Here she has two beautiful tiny sky blue birds drawn and they were holding a banner kind of thing and altogether the tattoo make out to be so cute and this goes well with her charming personality which you can also try having.

Victoria Beckham With Her Patterned Neckline Tattoo:

 Celebrity Tattoos Female

She is the one who is known for her unique tattoo designs and her patterned tattoos always kept her in style and in limelight as well. The one she got on the back of her neck till the mid-length of her back is the best one in tattoo collection. Though the words cannot be understood because has been written in a different language the way it looks literally seems to be the coolest. So you can also try getting this tattoo and with this tattoo, it is guaranteed that you would get a lot of compliments from the one who would notice it. This is kind of a small tattoo and the best thing is that people would ask the meaning if you would get things written in not so known language.

Rihanna With Her Star Tattoo:

 Celebrity Tattoos Female

A universe on her mind and a stars on her back, with this star tattoo Rihanna, simply upgraded her style and the fact cannot be denied that this is one of those tattoos that are simple but at the same time they elegant and so you can also have the same kind of tattoo where there would be bunch of stars in a curvy pattern which would start from the back of your neck to the mid of your back just like the one Rihanna got and this can be as a statement tattoo for you.

Lady Gaga With Her Amazing Tattoo:

 Celebrity Tattoos Female

If you have a colorful personality just like Lady Gaga then you would love her colorful tattoo collection and the one she got on her thing is something very sensual and if you are bold enough when it comes to tattoos then you can definitely go with the one she got on her things and to let people see the tattoo, you would have to wear short dresses.

These were few of the best Celebrity Tattoos that you need to check out and also you can get any of them as well and you can find more such amazing ideas at Fashionterest.

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