Creative Koi Fish Tattoo Designs with Their Meaning

koi fish tattoo 

‘Koi’ means carp or a carp fish in the Japanese language. But don’t just consider its name. The word might sound simple, but it doesn’t mean that Koi fish doesn’t have significance. It symbolizes masculinity, prosperity, perseverance, and strength. The word ‘koi’ has been taken from the Japanese word ‘nishigkoi.’ With the above Koi fish tattoo meaning, it has quickly become something worth tattooing.

A koi fish signifies the whole spectrum of colors, with its scales decorated with striking patterns. People often practice keeping koi fishes in ponds and raising them as pets, but you can find many pet stores that sell koi fish. Koi fishes are very high-maintenance, and you will need a lot of time and effort to take care of them. From koi fish small tattoo and feminine small koi fish tattoo to women’s koi fish tattoo, they have become immensely famous worldwide!

In this blog, we will discuss different striking and alluring koi fish tattoos of all time that you should get inked without any doubt if you have a strong liking for creativity and beauty.

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1. Koi Fish Tattoo Yin and Yang

Koi Fish Tattoo Yin and Yang
Koi Fish Tattoo Yin and Yang with red color
Koi Fish Tattoo Yin and Yang on neck
Koi Fish Tattoo Yin and Yang on shoulder

In this tattoo, two fishes are arranged to resemble the yin and yang. The two parts of the yin and yang resemble the two koi fishes lying side by side in this tattoo. This tattoo involves a male and a female fish. The design of this tattoo comes in the form of a full circle with a black and whitefish. There should be an open space between the two fishes in more subtle terms.

2. Koi Fish and Water Tattoo

Koi Fish and Water Tattoo

This is one of the most typical combinations of koi fish that you can see in the tattoo. In this tattoo, you add some water to the koi fish design, which enhances the tattoo and makes it look like a complete image, rather than just an isolated fish figure. The waves of water are depicted in a Japanese style in this tattoo. You can get this tattoo inked in both colorful and all-black solutions.

3. Koi Fish and Writing Tattoo

Koi Fish and Writing Tattoo

The Koi fish is combined with writing in this tattoo, specifically Japanese kanji and Chinese. In this tattoo, a strong connection between koi fish and the Asian culture can be seen. If you think you will enjoy having this combination inked on yourself, go for this tattoo, and it will make you look superb!

4. Up and Down Swimming Koi Fish Tattoo

Up and Down Swimming Koi Fish Tattoo
Up and Down Swimming Koi Fish Tattoo for women
Up and Down Swimming Koi Fish Tattoo
on shoulder

This Up and Down Swimming Koi Fish Tattoo is a spectacular one. If you like simplicity and being classic at the same time, this tattoo is certainly a perfect one. This tattoo is remarkable and is expected to bring a touch of freshness to your life.

5. Koi Fish and Dragon Tattoo

Koi Fish and Dragon Tattoo
Koi Fish and Dragon Tattoo on hand
Koi Fish and Dragon Tattoo on tights

Dragons are a very important staple of any modern tattoo design. In this tattoo, you can combine a koi fish with a dragon in one single tattoo, and this can be portrayed as a reference of the classic and legendary koi fish, which is depicted in this tattoo to reach the top of a waterfall.

The above two elements of this tattoo will highlight the meaning of the Koi, which is nothing but a right combination of ambition, courage, and self-improvement.

6. Tribal Koi Fish Tattoo

Tribal Koi Fish Tattoo

Tribal Tattoos are those in which curved, black lines can be seen, taper to a sharp point on both ends. The design is simple and subtle in this semi-abstract tribal pattern fish tattoo. It is a great solution for those looking for a simpler and smaller koi fish tattoo. So, if you are one among them, go for this one.

7. Koi Fish and Lotus Flower Tattoo

Koi Fish and Lotus Flower Tattoo
black and white Koi Fish and Lotus Flower Tattoo
colorful Koi Fish and Lotus Flower Tattoo

This is a perfect combination of Koi fish tattoo design which you can amalgamate with a lotus flower to create a powerful tattoo. Lotus is a flower that grows in damp and muddy conditions, and they reflect the vibe of spirituality and strength.

And the koi fish represents prosperity, great fortune, and power. When we join these two entities, it will signify optimism and growth. So, if you want to feel a positive vibe while being optimistic and growth-oriented, go for this stunning tattoo. If you have a tattoo like this, it will appeal to people who have struggled in life to learn from it and become stronger.

8. Authentic Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo

Authentic Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo
Authentic Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo on arm

In Japan, Koi fish is symbolized as a sign of prosperity and good luck. With this tattoo, you can symbolize determination and perseverance. If you are a man who loves and believes in these qualities, you can have this tattoo inked in your body to have that impactful look.

The traditional Japanese Irezumi tattoos come with a very distinct look and are always defined by bold lines and vibrant colors. In this authentic Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo, the original tattoo is associated with several other images like tigers, dragons, and last but not least, the Koi!

9. Koi Fish and Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Koi Fish and Cherry Blossom Tattoo

If your originality belongs to the Japanese heritage and you admire the Japanese culture a lot, this Koi Fish and Cherry Blossom Tattoo is for you. Both of these elements have a huge significance in this tattoo.

As we all know that flowers signify beauty and existence, it reciprocates how flourishing and fleeting life can be. The Koi fish also signifies luck and prosperity. You can combine these two images in this tattoo to create perfect and powerful symbolism. This tattoo is indeed an exciting and bold one.

10. Avatar Koi Fish Tattoo

 Avatar Koi Fish Tattoo

The inspiration for this tattoo is a very popular movie that we all know, Avatar. In this Koi Fish tattoo design, a white fish is represented with a black spot on its head. This symbolizes balance and encourages you to live a balancing life. So, this tattoo surely showcases true meaning in life but also has a pretty striking appearance.

11. Black Koi Fish Tattoo

 Black Koi Fish Tattoo
 Black Koi Fish Tattoo on back
 Black Koi Fish Tattoo on shoulder

Koi fishes are one of the beautiful and colorful creations. And having this inked on your body would help you look stunning and creative. The koi fishes are usually bred to have vibrant colors, and each shade represents something different and unique.

You will have a black koi in this tattoo, which signifies adversity and strength. This tattoo will be perfect for someone who faced hardships in the past and has overcome them. Also, this tattoo is perfect for someone who faced depression in the past or had been through a difficult relationship. The rich symbolism that this tattoo has showcases a personal touch.

12. Watercolour Koi Fish Tattoo

 Watercolour Koi Fish Tattoo

Watercolor Koi fish tattoos are a splendid way to explore sophistication and creativity. This can make your tattoo stand out, whichever skin tone you have. It is one of the most stylish and colorful tattoo designs of all time.

While creating this tattoo on your body, you should keep in mind that the tattoo is not for such areas of your body that are not exposed to sunlight. This tattoo is a very stylish and cool one. Go for this tattoo now, and you will surely have an awesome look.

13. Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoo

Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoo
Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoo on arm
colorful Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoo

If you plan to have a koi fish sleeve tattoo inked on your body, having one on your sleeve area is not easy to decide. It doesn’t happen overnight. We have to think a lot before having a Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoo. This tattoo comes with a lot of creativity and thoughtfulness. The creativity starts at the top of your arm and ends on your wrist.

For creating a Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoo on your sleeve area, you need to perfectly combine different elements to create one single and unique piece of tattoo that looks immensely outstanding. It would help if you remembered that you should have multiple sessions to complete this for creating this tattoo. But after you are done with it all, the result is certainly worth it!

14. Koi Fish Back Tattoo

Koi Fish Back Tattoo
Koi Fish Tattoo on back

Sometimes, the bigger, the better it is. If you have an intense love for huge tattoo designs, you need a huge area in your body to get your tattoo inked. That’s the reason why men love this tattoo a lot! Moreover, another striking fact about this tattoo is that it is one of the most intimate forms of creativity. So, you can show it off whenever you want it but can leave it and keep it to just yourself if you want to do so.

But one discomfort about this tattoo is that it has a sheer size, and the duration of time it takes to create it is quite more! But one thing is for sure: it will be all worth it after you see the outcome.

15. Koi Fish Calf Tattoo

Koi Fish Calf Tattoo

Some tattoo designs are extraordinary and out of all of them, getting a Koi Fish Calf Tattoo inked on your calf is a smart idea. If you feel that your legs are one of the most attractive features of your body, you may find this cool tattoo design simply perfect for yourself!

It will help you draw people’s eyes towards your calf muscles, which is truly one of the most prominent masculine parts of your body. In this body location, you will not feel much pain because of the thicker skin present in that part of your body. This will help you get a detailed and huge design inked on your body. Also, as you can cover this part of your body as per your wish, it is convenient to get this tattoo done.

women's koi fish small tattoo on back
koi fish tattoo for girl

Summing Up

Koi fish tattoo designs are among the most popular favorites of people who like intricate detailing. If you are among them, you should get any of the above koi fish tattoos inked on your body. Just keep an eye on the perfectionism of the tattoo designer you have visited, and you will surely fall in love with the koi fish tattoo on your body, whichever option you go for.

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