8 Best Anchor Tattoos Designs with True Meaning 2024

Anchor Tattoos

Tattoos – a style statement. Yeah! It is that only nowadays. Kiddos are getting tattoos, forget adults. This tattoo trend is in the industry for many years. And it doesn’t seem to end soon. We have posted many articles on tattoo designs, and its changing trend. And we have realized that no matter how much time it takes but old tattoos are again getting in the pattern. And as we have always said whenever you get inked make sure your tattoo has some meaning or message to reflect.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss anchor tattoos. First, we will go through its meaning.

Anchor Tattoo Meaning

There are different meanings to the anchor.

Firstly, the anchor tattoos were inked by sailors to avoid Romans as an anchor was considered as the hidden symbol of Christianity. In general, it signifies hope, salvation, calm, composure, and steadfastness.

US Navy used to get anchor tattoo inked after crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

In a relationship, anchor defines a person you feel comfortable with, and someone you can confide in. An anchor relationship reflects the state of being close to each other.

So now you know the meaning of anchor. Let’s move on to the anchor tattoo design ideas so that you can finalize your tattoo to get inked. Whether you want to get a huge tattoo inked or want to keep it minimal, we have covered up everything.

Let’s get into the article,

WaterColored Anchor Tattoo

WaterColored Anchor Tattoo

This type of tattoo is preferable for men. The watercolored anchor tattoo with ropes wrap around it will look great. This tattoo can be inked on the chest area, back, on the arm, or the leg. If not ropes, you can go for ribbons or any other combination that goes with the anchor.

Small White Colored

Small White Colored

Some girls like to have a small and tidy tattoo. This tattoo design is absolutely for them. Plus, small White ink tattoos are beautiful. But they don’t highlight as black does, so if you are in search of highlighting tattoo white ink tattoo isn’t for you. This small anchor tattoo can be inked on the finger, ankle, wrist, waist, and neck.

Anchor With Text

Anchor tattoo With Text

Everyone likes tattoos with text. Whenever you go out with friends, everyone will have a detailed look at your tattoo just to understand the hidden meaning behind the inked quoted. You can go for either a word or a sentence, whatever you like. Some of the examples are, ‘Hope,’ ‘Never Sink,’ ‘I refuse to sink,’ ‘Be the one to guide me but never hold me down,’ ‘Strength,’ ‘Love anchors the soul,’ etc.

Negative Space Anchor Tattoo

Negative Space Anchor Tattoo

Tattoos with negative space give a whole new look to the tattoo. It looks intimidating and excellent artwork. Negative space is the space between and around the subject of a symbol. It indirectly forms the shape of the item. You can see in the above image how it actually looks.

Anchor Anklet

Anchor Anklet tattoo

The name itself says that it is a tattoo for the ankle and only females can get this inked. Why? Because it will form the shape of the anklet. A permanent anklet for your leg that is trendy and will never go out of trend. You can add the element of rope for the anklet instead of a chain if you want. Otherwise, you can also get a pearl chain inked with the heart-shaped pendant forming at front.

Doodled Anchor

Doodled Anchor tattoo

If you want to have a cute version of a tattoo on your body, then a doodled version of the anchor is the best. You can get it in a larger version or the smaller one, colored or shaded, or even just an outline also looks appealing. Doodled text anchor tattoo also gives a fantastic effect.

Small Anchor Tattoo For Couples

Small Anchor Tattoo For Couples

If you are getting a couple-tattoo inked to show your love openly anchor is the best tattoo. Why? It defines the hope and trust. There are plenty of couple tattoo ideas available like a tattoo of an anchor with the wheel. Along with that, the quote we mentioned in the 3rd point (Be the one to guide me but never hold me down) will go well. Another option is anchor wrapped with ribbon and the name (of your partner) inked on it.

Dreamcatcher & Anchor Tattoo Meaning

Dreamcatcher & Anchor Tattoo Meaning

Dreamcatcher! You probably have heard about them and knows its purpose too. Still, we will remind you once about its meaning. Dreamcatchers protects from the nightmares and passes the pleasant dreams. Combine dreamcatcher and anchor into one and create a classic tattoo design. If you multiply good things, the output will always be satisfying.

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Different Anchor Tattoos

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