40+ Medium Length Haircuts for Women in 2024

Medium Length Haircuts for Women

You don’t need to go for a dull style when aiming for the perfect length. Check out these awesome medium length haircuts for women! From shoulder cuts to long bobs and angled styles, we’ve got the best picks for you.

I’ve been growing my hair from a short style for about a year now, and it’s going great! Experimenting with different hairstyles with my medium length hairdo has been a blast like making soft waves using a curling wand or throwing it up in a bun on lazy days. (I even mastered the top knot, my go-to look right now. So easy!)

Lots of people have been asking me about my hair growth secrets. One thing that’s really worked wonders is applying Marula oil every morning. My hair feels incredibly soft and way more manageable, and those dry ends are history. Just that one tweak has been a game changer for me, and my hair looks ten times healthier (thank you, Fashionterest experts, for your wisdom).

What Is Considered Medium Length Hair?

Usually, hair that covers the neck and hits the shoulder line is considered medium length. When looking for new medium length haircut inspiration, it might seem a bit confusing because medium-length hair falls into two categories.

There are two types of medium length hair:

  • Shoulder length: This one lands right at the shoulder line, striking a balance between long and short styles. It allows for different hairstyles without making the hair feel heavy.

Is Medium Length Haircuts for Women Good for Every Hair Type and Texture?

Celebrity hairstylist and Sun Bum ambassador Kiley Fitzgerald says, “This cut and length suit almost every hair type and texture. It’s all about finding the perfect way to style it for you. Whether you prefer a blowout or embrace your hair’s natural look, this cut looks fantastic.”

Gregga Prothero, a hairstylist and founder of Gregga LA salon, explains, “For straight and thin hair, this cut can give more volume and create the illusion of thicker hair. Trimming some length off prevents it from weighing down, making it easier to add volume at the roots for a fuller look. If you have textured hair, this cut can enhance your curls, making them more defined and your hair appear thicker. Many stylists will thin out the hair slightly before cutting it to a medium length for more movement and to avoid it feeling too heavy.”

Do Medium Length Haircuts for Women Suit All Face Shapes?

“Choosing a midlength cut with shorter angles can highlight the cheekbones and soften longer face shapes,” explains Prothero. “For a rounder face, longer layers and a side-bang can create more angles and downplay the roundness.”

But there’s more than just lobs to explore! We’ve gathered the top medium-length hairstyles for those ready to go a bit shorter. 

Ready to explore some stunning hairstyles? These 25+ medium length haircuts for women offer a ton of variety; I’m confident you’ll find one you’ll love!

1. Lower Layers 

 Lower Layers medium length haircut

This medium haircut for women is sweet and easy, a top choice for ladies who want some extra flair in their look. The subtle lower layers add a lovely touch to the whole haircut.

If you need hair ideas, medium length layered haircuts are a great go-to. They give you plenty of options and can be paired with bangs, pixie cuts, and other styles for a chic appearance.

2. Disconnected Lob

Disconnected Lob medium length haircut

The disconnected lob isn’t your typical haircut, but it definitely grabs attention. It’s a fantastic way to spice up your hair. It comes with wild, layered sections that create that bold, disconnected look, perfect for those who love something daring.

3. V Cut Layers

V Cut Layers

The V-cut for medium length hair is a fantastic hairstyle that can look great on any hair type or texture. The cascading layers form a V-pattern, creating an absolutely appealing look. These are some of the best chubby face medium length haircuts you can go for.

4. Messy Wavy Lob

Messy Wavy Lob medium length haircut

The messy, wavy lob is a longer version of the bob haircut. It’s not super neat and has this awesome, messy, wavy cut that creates a dazzling look without needing a ton of effort. It is one of the trending low maintenance medium length haircuts that can go with any look.

5. Feathered Haircut

Feathered Haircut medium length haircut

A feathered haircut with choppy ends and a messy overall looks fantastic on medium length hair.

6. Bangs For Medium Hair

Bangs for Medium Hair

The medium wavy haircut with bangs gives off that charming girl-next-door energy, making it look adorable. You can amp it up with a bit of an edge by adding some messy and randomly placed layers.

If your hair naturally dries straight with a hint of wave, you might love these low-maintenance medium length haircuts with full yet wispy fringes. It elevates a simple style into something sophisticated. Just remember, bangs need some extra care, regular trims, and styling time.

7. Shoulder Cut With Flipped Ends

 Shoulder Cut With Flipped Ends For Medium Hair

The haircuts for medium length hair ending just below your shoulders with casually flipped ends create a cute hairstyle. Those flipped ends add bounce and volume to the whole look!

8. Straight Sleek Lob

Straight Sleek Lob For Medium Hair

The straight lob gives off a totally classic and sleek look. It’s a bit longer than your typical bob. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Alexa Demie, and others rock this style.

9. Voluminous Lob

 Voluminous Lob For Medium Hair

The voluminous lob is a medium length haircuts for women where lots of volume gets pumped into the style by adding layers and using styling techniques.

10. Chandelier Layers

Chandelier Layers For Medium Hair

This medium length haircuts for women gives the hair a bouncy effect as it falls freely toward the front.

11. Retro Lob

 Retro Lob For Medium Hair Natalie Dyer

Natalie Dyer rocks the retro lob in the picture with confidence and a touch of sensuality. Choosing the retro lob is always a fantastic haircut option to go for!

12. Blunt Lob

Blunt Lob For Medium Hair

The model rocks a sleek chop like no other. What adds that extra chicness to this cut is the combo of blunt ends with a slightly graduated sha

13. Minimalistic Bangs

Minimalistic Bangs

Instead of going for a full shag, try a subtle soft shag that still nails the look. Throw in some bangs, and you’ve got yourself a complete makeover hairstyle!

14. Angled Lob

Angled Lob for Medium hair

A slightly angled straight lob is a classic medium length hairstyle. It looks both chic and adorable!

15. Bedhead Waves

Bedhead Waves for medium hair

Achieving the bed head look on medium length hair or a lob is one of the easiest styles to pull off and doesn’t require much effort.

16. Tousled Lob

Tousled Lob For Medium Hair

The tousled lob is a longer bob with layers and a styled, messy, unkempt appearance.

17. Face Framing Layers

Face Framing Layers For Medium Hair

For years now, Jennifer Aniston has been rocking the perfect face-framing layers on medium length haircut for women. It’s a timeless style that looks stunning every single time!

18. Choppy Layers With Curtain Bangs

Choppy Layers with curtain Bangs

Messy and choppy layers paired with side-swept or curtain bangs create a daring look. This hairstyle is truly gorgeous and comes together perfectly. The medium length haircuts with bangs are incredibly popular and can give you the hair makeover you’re looking for.

19. Graduated Lob

Graduated Lob For Medium Hair

The graduated lob for medium hair has shorter hair at the back that gradually gets longer as it reaches the front. The front hair is much longer than the back, creating a distinct look that can also be perfect for a formal style.

20. Layered Hairstyle

Layered Hairstyle For Medium Hair

Dimensional layers on medium hair basically involve cuts or layers that add a touch of symmetry or perfection. They’re strategically placed to enhance the haircut.

21. Shaved Side Medium Haircut

Shaved Side Medium Haircut

One of the boldest moves for a girl is rocking the shaved head look on one side. The haircuts for medium length hair woman gives off a strong Goth vibe and definitely take a lot of courage to pull off!

22. Shoulder Length U Shape Hair Cut

 Shoulder Length U Shape Hair Cut For Medium Hair

This U-shaped haircut for medium hair is one of the simplest styles. The slight inward curve at the hair’s bottom isn’t a drastic change but looks amazing on various hair types.

23. Medium Length Hair With Bangs

Medium Length Hair With Bangs

Right now, in the fashion world, medium length hair with clear, see-through bangs across the forehead is a highly popular and trendy look.

24. Middle Parted Haircut

Middle Parted Haircut For Medium Hair

A middle part can totally transform most medium length haircuts for women, whether they’re straight and sleek or messy and wavy. It’s a game-changer!

25. Layers For Shoulder Length Hair

Layers For Shoulder Length Hair

Loads of flowing layers, creating a beautiful cascade of hair, resulting in one of the most stunning medium length hairstyles.

26. Barely-There Layers

Barely-There Layers For Medium Hair

Phoebe Tonkin shows how soft, medium length waves can shine with subtle, face-framing layers. These layered haircuts for medium length hair give a flattering texture without taking away from the natural ease of the style.

27. Old Hollywood Polish

 Old Hollywood Polish For Medium Hair

When you deeply part a mostly blunt cut and add curls, it transforms into a romantic style. While this cut suits almost any hair texture, the polished finish creates the Old Hollywood charm seen here.

28. Rounded Curls

 Rounded Curls For Medium Hair

To highlight your natural curls with a medium length haircut, try a mostly blunt style that’s rounded to let your curls shine. Use products that boost your curls, and if you sometimes straighten your hair, let your stylist know so they can consider both styles when cutting.

29. Flippy Layers

 Flippy Layers For Medium Hair

Chloë Moretz rocks long, flippy layers that add a playful shape to her medium length, pin-straight hair a perfect choice for easy updos. Check that the shortest layers blend well if you love putting your hair up.

30. Piecey Layers

Piecey Layers For Medium Hair

These long layers have a pieced-together, blended look that almost seems razor-cut. Whether you wear your hair straight or in soft waves, these somewhat jagged edges, the highlight of this cut, really stand out as intended.

31. Bohemian Curtain Bangs

Bohemian Curtain Bangs For Medium Hair

The curtain bangs beautifully frame her face along with face-framing layers, complementing the otherwise blunt cut. This style works great with wavy hair, offering a bohemian, romantic look. Plus, it’s easy to tie back when necessary.

32. Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob For Medium Hair

A wavy bob cut just above the shoulders is a cool medium length haircuts for women. Not only does it let you flaunt your natural texture, but it’s also perfect for an easy, low-maintenance grow-out.

33. Long Bob

Long Bob For Medium Hair

The long bob, often called a lob, never goes out of style—it’s classy. This cut beautifully shows off any texture or parting style, and it’s easy to style.

34. Textured Ends

Textured Ends For Medium Hair

This straight-cut hair gets a bit more charm with textured, piece-y ends. Instead of a straight-across finish, those uneven ends give off a beachy feel, especially when styled with pastes or dry texture sprays.

35. Faux Bangs

Faux Bangs

Gemma Chan’s middle-parted cut gives the illusion of curtain bangs without the full commitment. Skip the fringe and layers. Just curl your hair away from your face around the cheekbone area (or wherever you’d imagine your bangs would end).

36. Wisped Finish

Wisped Finish For Medium Hair

What’s easier than having a cut that looks great even when it’s a bit messy? The model nails this style with piece-y bangs and layers that look even cooler when worn a bit undone.

37. Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs For Medium Hair

A super easy, low-maintenance cut gets a punk twist with a baby bang. The model dons a straight-across fringe that sits well above her brows, turning her shoulder-length brunette hair into a bold statement style.

38. Full Bangs and Curls

Full Bangs and Curls For Medium Hair

Natural curls add flair to both cuts and bangs. Zendaya’s long shag style gets a soft, voluminous boost with brushed-up texture. Grab your favorite hair oil for a glossy, polished look.

39. Flippy Bob

Flippy Bob For Medium Hair

For a trendy (but inspired by the past) version of the long bob, go for ends flipped upward. The blunt finish lets you rock the flip whenever you want.

40. Sleek Shag

Sleek Shag For Medium Hair

Our expert says, “I adore a shag cut for medium length hair. The front layers offer tons of styling options and create a chic, carefree look that grows out beautifully.” To add more flair, take a cue from Jenna Ortega and throw in an easily-parted bang.

41. Side Bang

Side Bang For Medium Hair

While fuller fringes are popular, there’s value in a side-swept look. A well-placed snip, combined with a deep side part, adds drama and dimension to the style.

42. Curled Butterfly

Curled Butterfly For Medium Hair

The butterfly cut, usually blown out with a feathered look, is a hit among social media stars. The model’s version of this heavily-layered style uses waves and curls to amp up the glamorous look.


Which haircut suits medium-length?

The best medium length hairstyle for you relies on your hair type, face shape, and how you live your life. Considering these factors helps you find a cut that truly suits you. Long bobs and shaggy styles are quite popular, whether you prefer super straight hair or love adding some waves for extra flair.

What haircut makes you look younger?

A layer cut with curtain bangs will definitely make you look younger. 

Is layer cut good for medium hair?

This neat haircut with layers at the ends is perfect for effortless styles; you can simply wash your hair and let it air dry. It works especially well if you have a beautiful, natural-looking color and a slightly wavy texture.


Pick a hairstyle from the options above that really resonates with you. Let it reflect your personality, and let your hair choice bring out your unique personality.

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