35+ Auburn Hair Color Ideas That You’ll Love to Try

Auburn Hair Color

Auburn hair shines bright like fire, mixing red-orange with hints of golden brown. It’s known for its fiery spark. What’s special about Auburn is how it suits every season, and this winter, it’s still a hot trend. According to Artist Mark Mileti, “Auburn is always in style. Even those who usually stick to blonde or brunette hair tend to ask for warmer tones when the weather cools down. It’s pretty common… As temperatures drop, hair colors warm up.”

Want to see how it looks? Check out some top auburn hair ideas. Also called dark ginger, this color embodies all the qualities associated with redheads: smart, mysterious, sassy, and sexy! But if you think auburn hair comes in just one style, think again! From root melts to ombre highlights, there are lots of ways to play with this bold color.

1. Rich Auburn

Rich Auburn hair

If you adore that red-brown hair vibe, try out a lush auburn shade. This darker hue mixes burgundy, red, and brown tones, which really flatter medium and olive skin tones. And yes, if you have a natural auburn hair color, a rich auburn shade is close enough to make maintenance easier when your roots start to grow.

2. Light Auburn

Light Auburn hair

Light Auburn works wonders for fair skin tones! It’s got a shiny red kick with hints of golden blonde and copper strands.

3. Black Auburn/Cherry

Black Auburn Cherry hair

Keep your black locks and get into the auburn trend! Just chat with your colorist about a black auburn shade. It’s all about blending rich black with hints of brown and red for that auburn touch. Think of it like black cherry hair, a wearable take on the auburn trend, thanks to those darker tones mixed in.

4. Cherry Red Auburn

Cherry Red Auburn hair

If you’re up for a bold move to Auburn, try the cherry Auburn shade! It’s packed with brilliant red tones that really pop. This color’s like a jewel, perfect for deeper skin tones. Want that juicy cherry vibe? Use an intense dark red for that vivid color.

5. Copper Auburn

Copper Auburn hair

Think of a shiny new penny that’s the tone of a copper auburn hair color! It’s got hints of orange and deep red, creating a lively blend for a spectacular color burst. Want to do it yourself? Grab a hair color of your choice that gives long-lasting pigment that works great on brunette, blonde, and black hair.

6. Mahogany Auburn Brown

Mahogany Auburn Brown hair

Similar to rich Auburn, an auburn color leaning more towards brown than red can be easier to try. It’s because this dark auburn brown hair color mix adds a touch of red to your brown hair, giving it a natural vibe without feeling too overwhelming.

7. Auburn Highlights

Auburn Highlights hair

Try out the auburn hair trend gradually by adding balayage, highlights, or dip-dyed ends. Mix and match these colors in your hair to get different shades of Auburn that suit your style. It’s a good idea to visit a salon and have a pro guide you in picking the perfect color and where to place those auburn highlights.

8. Merlot Auburn

Merlot Auburn hair

If you’re into the deep, vampy reds of Auburn but prefer less brown, try a merlot shade. It’s a darker auburn with hints of purple, almost like an oxblood color. This shade adds a subtle shine, especially on medium to deep tan skin tones. Use a red velvet or deep Auburn for that metallic red tint. It works on light brown to black hair without needing bleach.

9. Auburn Blonde

Auburn Blonde hair

If you’re a blonde unsure about leaving behind your light hair, there’s good news: you don’t have to go too far from your current color! Auburn blonde is like a coppery hue, and it’s a fantastic choice, especially if you have fair skin tones.

10. Strawberry Auburn

Strawberry Auburn hair

If you adore strawberry blonde hair, you might just adore strawberry auburn, too! It’s like a softer take on Auburn, blending red, copper, and blonde streaks for a look that’s reminiscent of apple cider.

11. Medium Auburn Brown

Medium Auburn Brown hair

Auburn hair often leans toward warm tones, but I don’t think it’s cool. Auburn isn’t a thing! If you’re into cooler undertones, consider trying medium auburn brown hair color. It’s a great choice, especially if your skin naturally has cool undertones; it’ll flatter your look.

12. Burgundy Auburn

Burgundy Auburn hair

If you’re not sold on auburn hair, why not give it a test run with temporary color? Check out a burgundy, semi-permanent hair color. Even if you have darker hair, this color is made for dark brown shades, so you can still enjoy that touch of Auburn.

13. Pumpkin Spice Auburn

Pumpkin Spice Auburn hair

This trendy color mixes the spicy vibe of a seasonal spiced latte with beautiful, vibrant hair shades. Picture auburn with extra orange tones mixed with medium brown hues. It’s like having that fall-inspired Auburn look all year long! You can see the hair color levels here.

14. Sun-Kissed Auburn

Sun Kissed Auburn hair

The sun-kissed auburn color blends lighter blonde and golden highlights, giving your hair depth and framing your face. The mix of shades, with its rich red tones, looks great on any skin tone. Book an appointment at your salon to get that perfect blend of golden blonde and vivid reds for that sun-kissed auburn vibe.

15. Auburn Ombre

Auburn Ombre hair

To spruce up your highlights or ombre, try a DIY auburn ombre in bright red color. It lasts for four to ten washes, making it a perfect quick fix if you like changing your hair color often.

16. Chestnut Auburn

Chestnut Auburn hair

Hello, brunettes! Wanna try out Auburn? Chestnut Auburn’s your buddy for an easy transition. It’s a warm, light brown with hints of red, giving you a subtle auburn vibe and a perfect intro to this hot hair trend.

17. Brandy Auburn

Brandy Auburn hair

If you dig that fancy brunette vibe but crave a bit of extra shine, go for a brandy auburn color. It’s like rich brown with a hint of copper, adding a subtle brightness. When the light hits, those orangey auburn tones can really amp up your complexion.

18. Orange Auburn

Orange Auburn hair

To stand out with a brilliant auburn, opt for one with bold orange tones. Pick a color that will give you that shimmering burnt orange hue. It looks stunning on medium and deep skin tones.

19. Auburn Balayage

Auburn Balayage hair

Instead of caramel or blonde balayage, consider auburn balayage. It’s a cool twist that won’t demand touch-ups every six weeks. Just ask your colorist for this hand-painted highlighting technique using rich brown, red, and auburn shades.

20. Violet Auburn

Violet Auburn hair

To get that deep, vampire auburn-like shade of violet and burgundy, go for an intense violet color. It’s a surprising take on Auburn, and with that darker hue, your hair will definitely shine bright.

21. Auburn Brown

Auburn Brown hair

Medium auburn hair color is a perfect balance; it’s not too light or too dark. Its warmth looks really nice on folks with warm undertones in their skin.

22. Auburn Hair With Espresso Lowlights

Auburn Hair With Espresso Lowlights

To give your auburn hair some depth without lightening it, ask your colorist for espresso lowlights. This rich brown shade adds just the right contrast, giving your hair a dimensional look that’s lively and full of movement.

23. Ginger Auburn

Ginger Auburn hair

Why settle for one red when you can have two? Try a deep auburn with lively ginger highlights for a youthful vibe. Those highlights give a sweet sun-kissed effect, especially against the amber background. This color combo rocks when styled in curls on waist-length hair. 

24. Blonde with Auburn Lowlights

Blonde with Auburn Lowlights hair

If you want to darken your blonde for the colder months, try warm auburn lowlights. Get your colorist to blend these auburn lowlights into your hair for added depth and dimension, giving your blonde a cozy seasonal twist.

25. Cherry Cola Auburn

Cherry Cola Auburn hair

We call this color cherry cola auburn a rich, deep brown with hints of subtle burgundy. It’s sweet, a bit vampy, and totally easy to pull off. Unlike the bright Cherry Red Auburn, this one has soft auburn hair color undertones of burgundy and red, giving your hair a deeper hue.

26. Auburn Money Piece

Auburn Money Piece hair

Trying a money piece is a nice step toward auburn hair. It’s a vivid color covering just the hair around your face, giving that bold transformation without committing to color all over. Just ask your colorist for an Auburn money piece or halo highlights to achieve this style.

27. Cranberry Auburn

Cranberry Auburn hair

This rich red shade, streaked with strawberry and pink tones, creates a stunning cranberry color perfect for winter or fall.

28. Mulled Apple Cider Auburn

Mulled Apple Cider Auburn hair

Let the warm fall drinks inspire your hair! This warm mix of orange and auburn brown brings out a mulled apple cider vibe. It’s like a deeper version of strawberry auburn, with dark brown streaks adding that extra richness to the color.

29. Faded Auburn

Faded Auburn hair

Looking for a simple and likable? Try faded Auburn! This soft and gorgeous chestnut auburn hair color shade works great with various hairstyles. Whether it’s a bob, pixie, or long waves, this color suits everyone!

30. Dark Violet Auburn

Dark Violet Auburn hair

If you want something daring, this color’s got you covered! This fantastic dark violet auburn hair is sure to turn heads. Go for it, girl; embody that boldness!

31. Golden Auburn

Golden Auburn hair

Golden hair might seem daunting, but don’t let that hold you back from going golden! When I feel like a change, I simply add auburn tones, a hint of highlight or lowlight to my golden hair, and voila! With a touch of caramel and honey and your unique auburn hair with those golden locks, it’s good to go!

32. Rose Gold Auburn

Rose Gold Auburn hair

Auburn’s a classic, but rose gold is the hot trend now. Mix light Auburn with a rose gold touch, and you’ve got a totally unique hair vibe. Try it out with a short, curly bob to really make this color shine!

33. Molten Auburn Gold

Molten Auburn Gold hair

For hair color, the key is blending, and this look nails it! Starting with a beautiful brown-toned auburn at the roots, it smoothly transitions into a rich golden blonde at the ends, giving you this gorgeous two-tone hair.

34. Russet Auburn

Russet Auburn hair

They say, “Go big or go home,” and this vibrant hair color is all about that! Go bold by coloring all your hair with a rich russet or rust auburn shade. Trim it to a modest shoulder length and style it in waves to give that bombshell look a touch of maturity.

35. Electric Auburn

Electric Auburn hair

Do you recall Poison Ivy from the DC comics? Her fiery red hair and neon green outfit turned heads! You can grab attention to get a bright all-over auburn hair color and own every room you step into.

36. Auburn Apricot

Auburn Apricot hair

Looking for a natural shade for your hair? Check out this apricot-tinted dark auburn hair color. It’s subtle yet stunning. This color gives off a muted vibe that adds a touch of mystery to your look.

37. Champagne Auburn

Champagne Auburn hair

Ladies, embrace your love for champagne with this stunning auburn style! The champagne undertone in this light auburn hair color gives your hair that perfect rose wine shade. Simply part your hair on one side and leave it natural to show off this gorgeous color.

38. Classic Auburn

Classic Auburn hair

Think of auburn hair, and Debra Messing’s rich and deep hue immediately comes to mind. It effortlessly blends deep brown and fiery red tones into a beautiful blend of color.

39. Darkest Auburn

Darkest Auburn hair

Want a new hair vibe without losing that dark brown charm? We can show you how adding a touch of Auburn brings a whole new dimension to your color, keeping those rich, deep hues intact.

40. Ruby

Ruby hair

If you’re after that vibrant and standout Auburn like Rihanna’s, keeping up the brightness is key. To maintain this amazing auburn color, trying out a color-depositing treatment is the way to go!

How Do You Choose the Perfect Auburn Hair Color for Yourself?

Before your salon visit, save a picture of your ideal auburn hair color ideas to show your colorist. They’ll chat with you at the start of your appointment to talk about the look you want and how to adjust the shade to match your skin tone and natural hair color.

L’Oréal Professionnel Global Ambassador Min Kim advises, “Your colorist should highlight your natural skin tones and makeup routine.”

According to Fekkai, brunettes stand out in Auburn or mahogany dark auburn hair color, while blondes can go for a lighter auburn with a touch of copper.

Considering skin tone, Dawson suggests, “Fair skin looks great with a golden/copper auburn hair color tone. Medium to darker skin tones suit a cooler, more violet undertone.”

And if you like to switch up your hair with the seasons, you can adjust the depth of the color.

How Do You Keep Your Auburn Hair Looking Great?

Maintaining red hair can be a bit tricky. It tends to fade faster than other colors. Even though Auburn requires less upkeep than bold reds, it still needs some extra care to stay fresh.

Using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner is key. According to Fekkai, “Red dye molecules are big, so they fade quicker. Go for sulfate-free products made for preserving hair color.” 

Hard water can mess with your hair color. Besides keeping your hair hydrated, using a treatment that clears mineral buildup can revive your color. 


Red hair in all shades is gorgeous, but Auburn stands out, especially for first-timers or those after luxurious warmth in their hair, no matter the season. This red-brown hue is super chic. It suits all skin tones and is relatively low-maintenance, especially when it comes to red hair.

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