How to Get a Healthy Hairstyle Going into 2024

Get a Healthy Hairstyle Going

It’s time to say goodbye to 2023 and say hello to the fresh year with hairstyles for healthy hair that matches all the healthy hair goals you’ve set. Short haircuts were the big thing this year. A bunch of us rushed to the salon for every type of bob cut you can imagine: blunt, inverted, Italian, you name it. And guess what? Instagram proves short hairstyles aren’t going anywhere soon. As for color, salons were swamped with people asking for red hair, rocking shades from cowboy copper to cherry cola red. It was one of the hottest hair color trends of the year. 

We want to make sure you’re on top of your hair game and ready to start 2024 with a fantastic cut. Whether you’re into bold short styles that catch attention or new looks inspired by old-fashioned trends, we’ve got the styles and cuts that’ll have you excited for a whole new you in the coming year.

1. Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs

Since the 70s, bangs have continued to be a huge deal in the hair world, always evolving with each passing year. Remember when curtain bangs had a sensational comeback not too long ago? Well, now we’re foreseeing baby bangs, a.k.a. “mini fringe,” as the next bang on trend in 2024. These shorter bangs sit a bit higher on the forehead compared to what we’ve been used to witnessing in 2023, giving a uniquely unprecedented look that can totally transform your style.

But here’s the thing: bangs can be a bit tricky with split ends, frizz, and those unfaithful flyaways. That’s where a good hair care routine comes in handy, keeping those unruly strands in check.

2. Large Curls

Large Curls hair

In 2024, large curls are back and making a statement. Flaunting your natural curls and giving them that extra oomph is a trend that’s only getting stronger. If you’ve got those gorgeous big curls and would like to flaunt them off, request a shoulder-length cut from your stylist. It’ll beautifully hem your face and highlight your curls. 

To keep those fabulous-looking curls all year long, try using branded and good-quality haircare and a rejuvenating hair growth serum.

3. Baroque Bob

Baroque Bob hair

The Baroque Bob takes inspiration from the ornate Baroque trend that bloomed across Europe after the Renaissance in the 1600s. This hairstyle features a tousled wave with prominent chin-length hair, offering a look that can be adjusted to flatter various face shapes. Zendaya, always ahead in fashion, donned this fashion at the start of 2023, and we’re betting it’s going to be huge in 2024. Plus, it’s a pragmatic choice for those who don’t frequent the salon much because it can extend out into a longer bob or a traditional curly shoulder-length look.

To give the tousled waves a dash of life, try some hair mousse or serum. It’ll add bounce to your hairstyle.

4. Middle Part

Middle Part hair

The middle part has been a style icon for ages, from pop sensation Selena Gomez to the immortal Frida Kahlo, and it’s making a comeback in 2024. It’s a simple haircut that can be dressed in many styles, depending on your mood. Try a half-down and half-up look, or let your hair fall on your shoulders for perfect symmetry with those lengthy layers. This style suits different hair types and styles. For those with thin or fine hair, a middle part can actually help hide those effects.

If you’re sticking with this cut, professionals suggest switching up your part periodically to prevent hair loss in that area and avoid scalp irritation. And to keep your mane healthy, try a healthy hair regimen. It’ll shield, nurture, and bring back life to your hair.

5. Messy Updo

Messy Updo hair

Get ready for the return of the relaxed and casual messy updo in 2024. This iconic hairstyle exudes a carefree attitude, showing you’re comfortable just being yourself. Simply gather your hair into a ponytail, tease it a bit, section it, twist it, and secure it in place, and you’ll stride into the new year with your own personal style.

This look celebrates your hair’s naturalistic texture, so maintain that relaxed and easygoing hair routine. It’ll keep your locks looking natural and carefree.

6. The Bouffant

The Bouffant hair

2024 is the year of French-inspired trends like the bouffant. This hairstyle, popularized in the 1950s by icons like Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, is making a comeback, thanks to “Priscilla,” the movie starring Cailee Spaeny. It’s a bold, retro choice for those aiming for a vintage getup. You can even play around with it by backcombing your hair and making a chic French twist with your ponytail.

This voluminous style calls for precision. To maintain your bouffant throughout the day, trust your hair spray for that tidy and clean finish.

7. Butterfly Layers

Butterfly Layers hair

Think of the butterfly as a symbol for a fresh start; it was a hit in 2023, and it’s flying high into 2024. If you want the illusion of shorter hair without losing length, ask your hairdresser for butterfly hair layers. These playful, wavy layers create the appearance of shorter strands across your crown. You can style them to look like shorter hair, framing your face with a flair. Plus, it’s a win for people with curly hair; it’s an easy-to-maintain look that complements those curls beautifully.

8. Pageboy Pixie

Pageboy Pixie hair

The pixie cut is edgy, always making a bold statement. This sassy style is created to accentuate your facial features, usually shorter on the sides and back with a bit more length on top. However, this cut adds a new twist. Inspired by the medieval “pudding-basin” cut (sounds odd, but it’s cool, we promise), it pairs longer top hair with a blunt fringe and short back and sides. It’s a favorite among indie band groupies and fashion-forward folks! For that sharp fringe and crisp edges, always get your hair trimmed on time.

9. Contemporary Shag

Contemporary Shag hair

Jenna Ortega set the trend in motion with her wolf cut in 2023, making the short shag a must-have style, and it’s not going anywhere in 2024. This hairstyle, full of textures and layers, brings fun to your ensemble. The cut celebrates natural movement, working great for different hair textures and lengths. Celebs and style icons love this low-maintenance and fashionable style. This makes it a top pick for anyone wanting a new and young look to start the new year.

Shags are all about that free and young feel, which is why they pair perfectly with healthy hair growth serum.


Hairstyles are the doorway to your beauty. A healthy mane will always result in better-looking haircuts and styles, no matter what the cut is. Therefore, it is imperative to keep a healthy head before you pick a hairstyle. Always follow proper hair care and use additional hair protectants like sprays, serums, and creams. Hairstyles for healthy hair will definitely make your personality glow.

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