31 Mesmerizing Half Up Half Down Hairstyles to Try in 2024

half up half down ponytail

Half-up half-down hairstyles are excellent all year, but they’re especially great in the summer since they keep your hair out of your face while still allowing you to show off your length. What’s better? There are so many different ways to wear this style, whether you have long or short hair. We’ve put a list of 31 gorgeous half up half down hairstyles for you to try.

Furthermore, half-up-half-down hair is an amazingly simple method to appear effortlessly elegant. It also maintains your hair in place throughout the day, eliminating the need to constantly flip it backward. If your hair is incredibly smooth and silky, all you need are some top-quality bobby pins and hair elastics, as well as a nice holding spray.

The quote stays true to its meaning, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” -Coco Chanel.

Without waiting further, let’s know some of the best half up half down hairstyles listed down below.

31 Gorgeous Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

For a reason, the half-up, half-down hairdo is a classic. It’s a flexible appearance that can be dressed up or down, making it ideal for both special events and everyday wear, such as weddings and holiday parties. Moreover, it is very easy to do and also looks fun at the same time.

Let’s look at the easy half up half down hairstyles you can try out without any hustle.

1. Boho Chic Half Up and Down Hair

Boho Chic Half Up and Down Hair

Easy half up half down hairstyles with a boho vibe are always in trend. When you combine that aspect with your half-up, half-down haircut, you’ve got yourself a winner! For a breezy and easy look, simply add little flowers and a few face-framing tendrils.

Besides, adding flowers to your hair gives you a refreshing look and gives your hair a nice odor. You can carry this hairstyle to a casual event or for a wedding. The half up half down wedding hair front view is mesmerizing and very beautiful.

2. Half Up Half Down Ponytail

Half Up Half Down Ponytail

As far as hairstyles go, the half-up-half-down ponytail is about as adaptable as it gets. From a straight-up ponytail to elaborate braids, space buns, top knots, and more, the piece you raise off and away from your face provides unlimited possibilities.

Half up half down ponytail is always a winner, no matter where you are in your wash cycle. If your hair is limp following a recent wash, a high ponytail or top knot might help provide the illusion of volume where you want it. You can also view some of the best Sarah Hyland’s Hairstyles Ideas to get inspiration.  Similarly, if your hair is greasy and due for a wash, a style that rests over your crown provides some excellent cover.

3. Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Black Hair

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Black Hair

Give this look a try if you like massive waves. All you have to do is twist the front two parts of your hair and fix them at the back of your head with a clip or elastic. With very minimal effort, this romantic, bohemian look is stunning. You may also change up the look by substituting half up half down braids for twists.

4. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair

Half Up Half Down Wedding hairstyles

All types of half-crown braids look best depending on the occasion if you choose the correct one. You can carry this hairstyle as the half up half down wedding hair. Leave your hair straight or wavy for a more casual look; curl it like this for a vacation or formal hairdo.

It’s a laid-back look that can be amped up with more glam attire and dangly earrings. These braided hairstyles are a must-try for women of all ages.

5. High Half Ponytail

High Half Ponytail hairstyles

This is a variation on the half-coconut haircut, which is a classic attractive kid hairdo. Unlike most other hairstyles, it will highlight your volume. Make a half ponytail with your hair and secure it with a large elastic band. To keep the ponytail in place, make sure it’s tight and secure.

6. Undone Bun

Undone Bun Hairstyle

A half undone bun is the ideal hairstyle for someone who dislikes having hair on their face but does not want to sacrifice style. Take a strand of hair from the front and twist it into a sloppy undone bun. For an effortlessly stylish look, use bobby pins or a hair elastic to keep the bun in place.

This hairstyle looks best when you are wearing a casual outfit or jeans and a crop top.

7. Twisted Half-Up Simple Hairstyle

Twisted Half-Up Simple Hairstyle

Have you got dirty hair but don’t have time to wash it? This half-up twisted style is perfect for you! It looks best on hair that has a little grit or texture to it. It’s a lovely method to pull back your hair and keep it out of your face that’s a little fancier than a ponytail. For a more casual style, save a few wisps to frame your face. It’s lovely, and depending on where you’re going, you can dress it up or down.

This hairstyle is a quick fix for those girls who are running out of time and still want to look their best.

8. Semi Crown Half Up Half Down Hair

 Semi Crown Half Up Half Down Hair

Maybe all you need is a basic hairdo to feel confident. To exude confidence, try this basic yet stylish semi-braided crown hairstyle. To get this hairstyle, all you have to do is create a fishtail braid on one side and fix it at the back of your skull area. Next, all you have to do is take two sections from each side, twist and secure them with bobby pins at the back!

9. Scrunchies and Scarves Half Up Half Down Hair

Scrunchies and Scarves Half Up Half Down Hair

If you are a huge fan of bandanas and scarves then this hairstyle is for you.

Scarves and scrunchies are the lazy girl’s go-to accessories for making their hair seem to put together without exerting too much effort. Simply fix your hairstyle with a bright scarf or scrunchie, and you’re good to go! Oh, and keep in mind that the messier your hair is, the better it appears.

It is the perfect hairstyle if you are running out of any hair accessories. The only thing you need is a scarf and you are good to go.

10. The Half Up Half Down Bun

 The Half Up Half Down Bun

Make a half-bun (or “hun”) with the top half of your hair and add a gleaming round barrette. You can do this hairstyle quickly at the tip of your hands. All you need is some bobby pins and a few curls going here and there around your face.

11. Half Up Half Down Braids

Half Up Half Down Braids

Our favorite hairdos are braids. Why? It’s because they’re so adaptable. There’s a lot you can do with braids, from simple braids to braided crowns and braided space buns. Moreover, braids are much more fun than simple hair and easy to make. You can carry this hairstyle with jeans, skirts, wedding gowns, etc. These hairstyles are also adaptable with other outfits too.

12. Twisted Pony Half-Down

 Twisted Pony Half-Down Hairstyle

The pony is a simple hairstyle that adds a lot of volume to your hair since the ponytail is placed on the backside of your head. This hairstyle looks quite elegant and simple. It is perfectly suitable for a working place or an event. It’s also versatile, since it may be worn with straight, wavy, or curly hair.

13. Braided Half-Up Boho Braid

Braided Half-Up Boho Braid

The day boho braid is a clever solution to conceal oily hair. In fact, the dirtier the better. Instead of instantly putting your hair up on the second day, give this a try. You’ll adore it. You can go with this hairstyle with jeans or a skirt.

14. Half-Updo with a Pull-Through

Half-Updo with a Pull-Through

This hairstyle appears to be difficult, but it is not. It’s straightforward, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy it.

To make a half-updo with a pull-through, gather some hair on both sides of the ponytail and weave it in a French braid.

Make a center half ponytail and make a braid of the ponytail, section off hair from the middle and bind it with an elastic band at the backside of your head. Wind up a hair strand around the ponytail and tie up the end of the ponytail with a bow.

15. Cascading Waterfalls Half Up Half Down

Cascading Waterfalls Half Up Half Down hairstyle

This hairstyle is quite popular among college students and young women who want to show off their lovely long locks with a twist. The most seductive appearance is falling braids and pinning them to fall softly stroking a woman’s back. By adding curls, we’re sure you’ll be able to pull off this style. If you have stunning long hair, you must go for this hairstyle.

16. Studded and Straight Half Up Half Down

Studded and Straight Half Up Half Down

The girl has half of her hair pulled back into a lovely baby bun on the crown of her head, which she has pinned temple height. You may wear whichever pins you choose because there are so many beautiful alternatives available, from pearls to rhinestones.

This half up half down wedding hairstyle for long hair gives a sense of elegance and refreshment.

17. Hair Accessories Half Up Half Down

 Hair Accessories Half Up Half Down

When it comes to hairstyles, we appreciate how hair accessories have become the new trending thing. The possibilities are unlimited, from locking your half-up hairdo with a sleek metallic accessory to arranging them with a delicate pearl pin. You can have long curly hair waving down like cascading waterfalls.

18. Simple Alterations

Simple Alterations

Use a few bobby pins, a beautiful hairpin, and hairspray to make this hairstyle stay in place for a longer period. You can fix two portions of hair from either side of your head and bring them together at the backside of the crown. You can add a beautiful hairpin at the backside of the head crown.

19. Double Dutch Braid (Half-Up)

Double Dutch Braid hairstyle

While putting a beautiful twist on greasy hair might be difficult, the Dutch braid is a terrific style for hiding any hints that your hair needs a refreshing look. This famous weaving method is simple to learn and will make your hair seem lovely in any condition.

20. Braid Wrapped Around Half-Up

Braid Wrapped Around Half-Up

The wrap-around braid is not suitable for short hair, but if you have long hair, it is the style for you. Look at how lovely this basic half-up hairdo looks! The reason behind the need for long hair for this hairstyle is because it requires longer to get the exact look and this hairstyle can’t be adjusted.

21. The Bouffant Half Up Half Down

The Bouffant Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Another half-updo that has lasted the test of time is the bouffant. It’s the ideal combination of art and refinement. Make your hair fall behind your shoulders by brushing it back. Make two parts in your hair: top and bottom. Hair should be clipped short at the bottom.

Remove one inch of hair off the front of your head, from ear to ear, using a rat tail comb. The bangs for this hairstyle will be made with this hair. Tease the upper section’s remaining hair.

Using a comb, smooth the top of your teased hair. Make a slight bump or puff at the center of the crown head and close the ends with the bobby pin. Let loose your hair from both sides of the hair and the bottom center part of the head.

22. Bow Half Up Half Down

Bow Half Up Half Down

Tie the bow knot to neatly pin your layers and spell your charm with this seductive half up half down hairdo. This will give your outfit a bold and lust-worthy appearance. You may also experiment with hair accessories and curl your tresses for a more defined look.

23. Simple Crossover Half Up Half Down

Simple Crossover Half Up Half Down

One of the most basic ways to spice up a half-up, half-down look? Pull two pieces of hair from your temples and cross one over the other and then pin it, repeat the process till you have reached the desired length. The end product is understated and stylish. This hairstyle gives your face a stylish look and is very easy to make.

24. Braided Accents Half Up Half Down

Braided Accents Half Up Half Down

To get this style, start with beautiful side braids from both sides crisscrossing each other. Leave a little part of hair free on either the left and right side and bottom. Using a hair tie or bobby pins, secure the ends of the braids. On the half-down side, make small braids of the hair and leave it sliding with the rest of the hair.

25. French Braid Half-Up, Half-Down

French Braid Half-Up, Half-Down

The half-up half-down French braid at the top of the head promotes the conventional look by allowing you to be more creative with your lengths. You may keep it simple and informal by wearing your natural texture, or you can dress it up with sleek strands or curls.

26. Served with a Half-Up Bun

Served with a Half-Up Bun

The half-up bun is appropriate for any occasion! It also looks great on tiny girls. What about short hair? What about long hair? Not an issue. You can utilize only the top piece of your hair, or you can take more and put the sides up as well. Don’t be scared to experiment with this trendy twist on the half-up bun. A half-up top knot is ideal for short hair since it keeps you looking put together!

27. Half ‘Do Braided Pouf

Half 'Do Braided Pouf

This lovely hairdo has a retro vibe to it. Can you remember those old-school parties where everyone was dressed up and dancing? This hairdo would be ideal for such occasions.

Backcomb your hair at the crown of your head to make it as large as you like. Pin it in the back, along with some side hair. Take some locks from the front side and weave them into a French braid, only adding extra hair to the bottom strand. It should be pinned to the back of your skull.

Repeat the same on the opposite side to get medium length half up half down hairstyles.

28. Medium Length Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Medium Length Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Have an event coming up and no time to style your hair? Don’t worry, you only have to twist your locks and tuck the hair on opposite sides. Even, though it is simple half up half down hairstyle, it will look mesmerizing because of the curls at the back. These medium length half up half down hairstyles looks stylish.

29. Bohemian Braids

Bohemian Braids Hairstyle

Isn’t this the epitome of summer down wedding hairstyles for long hair? The design shown here has been trending, and the model seemed to have walked right out of a fairy tale. It’s also fairly simple to accomplish: Simply braid a few tiny strands of hair along your hairline and put them together at the back of your head. Then add your favorite embellishments to tied sections and left-lose sections too. Don’t forget the mid-fishtail braid part to enhance the overall look!.

30. Twists with Three Inversions

Twists with Three Inversions

This surprisingly basic style can be achieved in just five minutes: To begin, divide the hair into three portions, with the central one slightly overhanging the other two. After that, invert each part and knot all three together. For a more textured look, pull carefully and finish with a glossy pin.

31. Bantu Knots Half-Up

Bantu Knots Half-Up Hairstyle

Try the half-up Bantu knot style if you want to wear your natural hair or a protective style while also following the half-up, half-down trend. It’s not only eye-catching, but it also results in stunning heatless curls after the knots are removed.

Conclusion on Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

half up half down Hairstyles

Hairstyles with half-up half-down styling are our absolute favorites. It’s one hairstyle that never fails to wow us, regardless of the clothing choice (be it a stunning flowery dress or a more conservative ensemble). There are plenty of ways to dress this flexible hairdo, from adding charming accessories to giving them a more casual holiday twist.

I hope you can try some of the half up half down hairstyles from the list mentioned above.

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