25 Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Ideas for Every Woman

blonde highlights on brown hair

For decades, dark brown hair with blonde highlights has been a hair color trend that is turning heads left and right (obviously, in a good way). The sun-kissed brunette beauties that walk along runways and ordinary streets have a particular something about them that captures everyone’s attention without appearing overdone.

Before you go ahead and try this hair color trend for yourself, there are a few things to bear in mind. We’ve outlined all you need to know about achieving brown and blonde highlights in the section below. Stay with us to know these 25 stunning brown hair with blonde highlights.

As said by James Patterson, “So there you have it, the extent of my charms: brown hair and eyes like unbarfed chocolate. I’m a lucky girl.”

Blonde highlights on brown hair are fashionable these days amongst women, as they were in the 90s trend. This hairstyle simulates the impact of sunshine on your hair and allows you to experiment with a variety of warm to breezy hairstyles. Brunette hairstyles work well with a variety of skin tones, occasions, lengths, styles, and other factors.

Women adore the way contrasting colors like brown with blonde highlights look better with all the outfits. Think again, if you believe that highlights are exclusively flattering on blondes or individuals with lighter hair.

Women believe that highlights on dark brown hair may be an excellent method to add vibrancy and complexity to your locks. The secret to pulling off a stunning appearance with dark hair and highlights is color selection and highlight application.

Highlights in brunette hair can be any lighter brown with blonde highlights. Consider accents in caramel, honey, gold, natural brown, toffee, or chestnut. All of these look wonderful on dark and medium length brown hair with blonde highlights.

25 Gorgeous Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair

There are several techniques to get highlights, and similarly, there are numerous hues of brown and blonde to choose from. That is one of the main reasons why this combination is so adaptable. Here are 25 breath-taking blonde highlights on brown hair straight variants to show you how versatile this style can be:

1. Blonde Streaks in Brown Hair

brown hair with blonde highlights

Blonde streaks are created with aluminum foil and a brush. Before putting hair color to the hair you wish to streak, place the foil under it, and apply a highlighter shade. Fold the foil to secure the area of hair and keep the color from transferring to adjacent hair strands. This is a great hairstyle for someone who wants to jazz up their hair without going overboard. To keep things subtle, go for a natural warm dark hair with blonde highlights.

2. Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Straight

brown hair with blonde highlights

You won’t have to worry about fading because the blonde will seamlessly blend in with your natural hair color over time, making this a practical haircut for women. Dark hair with blonde highlights, after all, is a combination made in heaven. Highlights inherently bring volume and depth to hair that wasn’t previously present. So, don’t be afraid to try this sort of coloring if you’ve never had this haircut or brown hairs with highlights on straight hairs done before.

3. Coffee and Cream texture

brown hair with blonde highlights

The name of this combo is very self-explanatory. The base color is a warm and deep brown, while the highlights are a creamy and white blonde. As a result, it has a similarity to the coffee and cream beverage.

4. Blonde Highlights on Reddish-Brown Hair

brown hair with blonde highlights

The nicest part about styling dark hair with blonde highlights is that you won’t be alone in your decision. Even celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon in the hopes of looking attractive.

5. Highlights of Silver Blonde

brown hair with blonde highlights

You read that correctly! This lovely bronde combination combines cool and warm tones. It’s especially lovely when matched with a brunette with blonde highlights. The light tips make your hair stand out of the box and look amazing and refreshing.

6. Balayage in Soft Blond with Undone Waves

brown hair with blonde highlights

This summertime hairstyle has a gentle blend of honey, caramel, and toffee highlights over a dark ashy foundation. The sun-kissed stands add a nice lift to these undone below-the-medium length brown hair with blonde highlights.

This look is perfect for those who love shoulder-length hairs and want to experiment now and then.

7. Brunette with Blonde Highlights

brown hair with blonde highlights

If rich, cocoa browns aren’t your thing (or don’t suit your skin tone), try the breakout brown hair trend of this year: smokey brunette. This brown hair with blonde highlights style offers a cool-toned finish that looks great on those with cool skin undertones.

8. Dark Blonde Highlights in a Wavy Bob Hairstyle

brown hair with blonde highlights

These easy wavy highlights are ideal to flaunt on any vacation or occasion. Most importantly, a wavy bob hairstyle works like a charm if you are going to try these beautiful blonde highlights in brown hair.

9. Highlights in Partially Blonde Hair on Brown Hair

brown hair with blonde highlights

Unlike most other hair colors, blonde will offer the illusion of a sun-kissed tan to your brown hair. Some combinations make it appear as though you have never colored your hair. It would appear as though you got these adorable light streaks while sunbathing.

10. Blonde Highlights on a Concave Bob Hairstyle

brown hair with blonde highlights

There are several bobs out there, each more unique than the last, and we recommend you try a few different ones because the bob haircut is having a moment. This is known as a concave bob, and it looks stunning in this dark hair with a combination of golden highlights.

11. Pintura Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

When it comes to how to color one’s hair, there are several procedures to choose from. Some ladies prefer experimenting with the current trends, such as adding Pintura highlights to their dark brown hair.

12. Blonde Highlights Framing the Face

medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

Highlights are a terrific technique to draw attention to your face. Blonde highlights soften the shape of your face when applied close to it. They are especially useful for concealing prominent cheekbones or a broad jawline.

13. Caramel Babylights with Billowing Brunette Waves

medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

With a pair of carefully positioned baby lights, you can lift your long, brown locks. We love how the light bounces off these little honey-caramel accents. Work with your hairdresser to pick a color that complements your natural hair color. Then, you can use a curling iron to add some dimension to an otherwise long and flat mane. Curly hairstyles are inextricably linked to romance.

14. Balayage Sand Reverse Highlights

medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

Reverse balayage is extremely similar to traditional balayage. To add depth to your appearance, stylists employ dark hues around the roots and throughout your strands rather than painting your strands with blonde or ashy brown. By keeping your roots brown, your blonde highlights will have a better chance of standing out.

15. Brunettes with a Layered Look

medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

If you are sick of seeing your hair straight then, this could be the perfect look for your upcoming outfits. A range of blonde highlights, lengthy layers, and properly placed waves will amplify your long, drab locks. This style is ideal for women who wish to refresh their existing look without drawing too much attention to themselves.

16. Strandlights in Sandy Brown with Platinum Accents

medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

Ask your colorist for a few strategically placed platinum blonde strand lights if you have light, sandy brown hair. You will see the ultimate result –  thin, natural-looking brown and blonde highlights that mix easily into your mane and change it softly.

17. Blonde Highlights on Golden Brown Hair

medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

If you have peachy or bright skin, this is a great color for you. The golden colors of the hair will draw attention to the peachy tones of the skin. Because of the strawberry blonde and caramel highlight, this is a fantastic summer hue.

18. Dark Tresses with a Few Highlights

medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

This approach may be used by fans of the ombre hairstyle to create a great hairdo. Allow your roots to stay black, and give a lovely golden gradient to the ends of your hair. Dark tresses with a few highlights can give your face a whole new look you always wished for.

19. Cut Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

This is the flawlessly performed short brown hairstyle with blonde accents. She also has a great slick back that allows us to see every single blonde highlight aligning itself perfectly, in addition to the mesmerizing short haircut.

20. The Coffee Mixture in Brown Hairs

medium length brown hair with blonde highlights

This gorgeous bronde color palette is made up of espresso, cappuccino, and coffee brown colors. Your face will seem longer and thinner thanks to the dark roots. Green, blue, and hazel eyes will all stand out against this bronde backdrop.

21. Curly Brown Hair with Fiery Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights on brown hair

Highlights are still a viable choice for females with natural hair! Although the procedure used to get the highlights differs from that used on straight hair, the results are equally magnificent. A vibrant, reddish-golden hue will add punch to your already bouncy, voluminous curls!

22. Ombre Waves on a Short Bob Hairstyle

blonde highlights on brown hair

This simple hairdo is ideal for people who are constantly on the go! These brown hair blonde highlights do all of the work in any low-maintenance hairdo. This straightforward look is appropriate for every face shape or tone.

23. Shoulder Length Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights on brown hair

These highlights seem pretty. You’ll like it even more for the stunning shoulder length brown hair with blonde highlights with jagged edges and a textured finish with dark brown hair with blonde highlights on straight hairs.

The hair has been separated down the center to make it more symmetrical, and blonde highlights have been added.

24. Creamy Bronde Highlights

blonde highlights on brown hair

This dark brown hair with blonde highlights color combination is to die for. It has just the right amount of blonde and brown. The hues in this appearance have been combined in such a way that they appear to be her natural hair color. Women like how the dirty blonde tint was utilized here to make the combination look even more natural. It’s ideal!

25. Dimensional Brown Hair Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights on brown hair

While keeping your roots brown, add some blonde highlights to the front of your hair. The brown roots will lengthen your face, while the light blonde highlights will soften it. To achieve the finest effect, match the blonde highlights to your skin undertone and eye color and have the best dark brown hair with blonde highlights.

blonde highlights on brown hair

Slay The Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights!

To summarize the article,  if you’ve ever done brown hair with blonde highlights, you know how time-consuming and precise it can be, especially when it comes to adding highlights. Plus, it is going to stay there with you for a long period. Hence, think twice and get the ideal hair color done.

Remember, if you have naturally dark brown hair, it may be difficult to attain the amount of blonde you desire, and bleach will be necessary to lighten your color. It can be a good idea to consult with a professional who can guide you through the process and moderate your expectations.

And with that, we put an end to our article on brown hair with blonde highlights. You are ready to have your locks colored and show them to the world. Now, for more information on the fashion and beauty industry, stay tuned to Fashionterest – here, and on social media platforms as well! See you on the other side, bye.

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