Top 20 Keira Knightley Short Hair cuts: A Benchmark Created By Her

keira knightley short hair

Keira Knightley has grown to become one of the most famous British actresses and has a lot of fan following. The fans might go crazy sometimes by following anything and everything their celebrities do or wear. But well, sometimes following them is not quite off the road because for somewhere we all know that is one of the reasons any celebrity has a lot of admirers. Keira Knightley’s short hair looks beautiful that may appeal to many women.

Her portrayal as different characters in different films has given her the chance to experiment with a vivid number of hairstyles. She just pulls off any hairstyle with ease and that’s what makes her look natural.


Short Haircuts
keira knightley Short Hair
Short Haircuts for women
keira knightley Short Haircuts for women
Short Haircuts for girl
keira knightley Short Haircuts for girl
Ombre Bob Short Hairstyle
keira knightley Ombre Bob Short Hairstyle
Curled Short Blond Hairstyle
keira knightley Curled Short Blond Hairstyle
Layered Bob
keira knightley Layered Bob hair cut
Full Bangs Blunt Cut
keira knightley Full Bangs Blunt Cut
Cute Pixie
keira knightley Cute Pixie
Pulled Back Hair
keira knightley Pulled Back Hair cut
White Blonde
keira knightley White Blonde haircut
Fluffy Pixie
keira knightley Fluffy Pixie haircut
Spiky Pixie
keira knightley Spiky Pixie haircut
Classic Lob
keira knightley Classic Lob haircut
Slick Bob
keira knightley Slick Bob hair cut
Layered Ends
keira knightley Layered Ends hair cut
No Parting Pixie
keira knightley No Parting Pixie hair cut
Spiked Ends
keira knightley Spiked Ends hair cut
Curly Bob
keira knightley Curly Bob hair cut
Shadow Rooted Bob
keira knightley Shadow Rooted Bob haircut
Asymmetrical Bob
keira knightley Asymmetrical Bob haircut

Over the films, Keira Knightley’s hair have gone through a few different makeovers and her experiment with the style is pretty inspiring. Starting from the bob haircut to natural brunette hair her subtle short style has inspired many women to experiment with what they call it Keira Knightley short hair style. She proves that the style she carries elegantly is because of her confidence, thus, here are 20 haircuts to be inspired from that Keira got herself on different events.

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