A Guide to Cara Delevingne’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

Cara Delevingne tattoos

Many of us would be crazily fond of scripting tattoos on our bodies, sometimes to convey a deep meaning or as a significance of love. But nowadays when we talk about tattoos Cara Delevingne is on the hit list of all fashion bloggers because of her divine forms of tattoos.

Cara Delevingne’s lion tattoo was her first tattoo ever that represents her zodiac sign. Following to this she went on to get more tattoos like the initials of her full name ‘CJD’, including all these Cara has about 19 tattoos all over her body. The ‘Pandora’ tattoo is her mother’s name on her bicep which clearly depicts Cara’s love for her. The other bicep tells her to keep her calm, how? Well, Cara carries a tattoo saying ‘Breath Deep’ as a self-reminder.

Cara Delevingne’s full body tattoo
Cara Delevingne's back tattoos
Cara Delevingne’s back tattooos
Cara Delevingne’s head tattoo
Cara Delevingne’s dimond tattoo on her ear
Cara Delevingne’s lion on her right fingure
Cara Delevingne's tattoos under breast
Cara Delevingne’s heart tattoo on fingre
Cara Delevingne's back tattoos
Cara Delevingne's An elephant  tattoos on her arm
Cara Delevingne's tattoos on Fingers
Cara Delevingne's tattoos

She is very close to her family and that is the reason there are five dots on the rib cage, representing her 5 immediate family members. However, Cara Delevingne’s lion tattoo has a deeper meaning than we thought, she takes it as a reminder to be fearless and bold like her childhood days. Cara Delevingne’s tattoos have a deeper meaning than anyone can think of, it won’t be wrong to say that she has scripted each important phase of her life on her body.

Thus its just the imagination of our mind whether we want to find a meaning to everything or let things go by. Still, if any of you is out there to fetch some inspirational ideas, here are some designs from Cara Delevingne tattoos you could use to create significance of your own.

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