15 Best Cross Tattoos for Men and Their Meanings

cross tattoos for men

For all those men who are proud to be religious Christians, cross tattoos are one of the best ways to connect with God. The cross tattoos for men help them near God in the best possible way and express their faith in eternal power.

The cross tattoos for men have true meaning, they are very popular, and also a cool way to represent the ultimate holy symbol of Christianity. With cross tattoos for men on the arm, people have been representing the act of Jesus Christ sacrificing himself for the sins of mankind.

Moreover, small cross tattoos for men are also the perfect physical embodiment of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. With so many exciting tattooing options available, the cross tattoos for men are unique which are the most religious tattoo options that represent how much you love Jesus.

To ignite the creative and Jesus-loving soul in you, we have collected the best cross tattoos for men in this blog. Whether you want a tiny cross inked in any part of your body or a cross specifically for your hand, wrist, arm, chest, forearm, below Christian tattoos for men are just perfect!

1. Celtic Cross Tattoos for Men

Celtic Cross Tattoos for Men

The Celtic Cross tattoo is an ancient symbol that makes one of the best types of cross tattoos for men. This tattoo was first introduced in Ireland and Scotland to represent the real essence of heritage and faith.

The Celtic cross tattoo for men has a mysterious meaning that many people can relate to their life’s circle. This tattoo comes in a variety of exclusive, attractive, and beautiful decorative designs in art and tattoos. Since the Celtic Revival, this tattoo for men has gained tremendous attention.

2. Red Cross on Shoulders

Red Cross on Shoulders

This is one of the best tattoos which is prevalent in Gothic borders. It is filled with a powerful, vibrant, and strong red color. If you want a prominent and bold look when it comes to cross tattoos for men, this is a perfect one.

To make this cross tattoo even impressive, all you need to take care of is that you should have some thick black lines gliding smoothly over it and wrap their way around the cross design in such a way that the tattoo holds both the curved and pointed ends exactly like a pair of sharp and piercing thorns.

3. Winged Cross Tattoo

Winged Cross Tattoo

This cross tattoo for men exhibits a thick structure that has pointy edges. This tattoo also comes with wings of an eagle that are spread out as well as stretched right at the backside. If you have this winged cross tattoo inked on your body, you can feel the freedom and strength that an Eagle owns while soaring high and proud up in the sky with its wings being crossed.

4. Three Cross Tattoo

Three Cross Tattoo

It can be one of the best cross tattoos for men on the chest. If you want to have a classic look, these 3 cross tattoos should be opted for. It has a trendy and artistic concept. There are two meanings of three cross tattoo designs.

First, the three crosses in this tattoo represent the holy identities of Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Second, another idea about the meaning of a three-cross tattoo is to symbolize Jesus Christ and others who were crucified with him. It is one of the most simple and unique cross tattoo designs that is truly an inspirational piece of art.

5. Cross Design on Guy’s Back

Cross Design on Guy’s Back

This is one of the best cross tattoos for men which has a meaningful design. It looks very heavy which is made of stone or rock. This cross tattoo has a very strong foundation. The fill and borders of this cross tattoo are very deep with different lines and shades that are heightened with the names written right across the entire tattoo.

6. 3D Red Cross Tattoo

3D Red Cross Tattoo

The 3D Red Cross tattoo for men is a unique representation of Jesus’s cross. The skin is torn apart while creating this tattoo to get drawn in men’s bodies using thin lines. Next, the tattoo is given a bloody red color to accentuate the entire look. This tattoo is such that it is very similar to armor, shield, or the scales of any ferocious beast.

7. Christian Cross Tattoo on Chest

Christian Cross Tattoo on Chest

This is one of the finest cross tattoos for men that stands out in the crowd. It is beautiful and gives a pretty divine appeal. This cross reciprocates the Holy Trinity which comprises the Father, Son, and Spirit, who altogether exist in a cross to carry the entwined thorns that embrace the neck of the Christ.

8. Blue Cross Tattoo on the Back

Blue Cross Tattoo on the Back

It is a huge cross tattoo for men which you can have to attain the boldest look ever! It is a massive one that you can get engraved upon the arch of your back.

This tattoo is all about getting pure and divine blue faded color permeated which resembles the stained glass windows that used to exist in ancient times. The Blue Cross Tattoo on the Back comes with full-blown huge wings which comprise many delicate feathers existing behind it.

9. Symbolic Cross Tattoo on Arms

 Symbolic Cross Tattoo on Arms

This is one of the best cross tattoos for men which is very common among men who love to stay close to God. The major components of this cross tattoo are its beveled sides and soft curves that are inked in the middle of the tattoo. These make the Symbolic Cross Tattoo for arms a very special one! Overall, the look of this cross tattoo is slightly raised. This is what makes the tattoo look like a separate entity when compared to a painted tattoo.

10. Cross and Feathered Wings Tattoo Design

Cross and Feathered Wings Tattoo Design

This tattoo is nothing but an elevated cross tattoo for men’s full body which gives it an elegant marble look. You can further personalize it with your name or someone who is the most prominent one in your life. This cross tattoo comprises feathered wings of a dove or angel that are widely spread across the tattoo, hugging the cross. The way how it hugs the cross makes it a more graceful one.

11. Cross with Flowers Tattoo

Cross with Flowers Tattoo

Flowers signify the holiday vibes in the best possible way and also have the essence of the Christian religion. From weddings to mass to funerals, flowers are a significant part of Christianity’s every special occasion. So, flowers have lately become a significant part of cross tattoo designs.

They are truly a logical addition to the cross tattoos. You have different choices for you when it comes to incorporating flowers in the cross tattoos for men. Whether you can pick a flower that has a biblical representation, for example, rose, or else you can get some shrubbery inked that can complement the cross in your tattoo in the most eye-catchy way.

12. Gothic Wooden Cross Tattoo

Gothic Wooden Cross Tattoo

The Wooden Cross is one of the most classic cross tattoos for men. When it comes to the cross sketches that have been popular for decades, the name of the Gothic Wooden Cross Tattoo comes first.

This divine tattoo is all about the thick wood that is intricately detailed with several lines carved onto the surface. The Gothic Wooden Cross Tattoo is enhanced with a piece of cloth draped over the cross that Jesus used to wear. Further, this tattoo is enhanced with the crown of thorns and pointed nails beneath it.

13. Heart Cross Tattoo

Heart Cross Tattoo

If you go back to the roots and think about what is there in the core of Christianity? You will see that it’s all about loving others, irrespective of what is their identity or what their deeds are. This tattoo is all about this essence. A heart tattoo is inked by those who believe in this principle. Having this tattoo can let you walk in the path of compassion and kindness, just like Jesus.

14. Maltese Cross Tattoo

Maltese Cross Tattoo

This one is one of the best cross tattoos for men which has four concave arrow-like points. It has been one of the most popular choices of men when it comes to tattoos because it has a unique design that is created by a holy order of knights.

The Maltese cross tattoo for men is a symbol of courage, strength, and bravery. This type of tattoo is popular among the military and firefighters. With its appealing history, this type of cross tattoo turns out to be a meaningful one all the time.

15. Upside Down Cross Tattoo

Upside Down Cross Tattoo

The upside-down cross tattoo has an altogether different and unique history. Though this creative tattoo has an anti-Christian impact throughout society, still there is a biblical alignment of this tattoo as well. So, the real fact is not like if you have got an upside-down cross tattoo, you are not close to God.

St. Peter was crucified on an upside-down cross so he could be differentiated from Christ. It’s because of this, the upside-down cross tattoo for men is rooted in religious humility and self-awareness.

Summing Up 

Will you love to get the cross of Jesus inked on your body?

The 15 most attractive and divine cross tattoos that we discussed above are truly the ones you should never ignore. Get one of these inked that you love the most and feel the GOD within yourself!

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