40+ Neck Tattoos Ideas for Men & Women of All Ages

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Are you thinking about getting a neck tattoo but still kind of skeptical about it? No worries, you’ve found the right page! This is the ultimate guide on neck tattoos with more than 40 latest tattoo ideas and designs to convince you that getting inked on the neck can be a great form of art and expressing yourself!

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A couple of decades back, neck tattoos were always considered something that only bad boys do! These tattoo designs are always associated with criminals and gangs. Fortunately, this is not the case today! 

Now neck tattoos represent freedom, boldness, and a strong personality. But still, neck tattoos aren’t for everybody! This category of neck tattoos definitely falls into more hardcore tattoo categories because they hurt a lot! 

So, how much do neck tattoos hurt? 

Here’s the perfect answer: The neck is considered one of the most painful placements to get inked. However, if you have a good pain tolerance capacity, neck tattoos are no big deal for you! 

Today in this blog, we’ve gathered some of the best neck tattoos for you. We’ve covered more than 40 tattoo design ideas, from small, detailed tattoos to bold, large designs. The best thing is that they work for both men and women of all ages! 

So are you excited to explore some of the most creative and unique neck tattoos for men and women? 

If yes, let’s dive right into it!

40+ Awesome Neck Tattoos For Men & Women in 2024!

1. Blackwork Flower Neck Tattoos

Blackwork Flower Neck Tattoos

Flowers in black ink look fantastic on body placements like the neck! They look attractive, eye-catching, and fabulous on men and women. You can also try lighter shades of black and gray to get a gradient effect. 

2. An Ornamental Linework Tattoo

An Ornamental Linework Tattoo

This is something you will not see so commonly! This not-so-common-looking design is known as the ornamental line work pattern design. This seamlessly adorns the women’s chin-to-neck area. 

3. Traditional Pink Rose Neck Tattoo

Traditional Pink Rose Neck Tattoo

Flowers are also considered feminine, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for men. Look at this beautiful big red rose tattoo in Neo Traditional style. You can get this colorful tattoo to show your personality.

4. Neck Tattoo in White & Yellow Ink 

Neck Tattoo in White & Yellow Ink

If you want to have a different yet sophisticated-looking tattoo, this unique neck tattoo design is for you! This is a modern take on the traditional black or blue ink tattoo. This is a Buddhist Design that shows religious sentiments and creativity. 

5. Minimal Back Neck Tattoos

Minimal Back Neck Tattoos

If you don’t like bold and large designs, these minimal designs will be a perfect option for you. These tattoos have a Line Work style which is inked on the back side of the neck. 

6. Tribal Neck Tattoos 

 Tribal Neck Tattoos

Tribe tattoos not only look amazing, but they always hold a significant meaning. There are so many interesting patterns and designs in tribal style. So pick the one for your neck that you think suits you the best! 

7. Japanese Cherry Blossom & Tiger Neck Tattoo

Japanese Cherry Blossom & Tiger Neck Tattoo

If you want to incorporate feminine and masculine energy together in a tattoo, look at this design! This one has a cherry blossom with a tiger. These tattoos are perfect for the neck if they’re inked in black with some shading. 

8. Bold & Large Full Neck Tattoos 

Bold & Large Full Neck Tattoos 

Are you ready to get a big neck tattoo? 

If yes, take a look at this design! 

There are many black and colorful neck tattoos for men and women. So, go with the design that you like the most and that shows your personality. 

9. Olive Branch Neck Tattoo Idea

Olive Branch Neck Tattoo Idea

Have you heard about the Blackwork style of tattoos? If not, the above picture shows the exact work of it! This is an olive branch neck tattoo with highlights. This tattoo design is best for bold and brave people! 

10. Geometric Neck Tattoo Designs

Geometric Neck Tattoo Designs

After looking at this one, you’ll know that this remarkable geometric pattern looks like a lotus flower which shows power and freedom. Perfectly inked at the center area of the neck, this tattoo idea is a great option for women. 

11. Angel Neck Tattoo 

Angel Neck Tattoo 

You’re missing a lot if you haven’t heard about the angel wing tattoo trend! This year angel wing tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. These cute and small wing tattoos never go out of style and look wonderful on body parts like the neck.

12. Religious Neck Tattoo

 Religious Neck Tattoo

Are you a Christian and looking for a tattoo design that represents it well? 

Go with a Christian Cross! Here, the tattoo has a realistic black and gray cross with an angel design. This back neck tattoo has many tones of grey and shading, which makes it cooler.  

13. Creative Geometric Dotwork Front Neck Tattoos

Creative Geometric Dotwork Front Neck Tattoos

At first glance, this won’t look like a tattoo. It appears like a design or pattern printed on fabric, right? 

This artwork is known as the Dot Work Style, where the dots are placed in a specific pattern that absolutely looks mind-blowing. In short, this is a MASTERPIECE that you can have on your body! 

14. Text Neck Tattoos For Women

Text Neck Tattoos For Women

If you won’t be able to decide on a design for your tattoo, here’s another idea: get inked a text on your neck! Sounds a bit weird? 

Look at the above picture; here, the person goes with the text ‘Rose Tinted’ and gets this directly on the front area of the neck. You can get any text or numbers which you like. This will be great graffiti (tattoo) on a street wall (neck)! 

15. Leaf Tattoo Designs for Neck

Leaf Tattoo Designs for Neck

For this, you have to open the Botany book and read about the leaf patterns. Just kidding! These leaves and vines patterns are a great option as neck tattoos. They will cover the neck in a beautiful way that looks classy and sophisticated at the same time. Ask your tattoo artist to use shading and add details like Line Work Style for a realistic look. 

16. Realistic Cupid Side Neck Tattoo Designs

Realistic Cupid Side Neck Tattoo Designs

We don’t have anything to say about it. Because after seeing the above picture, you’ll immediately believe that we’re telling the truth. This tattoo design looks exactly like a sculpture. To get this type of realistic tattoo, you must go to a professional expert in contrast, shading, and 3D tattoo designs. 

17. Butterfly Front Neck Tattoos

Butterfly Front Neck Tattoos

A butterfly is an evergreen tattoo design that people love to get on various parts of the body, including the neck, back, and chest areas. Perfect for both women and men, this tiny single-needle butterfly neck tattoo idea will be an attractive artwork to have. 

18. Dove Neck Tattoo Design Ideas

Dove Neck Tattoo Design Ideas

Dove tattoos will be a great option if you want something that represents hope, peace, and new beginnings! This one also represents victory over evil! You can add other details like flowers or leaves to make it more beautiful. 

19. Front Neck Blackwork Tattoo Design

Front Neck Blackwork Tattoo Design

This is a bold tattoo design, so it isn’t for shy people! 

These types of tattoos are created with solid, dark black ink with thick lines and dots. This one specifically creates a focal point over the sternum. The chin and the collarbones are also integral parts of this neck tattoo design.  

20. Side Neck Tattoos Ideas 

Side Neck Tattoos Ideas 

Searching for neck tattoos that won’t look too extravagant? We’ve got you!

Go with side-neck tattoo designs instead of big, bold front ones. They’re easily coverable and look pretty amazing! 

21. Crown Neck Tattoo For Men

Crown Neck Tattoo For Men

Live Like a KING! 

If this is also your life’s motto, crown neck tattoos are for you, man! These designs will express your king personality well and also catch people’s attention. Just decide what size and pattern you want and show it to your tattoo artist.  

22. Cute Neck Tattoo For Woman

Cute Neck Tattoo For Woman

Here are other text-style tattoos for you! Just select the font, size, and placement and get inked. You don’t have to worry, as these look cute and adorable. These types of designs are preferred more by women as compared to men.   

23. Blackwork Floral Neck Tattoo

Blackwork Floral Neck Tattoo

Black Work style means the brilliant use of black ink to create amazing patterns. This is a floral design on the side of the neck. This one consists of flowers and leaves, but the amazing part is the twisting and turning of the leaves. You can get this one from ear to collarbone and back to under the chin covering most parts of the neck. 

24. Scary Skull Neck Tattoos For Men

Scary Skull Neck Tattoos For Men

If you like more edgy and badass styles, these types of skull tattoos will be a good option! This will remind you about the past, present, and future, along with the mortality of a human being. 

25. A Floral Snake Neck Tattoo

A Floral Snake Neck Tattoo

Looking for some best sketch throat tattoo designs? Here’s one for you!

We’re talking about snake neck tattoos. With the right location of the tattoo on the neck, it will appear like a snake is slithering along the flower right up a person’s neck. This tattoo artwork is insane because it looks bold yet feminine simultaneously! 

26. Spider Tattoo on Neck For Women

Spider Tattoo on Neck For Women

Gone are the days when people associate the spider and web with time in prison! Today many artists have explained that these things symbolize creativity, illusion, and creation. So, get this creepy and creative tattoo design!

27. Wolf Neck Tattoos For Men

Wolf Neck Tattoos For Men

If you feel connected with nature’s wild and brave side, you can consider getting a wolf tattoo on your neck! Wolf also represents loyalty and protection. Look at the above tattoo. Here’s the design that draws attention to the jawline while making it visible from various sides. 

28. Mandala Full Neck Tattoos

Mandala Full Neck Tattoos

Mandalas are connected with spirituality, power, and consciousness. If you like to connect with yourself more, get these creative mandala neck tattoos. Here the repeating geometric patterns of a Mandala resemble a lotus flower design. Simple but really intricate and detailed. 

Don’t think twice; try this Mandala tattoo with ornamental details! 

29. Small Back Neck Tattoos 

Small Back Neck Tattoos 

Here are some great options for people who like back-neck tattoos. Men can try geometric figures, faces, and plants. On the other hand, women can go with hearts and flowers. However, for neck tattoos, there is NO rule! This means you can get whatever you feel connected to, regardless of your gender. 

30. Eye-Catching Owl Neck Tattoos 

 Eye-Catching Owl Neck Tattoos 

You may have seen many throat full neck tattoos, but have you ever seen a black & white owl tattoo? 

This bird tattoo is one of the most unique neck tattoos you’ll see. Owls are known as the symbol of wisdom and also for their mysteriousness. Both men and women can opt for this design in any size and location on the neck. 

31. Fearless Dragon Neck Tattoos For Men & Women 

Fearless Dragon Neck Tattoos For Men & Women 

Dragons are mostly associated with Chinese and Japanese mythologies. If you want a tattoo for your throat or on the side neck, dragons are a great option. You will also get many options here, such as Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs, colorful fire-breathing red dragon tattoos, and many more.  

32. Barcode Neck Tattoo Design Idea

Barcode Neck Tattoo Design Idea

Does this tattoo idea sound funny to you? However, it is not for some people, as they literally went to a tattoo artist and got this inked on their bodies! 

These tattoos got in popularity after the release of the video game Hitman. Apart from this, the barcode tattoo also represents a protest against commercialism and consumerism.  

33. Roman Numerals Tattoo on Neck  

Roman Numerals Tattoo on Neck  

This one is a simple and attractive neck tattoo idea that consists of specific roman numbers. It is one of the popular neck tattoos for men and women. Usually, people get inked their or their loved one’s date of birth or date of death. You can also do the same and select the numbers to get inked on the neck. 

34. Meaningful Handwriting Neck Tattoos 

Meaningful Handwriting Neck Tattoos 

Save the memory of your grandfather, grandmother, or a loved one with a sentimental tattoo. These handwriting tattoos are so unique and personal that they will show your love to the person whose handwriting it is. 

35. Minimal & Classy Neck Tattoo

Minimal & Classy Neck Tattoo

Tattoos on neck placements were popular with gangs and outlaws back in the day. But nowadays, many people specifically choose the neck to get a tattoo! You can try a refined and minimalist design for a classy-looking neck tattoo that is also easily coverable.  

36. Black Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Idea 

Black Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo Idea 

This is a bold and big chrysanthemum flower tattoo that men shouldn’t be shy about getting on their necks. Look at the details, like heavy black lines and flower shapes; they look so masculine. This is probably one of the best floral neck tattoos for men. 

37. Full Black Script Tattoo Design For Men’s Neck

Full Black Script Tattoo Design For Men's Neck

As our list goes down the numbers, the tattoo designs are getting more and more deeper and bolder! 

This is a full-neck tattoo for men who want something statement and a crazy tattoo design. This is a black script tattoo in a Black Work Style! This is another example of how tattoo artists can literally transfer graffiti from the street directly to your skin.

38. Patriotic Neck Tattoos

Patriotic Neck Tattoos

This time, get a realistic Statue of Liberty tattoo Design on your neck! Make sure to use only black and gray tones to create outlines, shading, and contrast. This way, you’ll get a fantastic-looking tattoo! 

39. Peace Sign Neck Tattoos

Peace Sign Neck Tattoos

Are you an activist who always fights for rights and freedom? If yes, then what’s better than a peace neck tattoo to show that you’re with peace, not with violence and war? The peace sign is also associated with the hippie protest movement of the 1960s.

40. Small Neck Tattoos For Women

Small Neck Tattoos For Women

This tattoo design is for someone who wants a striking tattoo that is not too bold or big. This small floral or leaf design will look beautiful around the ear to the neck area. If you want, you can also add more details for extra drama.  

41. Large Neck Tattoos

Large Neck Tattoos

This is one of the largest geometric tattoos you’ll ever see. This is a geometric style lotus mandala tattoo that covers the back and entire neck area. You can also get it done at the front neck area, but it will hurt more.   

42. Dream Catcher Neck Tattoo

Dream Catcher Neck Tattoo

Most people have dream catchers in their bedrooms. In American culture, a dream catcher represents protection from evil spirits and nightmares. You can also get this on your neck and stay away from bad dreams. Colorful tattoo designs look so pretty and attractive. 

43. Quirky Neck Tattoos

Quirky Neck Tattoos

If you want something funny and quirky, you can go with smiley face tattoos. These bright yellow tattoos will bring a smile to anyone looking at them. 

44. Temporary Neck Tattoos 

Temporary Neck Tattoos

If you want a neck tattoo but aren’t sure whether you want it permanent, here’s a quick tattoo hack for you: get a temporary one! Yes, many tattoo artists and professionals offer numerous temporary neck tattoo designs for both men and women. You can keep experimenting with the temporary ones until you’re 100% sure about getting a permanent neck tattoo. 

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Bring Fun To Your Life With Creative Neck Tattoos!

So, this is the list of the best neck tattoos for men and women. Neck tattoos look charismatic and attractive, but they are painful. Day by day, neck tattoos are becoming popular among people, and everyone wants to try them. You can select the right design and artist and get the best-looking neck tattoo to show your style and personality. 

I hope this post on neck tattoos for men and women has helped you to pick the right tattoo design for yourself. 

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