Nanoblading for Eyebrows and Lips: the Complete Guide

Nanoblading for Lips

Do you want to change the shape of your eyebrows or lips? If you’ve got thin lips or eyebrows that aren’t quite even, cosmetics could be the answer to getting the look you want. Or perhaps you’re interested in a long-lasting solution?

Every few days, there’s a buzz about a new product, service, or technology boasting the latest and greatest features. Take the world of permanent makeup, for instance. Just as everyone’s talking about eyebrow micro blading, along comes a newer, more precise version of the technique that could potentially steal the spotlight forever.

It’s called “nanoblading,” named after the super fine needles used to create incredibly natural-looking brow hairs. This technique is perfect for anyone looking to reshape, enhance, correct, or achieve symmetry in their lips or eyebrows.

Nanoblading for your lips and eyebrows offers a way to achieve your desired look with minimal maintenance. Read on to find out more about this process, including how it’s different from microblading and what the costs are.

What Is Nanoblading?

What Is Nanoblading

Nanoblading works similarly to microblading but with some key differences. To achieve the look of natural eyebrow hairs or lips, nanoblading uses a portable tattoo machine with a single very thin needle to deposit color under the skin. This technique is an alternative to traditional tattooing, which uses several needles.

Nanoblading, like microblading, uses pigment that is meant to dissolve over time so that touch-ups may be done in the future. Nevertheless, nanoblading has a longer fading time than microblading due to the somewhat deeper placement of the pigment.

It’s truly an amazing treatment that yields incredibly natural results. What a remarkable achievement! (And believe me when I say I’m not easily impressed!)

The intent of nanoblading varies depending on whether it’s done on your eyebrows or lips by a makeup technician.

Nanoblading for Eyebrows

Nanoblading for Eyebrows

If you have thin eyebrows, you can get a fuller appearance with nanoblading. The eyebrow blading process involves using a very small needle and colored ink to mimic the look of natural hair in tiny strokes. These strokes will make your brows seem more natural.

Nanoblading can alter the shape in addition to thickening your eyebrows.

Nanoblading for Lips

Nanoblading for Lips

There is a unique approach to nanoblading the lips. Lip augmentation via semi-permanent tattooing is similar to brow filling; however, the focus is on the lips rather than the brows. Nanoblading your lips is a way to get a full lip color or semi-permanent lip liner without needles or fillers.

When you want larger, more evenly shaped lips, lip liner nanoblading is a fantastic option. At the same time, full lip color has the ability to alter the color of your lips. So that it seems like you’re constantly sporting lip color, you may choose between a muted, natural tone and a more dramatic hue.

What’s the Difference Between Microblading and Nanoblading?

Difference Between Microblading And Nanoblading

Although microblading and nano brows seem identical, the two procedures are really quite distinct.

Scabbing and Skin Healing

When opposed to microblading, nano brows often cause less scabbing and scarring. This is due to the fact that nanoblading uses a very precise and fast machine, which results in very little skin harm. Even though microblading professionals take every precaution, the bigger blades used in the technique might cause more scabbing than other types of tattooing.


Nano brows are also known as “digital hair stroke brows” due to the fact that they are machine-done. To achieve the appearance of natural-looking strokes, ultrafine needles vibrate and delicately pierce the skin, depositing color in little dots that mix together. Because of its pliability and thinness, the needle is very soft on the skin.

However, microblading is a manual process. The procedure involves making tiny punctures in the skin using a portable instrument that has a fine blade and 12–16 needles. Following this, the incisions are filled with color. Although both the microblading needle and the nanoblading blade are very tiny, the latter allows for more precise control over pressure and movement due to its greater flexibility.

Nanoblading Procedure

Nanoblading Procedure

There are primarily two sessions involved in nanoblading: the initial process and the touch-up session. Your cosmetic technician will need two appointments from you. The first appointment is a consultation when you and the technician will go over your style goals.

To ensure a successful nanoblading procedure, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure you give your brows a week off before your treatment by not waxing or tweezing them.
  • One full day before treatment, refrain from consuming any alcoholic beverages, caffeinated beverages, ibuprofen, aspirin, or fish oil supplements.
  • Hold off on getting a facial for at least two weeks before your appointment.
  • The day of your surgery is not the time to sunbathe or get a tan.
  • For one month before treatment, refrain from using any products containing retinol or vitamin A.

Your technician may do a skin test to see if the pigment ink causes any adverse responses before your first appointment.

Nanoblading Eyebrows Procedure

Nanoblading Eyebrows Procedure

First things first: consult your cosmetic technician about the color scheme and shape you have in mind for your eyebrows. After that, they will shape your brows to your specifications, remove any extra hair, and check for symmetry.

Following your satisfaction with the design and shade, the specialist will numb the region. Afterward, they will fill in your eyebrows using a needle and color, creating small strokes that resemble hair.

In about eight weeks after the first session, you will return for a follow-up appointment. At this last appointment, known as the perfecting session, the specialist will fine-tune your brows to your exact specifications. To make sure you’re happy with the final outcome, they can add extra strokes or adjust the form.

Eyebrow Nanoblading Healing Time

The normal healing time for nanobladed eyebrows is around four weeks. Bruising, pain, and redness are common side effects, and your brows may seem darker than you expected at first.

Your eyebrows’ color will gradually fade as they recover and new skin grows in. Your tattooed eyebrows will often blend in with your hair after about three to four weeks.

Eyebrow nanoblading post-procedure care 

After getting eyebrow nanoblading done, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Remember to keep your brows as dry as possible immediately after the surgery.
  • After each daily cleaning with a wet towel, use the moisturizing lotion that your nanoblading artist prescribed to keep your eyebrows looking their best.
  • For the first seven days, avoid hot baths, saunas, and perspiration.
  • For a week, don’t put any makeup on your eyebrows.
  • Additionally, during the next 30 days, avoid getting a tan, microdermabrasion, using light therapy, or chemical peels.

Nanoblading Lips Procedure

Nanoblading Lips Procedure

Whether you’re interested in changing the shape or color of your lips, your technician will listen to your preferences at your first appointment. Your technician will begin applying lip liner by sketching the desired contour onto your lips. If you want your lips to seem fuller, use a tint that suits your taste.

To provide a pleasant process, the technician will apply numbing lotion to your lips. After that, they will implement the semi-permanent lip liner or fill in your lips with the color of your choice using the nanoneedle.

Lip Nanoblading Healing Time 

Pain, swelling and redness can last up to five days after your first treatment. Full healing of your lips might take up to four weeks. When you’re ready, your cosmetics technician will schedule a perfecting appointment for around eight weeks from now.

Lip nanoblading post-procedure care 

Following your eyebrow nanoblading procedure, remember these steps:

  • Avoid aggravating your lips following the treatment by avoiding spicy, citrusy, and salty meals.
  • To avoid getting any liquid on your lips, sip using a straw.
  • To avoid any potential harm, it is best not to contact your lips with your hands.

How Much Does Nanoblading Stay?

With nanoblading, your eyebrows will retain their natural beauty for up to three years. Once a year or every six months, make an appointment for a touch-up or maintenance treatment to keep the results looking great.

Does Nanoblading Hurt?

Although nanoblading is a minimally invasive technique, it can cause some pain. It might be more painful than waxing or tweezing but less painful than microblading or having a tattoo.

To lessen the likelihood of discomfort, the technician will numb your eyebrows or lips before beginning the treatment. Yet, you could have some post-workout aches and pains. If you have any pain after the surgery, an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine will assist.

Nanoblading Side Effects

Swelling, itching, and redness are common adverse effects of semi-permanent cosmetic procedures, such as nanoblading. Thankfully, you should not experience these side effects for more than a few days.

You should know that the tint or numbing agent used during the operation might cause an allergic response. If your skin is very delicate, let your makeup artist know.

If the needle goes too far into the skin, you might hurt yourself, and if the area isn’t clean, you could get an infection.

It is imperative that you see a medical professional immediately after nanoblading if you have any complications, including blistering skin, extreme swelling, or heightened discomfort.

Take or have available preventative antiviral medicine if you have a history of cold sores, fever blisters, or HSV-1. This will help ensure a smooth surgery. Stress on the lip region from nanoblading might lead to a viral epidemic.

What is The Cost Of Nanoblading?

Nanoblading isn’t something insurance will pay for as it’s a cosmetic operation. Nanoblading eyebrows can cost anywhere between $500 and $800 for the two treatments; however, this might vary. An annual touch-up might cost around $300.

You may anticipate spending at least $250 for lip liner and $400 for entire lips when you have nanoblading done on your lips. Price tags for touch-ups can be anywhere from one hundred dollars to three hundred more.

Benefits Of Permanent And Semi-Permanent Makeup

Cosmetic tattoo techniques are popular for numerous reasons. For others, the goal is to feel more at ease while applying makeup or to simplify their daily ritual. While some use it to amplify their already-present makeup, others save it for when they want to go all out. People who have sensitivities to conventional cosmetics might use this to their advantage. It may be beneficial for certain persons with medical issues as well.

For beginners who want some leeway to experiment with different looks or merely change their minds, semi-permanent makeup is a great option. The color doesn’t last as long with lip operations, which is great since you can change it up as you get older or when your taste changes. Permanent makeup, on the other hand, is best for those who are looking for a one-time surgery and who are content with their current appearance and have no plans to alter it.

Finding Your Perfect Nanoblading Shade

Nanoblading Shade

Before we get into nanoblading shades, let’s figure out your skin’s undertone. Finding the correct shade of brow makeup for you depends on your skin tone. In most cases, you may classify an undertone as either chilly, warm, or neutral. To determine yours, follow these steps:

Cool: Having blue or purple veins indicates a chilly undertone. In general, silver jewelry complements your skin tone more than gold.

Warm: A warm undertone is present when the color green appears in the veins. You should always wear gold jewelry.

Neutral: If your veins are a combination of green and blue, it means your undertone is neutral. How fortunate for you that the two metals harmonize so well with your complexion.

Discover your perfect nanoblading shade now that you know your undertone! To help you out, here are a few pointers:

Cool Undertone: For a balanced appearance, use hues with a taupe or ashy undertone. Keep cool tones and reds at bay.

Warm Undertone: Shades with a caramel or golden undertone will give you a faultless finish. Cold, ashy tones are out.

Neutral Undertone: Well done! You may choose from a variety of cold and warm colors. The most important thing is that the shade complements your natural brow color.

A key factor, however, is that you can get flawless brows by blending and matching shades! To make sure your nanoblading experience is really out of this world, your eyebrow artist may mix pigments to produce a unique shade particularly for you.

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