How to Get Thicker Eyebrows : From Sparse to Stunning

How to Get Thicker Eyebrows

If you lived through the 90s as a teenager or adult, chances are your eyebrows took a hit. Back then, thin brows were all the rage, starkly contrasting to the thick, powerful brows of the 1980s. While bold brows made a comeback in the 2000s, thanks to icons like Cara Delevingne, many of us who fell victim to over-plucking were left wondering how to grow our brows back. But don’t worry, you’re in luck. Here’s a pro guide on how to encourage your eyebrows to grow.

How to get thicker eyebrows?

How to get thicker eyebrows

Let’s take a look at few of our tried and tested techniques to help you in your eyebrow growth journey.

1. Put the Tweezers Down

Hair on the brow grows in cycles. Stop plucking your hair for three months if you feel you’ve gone too far with the tweezers. It can take anywhere from twelve to sixteen weeks for your brow hair follicles to reach their maximum potential for development.

Do not pluck the hairs on your eyebrows. See a doctor for various treatment options if you find it challenging to quit plucking out the hairs on your eyebrows. Avoid plucking if you want your brows to grow back. Over plucking may result in thin eyebrows and can harm the surrounding skin.

2. Give your Eyebrows some Rest

It’s tough, but sticking to the entire resting period before changing your brows is crucial. Try not to over-tweeze your brows over a period of 12 to 16 weeks, despite the temptation to do so. Using a full-coverage, skin-tone-matched matte concealer is an option if the regrowth starts to show clearly.

To disguise the development surrounding your preferred brow shape, we recommend applying a little layer of concealer using a stippling method. Depending on how thick your brow hair is, you might need to apply a few layers to blend it naturally into your skin.

We recommend avoiding tweezing altogether during the three-month rest period, although we understand you might need to tidy up a few stray hairs. Avoid going overboard with tweezing. If you must shape your brows during the regrowth phase, tackle one hair at a time. This way, you’ll avoid accidentally removing too many and ending up with gaps or patches.

3. Practice Good Brow Hygiene

Practice Good eye Brow Hygiene

You will likely use powders, eyebrow pencils, and other products to fill in your sparse brows throughout the grow-in phase. Maintaining healthy skin behind your brows is essential for fostering the ideal conditions for developing new hair. This means making sure to remove all cosmetics properly at the end of the day.

Remember to wash and clean your brows properly. Although it may seem obvious, a lot of people forget to do this and let brow powder and pencil build up. Additionally, we advise utilizing brow conditioners. These products can help soften and smoothen the look of your brows, just as they do with your head’s hair.

Skin disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis can sometimes trigger redness and peeling in the brow area. If you suspect underlying skin issues might contribute to your sparse brows, it’s a good idea to consult a dermatologist for an evaluation.

4. Minoxidil

How to get thick eyebrows with Minoxidil? Despite its primary use in treating scalp conditions, physicians sometimes recommend Minoxidil off-label to promote hair growth in the brows. To oversee your therapy, you must see a dermatologist. Generally speaking, you’ll start with a 3 percent concentration and may go up to 5 percent if needed. We suggest applying the liquid Minoxidil directly onto the skin using a Q-tip before bedtime.

5. Latisse

Although Latisse is often used to lengthen eyelashes, it can also promote brow growth. You will need to see a dermatologist to find out whether you qualify. But bear in mind that it can get pricey—roughly around $100 a month. Nonetheless, it is among the fastest ways to observe results.

6. Eyebrow Fillers

While you’re waiting for your new brow growth, filling them in can help prevent further plucking. The trick to achieving thicker-looking brows is to create natural-looking, hair-like strokes along the arch. A micro-lining pencil such as Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil is perfect for sparse brows. Here’s how to master the look:

First, choose a pencil shade that matches your brows’ undertone (cool, warm, neutral) and color depth (black, blonde, brown, etc.). Then, fill in any sparse areas with small strokes to mimic the appearance of hair. Leave a bit of space between each stroke to keep it looking natural. Apply the product with precision, only where needed, similar to how you’d use concealer.

To add dimension, use a clear gel like NYX Professional. This gel contains microfibers that adhere to your brow hairs, preventing them from looking fake or drawn on. For extra volume, start by combing your brows backward, starting from the outer end and working toward the inner part. Then, dip the wand back into the gel and sweep it along your brows, focusing on the hair and avoiding the skin.

In addition to makeup, consider adding a topical product to your routine that contains ingredients known to promote healthy hair growth, such as BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer. The applicator tip of BROWVO! Features small nodules that can be used to massage the brow area, stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles and promoting growth.

7. Try OTC Brow Growth Serums

Try OTC Brow Growth Serums

How to make eyebrows thicker with serums? While it’s important to be patient since hair growth takes time, some products might help boost eyebrow hair growth. 

We recommend several brow growth serums, including:

  • Rapid Brow Growth Serum: This serum contains a blend of Cocos Nucifera, amino acids, peptides, Lactobacillus, Sesame Oil, and Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 to strengthen and condition the brows. Daily use is recommended, and results can be seen as early as eight weeks.
  • Vegamour GRO Brow Serum: This serum aims to achieve fuller brows with its Polyphytobase Complex containing phytomolecules like red clover, mung bean, and zinc. These ingredients support hair follicles through their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and hair-boosting properties.
  • The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum: This serum, containing various peptides and natural extracts, can be applied to both lashes and brows. According to our experts, it helps enhance the overall density and appearance of the brows.

8. Tweeze Carefully

After following the steps above, it’s vital to be careful when tweezing in the future. According to experts, the most common mistake people make when tweezing is pulling the hair in the wrong direction.

Every hair has a microscopic blood vessel (derma) attached to it that maintains its health and permits regrowth. After damage to that vessel, the hair will not regrow. Thus, to properly tweeze, you should pluck the hair in the direction that it is growing while holding the skin firm with one finger.

Usually, that direction is upward or toward the temple rather than straight out. It’s crucial to go along with Mother Nature’s flow on this one.

9. Give your Brows a Massage

Give your eye Brows a Massage

How to grow thicker eyebrows naturally? If you want thicker eyebrows, there are a few things you can do besides use growth-boosting serums. The tiny capillaries that connect each hair to the bloodstream mean that boosting circulation to the brow region might promote healthy hair growth. 

As part of your regular skincare regimen, use your fingers to massage your brow bone delicately to get this effect. For around 30 seconds, just softly tap over both brows. You can simply add this brow massage to your existing skincare or face wash regimen or use it in conjunction with growth serums for maximum absorption.

Exfoliating your brows can also be beneficial. To encourage hair growth, exfoliate the brow region with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Another way to promote development is to brush your brows often using an item like the Real Techniques Dual-Ended Brow Brush.

10. Apply Castor Oil

Apply Castor Oil

A lot of people use castor oil to encourage growth in their eyebrows and lashes. For years, people have used this inexpensive and safe home remedy to treat a variety of ailments, including hair loss. Castor oil is said to be a low-risk method that might help you develop thicker, fuller eyebrows, even though there is no scientific evidence that it helps regenerate hair.

For generations, this product has been a mainstay in several civilizations. Make careful to choose an organic kind that is 100% pure. Because of its widespread use, you may come across weaker variants that don’t provide the desired development outcomes. Kate Blanc Castor Oil option is what we advise.

11. Hydrate Yourself

The key to encouraging happy hair development is having skin that is moisturized and in good condition. This entails keeping your skin hydrated on the inside as well as the outside. Water consumption aids detoxification and efficient nutrition absorption. Carry a water bottle with you all day to keep hydrated, and remember to use external brow moisturizing products.

It’s true that we often ignore the skin surrounding our brows. Every time you apply eye cream, just be sure to spread it all the way around your eye and up to your orbital bone. Do not forget to use light pressure while applying the eye cream. For a lightweight alternative, consider CeraVe Eye Repair Cream.

12. Trim Your Brows

Trim Your eye Brows

Instead of reaching for the tweezers the second your brows go unruly, give proper trimming a go. Always be cautious not to cut your eyebrows too short; if they are growing too long, just sweep them upward and clip the ends. To get fuller brows, use a pencil or gel to fill up sparse areas after cutting. To encourage healthier-looking, fuller brows, several eyebrow gels on the market include conditioners and colored fibers. The e.l.f., Wow Brow Gel is what we suggest.

13. Use a Brow Conditioner

Taking care of your existing brow hairs is essential to ensuring their continued health. We recommend RevitaLash RevitaBrow for a softer and stronger brow, thanks to its botanicals, panthenol, peptides, and lipids. Benefit Browvo Conditioning Primer, is another fantastic choice. Soy and keratin proteins, which are known to provide the appearance of thicker and healthier brows, are abundant in its composition. (Just so you know: These products can’t promise to really help your brow hairs grow longer, but they do provide the appearance of longer, healthier-looking brows).

14. Eat your Walnuts

Serums aren’t the only way to thicken your eyebrows; certain foods packed with vitamins and minerals can also promote hair growth.

Incorporate walnuts, dark leafy greens, mangoes, and sweet potatoes into your daily diet to improve blood circulation and hydration, which are important for hair growth. Additionally, include biotin, marine proteins, and vitamin B in your morning routine to support amino acids and enhance keratin production.

15. Avoid the Sun

Sun protection for your eyebrows is essential if you don’t want them to age too quickly. Most of us are aware that UV rays may lighten hair, which can make brows appear lighter. However, fewer realize that the same rays can also harm the proteins in brow hair, which can cause it to become brittle, dry, and thinner. You can protect your brows from UV damage by applying sunscreen to them directly.

16. Use Vaseline

Moisturizing your brows might not be at the top of your skincare routine, but it’s essential for promoting faster and stronger hair growth in that area.

Make sure to condition your brows daily to maintain healthy skin and encourage thick eyebrows women. Brow dandruff and flakes are becoming more common, but you can easily prevent them with a consistent daily brow care routine. Just moisturize your brow area as you would the rest of your face with a nourishing brow treatment.

Vaseline acts as an occlusive balm, meaning it seals in moisture to help your skin recover more quickly. So, it could be beneficial. Simply ensure your brow area is clean and dry, then apply Vaseline over them three to four times a day.

17. Patience is the Key

Being patient is essential for growing your brows, but it’s easier said than done. Hair on your brows grows in cycles, much like hair on your head, and it may take a while for each hair to settle in equally. During this time of renewal, it may be difficult to deal with areas of missing hair. In the meantime, you can use makeup and grooming techniques to fake the appearance of full brows.


Is it possible to grow thicker eyebrows?

It depends. Thicker hair growth is feasible if your thin brows are caused by poor grooming or a medical condition that may be treated with medication. Making your brows bigger may not be possible, however, if they are already thin. We are born with a fixed amount of hair follicles, and we are unable to expand it. Nevertheless, with time, each follicle’s producing hair may get thinner or thicker in thickness.

How do celebrities get thicker eyebrows?

Although hair transplants are more expensive than semi-permanent cosmetics, the effects are long-lasting. So, think about having an eyebrow transplant if you want thick, low-maintenance brows. Your face might be better framed with this natural style, which is now popular among celebrities.

How long do eyebrows take to grow back?

There isn’t a definite answer to this question. Shaved eyebrows typically grow back within six months. However, several other factors can influence the time it takes for eyebrow hair to regrow, including medications, age, and scarring.

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