All You Need to Know About Eyelash Growth Serum

eyelash growth serum

Eyelash growth serum is found as the best remedy for obtaining long lashes. You might have been using eyelash growth serum to obtain long, intense, healthy, shiny, and lustered lashes.

However, you may still have many questions in your mind about the lash growth serum, like what is the eyelash growth serum? How is lash growth serum made? How long will it take for the serum to show the best results? How long do lash serum results last? How long should I use lash growth serum on my eyebrows? So, let’s find out brief answers to all these questions.

What Is the Eyelash Growth Serum?

What Is the Eyelash Growth Serum

The eyelash growth serum is a formula used to volumize the eyelashes. It creates new roots within your lash lines and then grows hairs in them. Lash growth serum came into existence when many people faced the issue of short and no lashes. The serum deeply penetrates the lashes in order to make your lashes long, thick, nourished, and volumized.

This serum also boosts eyebrow growth when you use it regularly. Furthermore, it provides all the required ingredients to your eyelashes and eyebrows in order to stimulate hair growth.

How Is Lash Growth Serum Made?

How Is Lash Growth Serum Made

The eyelash growth serum is made by combining many ingredients that boost lash growth. These ingredients are hyaluronic acid, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, lavender oil, carnauba, cetyl phosphate, Glyceryl stearate, and much more. When all these ingredients are collectively applied to the lashes, lash production is boosted.

How Long Should You Use the Eyelash Growth Serum for the Best Results?

How Long Should You Use the Eyelash Growth Serum for the Best Results

It depends on your hair growth cycle, but the eyelash serum should still be used for 3-6 weeks to get the best results. Once you achieve your desired results, you can limit the use of lash serum. A lash growth serum has a specific way to use it.

  1. Gently wash your face with lukewarm water to remove makeup traces from your face.
  2. Dry your face and eyes with a towel or a soft cotton cloth.
  3. Dip the applicator brush into the serum.
  4. Start applying the lash serum on the upper lash line by the inner corner of your lashes and move it to the end.
  5. Dip the applicator brush again into the serum.
  6. Apply the lash serum to your lower lash line.
  7. Apply the serum with the same procedure on the other eye.

For better results, use the lash serum twice a day, i.e., one swipe in the morning before applying your makeup and one swipe before bed.

Another great thing about lash growth serum is that it can be used with eye lash extensions. When lash serum is applied to falsies, it boosts the length of your original lash hair. However, it requires the same time as the time needed without falsies to volumize the lashes’ hairs, which is 3-6 weeks.

How Long Should I Use Lash Growth Serum on My Eyebrows?

How Long Should I Use Lash Growth Serum on My Eyebrows

The anagens in our eyebrows are lesser than our scalp, so the hair of our eyebrows takes time to grow back. Using an eyelash growth serum on eyebrows can boost its speed. Lash growth serum takes the same time to grow the eyebrow hair as it takes time to grow to lash hairs, i.e., 3-6 weeks. Still, the time taken by eyebrow hair to grow is 3 to 4 months.

In order to grow eyEyelash Trends Through The Ages: Would You Try Them?eyebrow hair by using eyelash growth serum, one should use  this serum in the following way:

  1. Dip the applicator brush into the lash growth serum.
  2. Gently apply the serum on the eyebrows.
  3. Ensure that each hair is moisturized with lash serum.
  4. Dip the applicator brush again into the serum.
  5. Repeat the same process on another eyebrow.

For better results, use the lash serum twice a day. In addition, it is recommended to apply the  serum on your eyebrows when using it on your eyelashes.

How Long Do Lash Serum Results Last?

How Long Do Lash Serum Results Last

The results depend on the nature of your lash serum. Many serums provide temporary results, but Herbiar eyelash growth serum offers long-lasting results. So, according to Herbiar, long lashes and thicker eyebrows are not a dream anymore.

The eyelash growth serum by Herbiar is packed with natural, chemical-free, and fragrance-free ingredients that work together to make you achieve long, thicker, and healthier lashes. The active ingredients in Herbiar eyelash growth serum are hyaluronic acid, peptides, carnauba, PVP, kaolin, and much more.

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