The 10 Most Popular Cosmetics Brands in 2024

Popular cosmetic brands

When you’re purchasing wholesale cosmetics, a great idea is to narrow down the best cosmetics brands that fit your needs. As you can imagine, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to buying cosmetics. That means you need to ensure you’re picking the right products and getting the best value. It’s a good idea to know which are the best brands to purchase cosmetics from, and here’s a quick list with some of the best.

1. Nars

Nars is widely regarded as one of the best makeup and cosmetic products manufacturers. They have many popular products, including the Nars Radiant Concealer, Nars Foundation Light Reflecting, their Afterglow Liquid Blush, or the Sheer Glow Foundation. If you want to buy wholesale branded cosmetics, Nars is definitely one of the top options you should be taking into consideration. 

2. Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever is a brand that prides itself on quality and ease of use. One of their great products is their HD Skin line, which has foundation, blush, and loose-setting powder. Aside from that, they also have the Artist Eyeshadow series, which is a high-pigmented eyeshadow. These are great wholesale cosmetics that you can buy at a stellar price. And on top of that, they are consistent when it comes to quality, which is always a major plus.

3. NYX

NYX is a world-renowned cosmetics brand that delivers everything from makeup setting spray to large makeup and eyeshadow palettes, but also color correcting palettes. Aside from delivering consistent value and very good quality, NYX has a multitude of wholesale branded cosmetics. It’s a stellar way to obtain pro-quality cosmetics at affordable prices.

4. Tarte 

Tarte is also a great option for wholesale cosmetics. They are widely known for their lip vinyl, mascara, and concealers. But they also have other things like shadow palettes, along with the Amazonian set of makeup and blushes. In case you need proper wholesale branded cosmetics, they are a wonderful option. Their colorful packaging, along with consistent product value, makes them a really good pick.

5. Tom Ford

Tom Ford has been in this industry as a company for almost 20 years. When it comes to popular products, their Soleil de Feu lip balm is extremely good, and they also have the Gloss Deluxe series. Tom Ford also has the eyeshadow Quad series, which includes 4 similar color palettes you can choose from. We think it’s one of the top options if you want great cosmetics for your clients, since the company thrives with quality and value for money. 

6. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is also very popular in the world of wholesale branded cosmetics. What makes the brand great is the true focus on attention to detail. They also try to cover a multitude of niches. The Futurist series from Estee Lauder is a great option in particular. A bestseller is the Re-Nutritiv Ultra Radiance makeup as well.

7. Kiko

Kiko specializes in a variety of things, with eye shadows being their primary bestseller. They also have a very good makeup cover-up foundation too. The brand is known for excellent prices, and if you buy wholesale cosmetics, you get an even better deal. That’s why it’s a great one if you’re looking for really nice quality without spending too much.

8. Too Faced

There are lots of great products from Two Faced, and it’s nice to see their incredible, very colorful packaging. When it comes to best sellers, they have the eye shadow palette series, which is really good, along with the Peach Perfect mattifying setting powder. They also have Born This Way, a series of foundation products that has become very popular online as well.

9. Fenty Beauty

When you buy wholesale cosmetics from Fenty Beauty, you know you’re getting a very good product quality. And on top of that, they also provide stellar attention to detail. Their Pro Filt’r Setting Powder is a top seller and widely regarded as a professional product. They also have their Gloss Bomb Cream or the Summer Daze makeup series. Another thing to note is that Fenty Beauty also sells packs of their products, which can lead to even more discounts.

10. Real Techniques

Everyone knows Real Techniques for their pro-quality makeup brushes. The excellence and professionalism they provide are unmatched. You have eye sets, base sets, a sculpting set, even one with essentials. So, if you need wholesale branded cosmetics and, more particularly, brushes, then they are the top option!


There’s no denying that buying wholesale cosmetics can be challenging since you don’t always know what brand to choose. As you can see from our list of wholesale branded cosmetics, there are a variety of brands with a proven track record and consistent product quality. You can visit the WordMakeup website right now and grab your own wholesale cosmetics; you have a large range of options from high-tier cosmetic brands with extraordinary history. Get yours today!

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