Best Makeup Brush Sets To Achieve Smooth Makeup Look


You will be having the best of makeup products, from primer to highlighter, but is that it? Is there anything that you are forgetting? Let me remind you, it’s the makeup brush set. Makeup brush sets are the thing that most of us neglect. 

Every brush has a work to do, some will hide your dark circles and spots, while some will help you in getting those smokey eyes. Here in this article, we are going to tell you about the types of brushes and few of the best makeup brush sets. 

Before we get down to brush sets, here are the types of makeup brushes. (There are chances you already know about it. If yes, you can directly scroll to the products. If you don’t know, keep reading!)


The above image has described the most commonly used brushes for makeup and its functionality. You saw how there is different brush for every part of the makeup, from brows and eyeshadow to blush and bronzer.

While getting the makeup brush set you must check the quality of the hair. Each manufacturer or producer uses different types of bristles. The idle makeup brush will have soft tips that won’t hurt or scratch your face. So always remember, the cost has nothing to do with the softness of brush.

If you are purchasing online, check the customer reviews and product description to know about the material used. Here we have gathered a few of the best makeup brushes sets to help you in  buying one.

Best Makeup Brush Sets

14 Pcs Makeup Brush Set

Amazon’s best seller makeup brush kit is from BS-Mall with the rose gold color. It has in total 14 brushes, of which 9 are for eye makeup and rest for the entire face. If you have doubt on how to use these brushes, they have provided the functionality of the brushes in the detailed product description section. Made with premium synthetic fiber, it has the softest brush tips.

Oval Toothbrush Makeup Set

Are you searching for an oval toothbrush makeup set? Here’s one from Yoseng, it has cruelty free fibers, and curves designed for a smooth application of makeup on the skin. It has 10 different brushes for applying foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, and even highlighter. You have to use the ‘push and pull’ method to apply and circular motion to blend.

Jade Green 8 Pcs Makeup Brush Set

This is Eigshow’s total vegan product. The brush set is of jade green color and has 3 basic brushes, three eyeshadow brushes, an angled eyeliner brush, and a concealer brush. Easy to carry, use and wash. This one is the best for gifting as it has super soft bristles and are of high quality.

Basics Makeup Blender Brush Kit

Looking for blenders? Here is the perfect blender brush kit for you. It has one soft sponge as well. Apply the makeup and blend it with Real Techniques’ makeup blender brush kit. They have super soft bristles and will help you in applying makeup flawlessly. 

Environment Friendly Makeup Brush Set


One more basic makeup 5 pcs brush set, this one is from Ecotools. As its name suggests, it is a purely environmental friendly makeup brush kit. It’s products are made from recycled aluminum and plastic with 20% cotton & 80% bamboo fibers. The pack contains an angled foundation brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, angled liner brush & blush brush

Eyeshadow Brushes


What do you think, how many eye makeup brushes are there? In total 12! Yes there are these many brushes to have a precise eye makeup look. From eyeshadow to eyeliner, you will get every brush in this pack. The product of Qivange is one of the best eyeshadow brushes on the list (and maybe, Amazon).

Baby Makeup Brush Kit

Why should women have all the fun? Is your baby demanding for her own makeup brush set? Get her this one from Rongji Jewelry. It is the Interstellar baby makeup brush set made with eco friendly components. The plus point is it has the non-irritative synthetic fiber with fine texture and soft touch. In short, it is perfectly safe for your baby’s skin.


Brush Up the Makeup Applying Skills:

So these were the best makeup brushes to have in your kit for the flawless makeup application. As said, always look for the soft bristles, and know the type of brush you need. You will get the tutorial video on how to use them on YouTube.

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