7 Types of Lips: Makeup Tips & Tricks To Enhance Them

types of lips

Are you also interested to know about lip shape? Keep on reading this blog to know everything about lip shapes and their types. Do you know lip shapes also tell many things about a person? Yes, from their nature to personality, lips can tell all the secrets! 

Today in this post, we’re going to talk about some of the most common lip shapes of women and how you can enhance them with simple makeup tricks. We’ve also included the personality traits of a person having a specific shape of lips.  So keep on reading to know types of lips and personality.

You might be familiar with some of the lips shapes by seeing pictures, but there are so many different types of lips. From plump or thin to round or heart-shaped, there are lips in various shapes. To know your lip shape, first, you need to know about all of the various types of lips shape, right?

Let’s have a closer look at the most common shapes of lips.

1. Full Lips

Full Lips
types of lips
types of lips

Are your lips pouty, puffed up, and voluptuous? If so, you’re lucky! These types of lips shapes are known as full lips or flirtatious lips as they’re protruding and fuller throughout and evenly.  

Full lips are all-around pillowy, beautiful, and catch a lot of attention if taken properly. People with these lip shapes don’t need a lot of contouring or lining as these lips are naturally pretty. 

Makeup Tips for Full Lips:

If you want to enhance your full lips in the center, use a lighter shade or nude colors lipstick or lip pencil. With this, go with bold eye makeup, as it can distract people from noticing your protruding lips. 


People with such types of lips really look attractive and have a kind nature, soft-hearted personality. These people are empathetic with strong parenting instincts and protect the ones they care about. Many people with full lips are introverts and like to maintain a close circle of friends.  

Famous Celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Priyanka Chopra, Naomi, and Adriana Lima

2. Heavy Upper Lips

Heavy Upper Lips
types of lips

Take a mirror and look carefully at your lips. If your upper lip is larger and fuller than your bottom lip, you have top-heavy or heavy upper lips. Women with this type of lip shape usually don’t have a prominent bow shape. However, they look pretty attractive.

When your upper lip fold is heavier, wider, and puffier, your bottom lip looks small or unbalanced. That’s why you have to give extra care to your bottom lips. So that your overall lip look can even out. These types of lips immediately draw attention to your smile. As the upper lips stretch when you smile, which gives you the girl/boy next door kind of look!    

Make-Up Tips For Heavy Upper lips: 

Always line your lower lips a bit wider than your upper lip. You can also carefully increase the lip margin with a lip liner of your upper lip. This creates an illusion of fuller lips and balances out the overall lip look. You can also wear a bit darker shade of lipstick of the same shade that you’ve applied to your upper lips. This will make them a bit smaller but pretty looking. 


Women with these lip shapes are drama queens. Yes, they’re usually emotional, charismatic, and love drawing attention to themselves. This means they always want to be the center of attention. 

Famous Celebrities: Rosie Huntington, Gigi Hadid.

3. Wide Lips

Wide Lips
types of lips

Do people often tell you that you have a broad smile? Or do your lips stretch from cheek to cheek whenever you smile? If your answer to both these questions is a yes, gurl, you have wide lips! These wide lips are one of the most desired and most attractive lip shapes. They’re also aesthetic symbols of beauty these days. 

The types of lips help to highlight your apple cheeks and make your smile even more pleasing. Feel blessed with these lip shapes and carry the beautiful aesthetics of these lips. However, some people don’t find these lips attractive as they cover most of your lower face whenever you smile. 

Regardless of that, you can actually show a lot of creativity with makeup. Let’s know how to make them more pretty: 

Make-Up Tips For Wide Lips:

Suppose you want to reduce the width of your lips, overline just the center portion of your pout with a darker lip liner. To draw away the attention, go with nude or lighter shade lipsticks. To create an appearance of full lips, go with an ombre look with two coordinating lipstick shades.  


Women with wide lips are extroverted, friendly, and non-conformist. They make excellent leaders and always work with perfection. These people are known to accept diversity and love to make new friends. 

Famous Celebrities: Supermodel Bella Hadid, actor Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, and Liv Tyler.

4. Heart-Shaped Lips

Heart-Shaped Lips
types of lips

Do your lips are voluminous, all-around pillowy? Do your lips have a prominent cupid’s bow? If yes, congratulations, you’ve got unique heart-shaped lips! 

As the name indicates, heart shaped lips curve as though to form a heart. That’s maybe the reason that they’re among the most desired lips right now! These lips may vary from person to person as some have sharper bottom lips or stark points at the bottom, and some have a softer edge. However, always look for the V-shape in cupid bow lips; that’s the key point.         

Make-Up Tips For Heart Shaped Lips: 

These lips are so beautiful that they don’t need any specific makeup tricks. However, if you really want to enhance your lips, pop some highlighter on your cupid’s bow. After this, swipe your favorite lipstick color, and you’re ready to head out! Go with a vibrant red lip shade for special occasions, as red colors look gorgeous on heart-shaped lips. 


People who have heart-shaped lips are strong-willed and independent. They’re always full of optimism and life. You can see that these women are so passionate, witty, and more glamorous than other people. These girls are also considered artistic, creative, and sociable. 

Famous Celebrities: Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and pop star Taylor Swift.

5. Round Lips

Round Lips
types of lips

Lips with round shapes have nearly the same width and height. They also have rounded edges and lack a cupid’s bow. So, if you feel that your lips have all these things, you probably have round lips! 

Don’t get insecure about lacking a cupid’s bow, as round lips have their own natural beauty and charisma. In fact, many people are getting surgery and injections to achieve fuller, round lips. So embrace your plumpy lips with your full heart!  

Make-up tips for round lips:

If you want to accentuate other features over your lips, always go with darker shades. If you want a fuller lip look, apply some gloss in the center of your lips. On the other hand, avoid using glossy lips or shiny lipsticks as they might tone farther down the prominence of your lips. 


People with round lips tend to have a charismatic and adventurous persona. These people love to take risks and always are confident about their decision. The round lips make them look adorable. They’re strong-minded and also love to travel around the world. 

Famous Celebrities: Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, and Scarlett Johansson. 

6. Thin Lips

Thin Lips
Thin Lips

If you’re looking at your lips and you find that your upper and lower lips are thin, you are likely to have thin lips. You’ll have a slim pout which is not a thing to insecure about. In fact, having them is a plus point because you can do anything with your lips, and they’ll never look over the top.  

Thin lips are naturally beautiful, but if you want to have a fuller appearance, you can simply achieve that with the right makeup products. This will instantly highlight your chin and cheek area.

Here are some ways to enhance or balance your thin lips:

Make-Up Tips For Thin Lips: 

To achieve fullness, you can use lip plumpers and liners. You can overline both your lips or only the bottom one. After this, smudge out everything and apply some clear lip gloss. This will surely make your lips look x2 as full! Never use darker shades for your lips, as they will make your lips look even smaller.


People with thin lips are perfectionists but loners. They’re self-reliant and have introverted personalities. They’re the kind of people who have a lot of determination and like to work alone. They also like to visit a museum or spend their holiday on distant islands.  

Famous Celebrities: Gossip Girl star Blake Lively and F.R.I.E.N.D.S favorite character, Jennifer Aniston.

7. Bow-Shaped Lips

Bow-Shaped Lips
Bow-Shaped Lips

If your lips are not too thick nor too thin, your lips fall under the category of bow shaped lips. The upper lip resembles the shape of a bow. These types of lips are medium-sized and commonly known as “Goldilocks Lips.” 

Make-Up Tips For Bow-shaped Lips:        

As the name suggests, these types of lips have a pronounced cupid’s bow. They’re also pretty similar to heart-shaped lips, but the bottom lip may not have a defined point here. You can use the same makeup tricks as heart-shaped lips. You can highlight the center of your lips or the cupid bow with some light or nude shade of lipsticks. For a softer look, smudge the lip color above the bow. 


People with such types of lips are undemanding and level headed. They’re also quite serious about their relationships. Women with these lips are strong-headed, independent, and can handle any kind of situation. They’re also pretty stable and balanced in their lives. That’s maybe one of the reasons why it is also considered to be one of the best types of lips.

Famous Celebrities: Keira Knightley and Shay Mitchell.  

Keep Smiling!

So what’s your lip shape? Different Lip types and shapes are usually genetically determined, but you can always enhance or alter them to get the desired shape. With the right makeup products, care, and surgical fillers, you can easily get any type of lips. 

This is why investing in good lip care and makeup products is important. After all, whenever any person looks at you or sees you talking, they most probably notice your lips at first. So, enhance your lips with the makeup tips and tricks that we’ve mentioned in this blog.

So this is all about the types of lips and what each shape tells about a person. I hope you liked this blog on lip shapes, and it has helped you to get to know about a person’s personality traits with their unique lip shapes. Don’t forget to share this blog with your family members and friends so that they can also enhance their beautiful lips!

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