15 World Famous Luxury Fashion Brands List in 2024

Luxury Fashion Brands List

Necessity is a different matter, and luxury is a completely different matter. If you are among those who prefer luxury over anything, then you must be brand-conscious as well, which is quite normal in the upcoming year. Almost everyone is turning their face toward luxury brands because of the quality. If you are willing to know the luxury fashion brands list, here are some of the best ones mentioned below.

1. Rolex

luxury fashion brands list Rolex

If you are the one who is passionate about watches then you may have a dream of owning a Rolex watch. Because the brand got its fame because of the awesome watch collection that it serves its customers. This brand is very famous as well as successfully established and it has a brand value of $7.9 billion which is a lot for sure. Rolex Submariner, Rolex Oyster Perpetual as well as Rolex Daytona seem to be the best-selling products of the brand.

2. Hermès


This brand has its headquarters set in Paris and this brand comes in most luxury fashion brands list. The brand is best known for the bag collection and it is very famous both online as well as offline. They also have good sales in offline as well as online markets. Apart from this, the brand has also introduced its watch, leather jacket, scarf, etc. People are crazy about the Hermes bag, Hermes belt as well as Hermes Scarf.

3. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

This is another very famous as well as expensive fashion brand based in France. This brand especially got into fame after their collaboration with the Street brand of New York called Supreme. With this collaboration, the brand could manage to reach out to those passionate as well as brand-conscious shoppers and in past few years, it has earned popularity. This brand has a market value of almost $33.6 billion and people are crazy about Louis Vuitton bags, wallets as well as belts. This is women based brand that only has a wide collection of women’s fashion. Though its a costly fashion brand, travel remains at the core of the house, along with their RTW collections, with the brand best known for their bags and luggage.

4. Dior


It is another France based luxury brand which is also known by the name of Christian Dior and in short, is in fame by the name of Dior. The company stands for feminism and they even have a famous slogan which says that every girl needs to be feminist and it is their way to cheer up as well as support feminism. It would amaze you to know this is the most searched brand on Instagram in 2017. Dior beauty, Dior Sauvage as well as Dior sunglasses are famous as well as most demanded products of the brand.

5. Gucci

luxury fashion brands list Gucci

Gucci has a special place in every male as well as female’s wardrobe. This brand makes some amazing kinds of stuff for both males as well as females. This brand even gets mentioned in most music videos that link to luxury. The fact that it is among the top 10 fashion brands of this year will surprise you. Gucci belts, Gucci shoes, Gucci Flip flops as well as Gucci tees are something that every youngster wants to own as well as flaunt.

6. Bulgari


This brand founded in 1884 and now it has got the fame and people are actually pleased with its collection. Unlike other hyped expensive brands, Bulgari would also serve you with some affordable options which seem to be amazing. Bulgari Jewelry, Bulgari watches, as well as Bulgari ring, seems to be the most demanded products of the brand.

7. Armani


Armani seems to be the most mentioned brand and there is hardly anyone who is not aware of the brand. It is a fashion brand in France that founded in the year 1975. This brand has made many luxurious products which are of course too expensive but the quality, as well as the look of the products, make them worth buying. The brand maintains both online, as well as offline popularity in a balanced way, and Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani as well as Armani Exchange, known to be some of the most loved products of the brand.

8. Cartier


This brand has not only invested in bringing some of the amazing products but has also worked really hard in making them popular or at least known to all and they have flaunted some amazing videos as well as pictures in order to attract people towards to brand. The brand has its headquarters settled in Paris and it can be clearly seen that the brand is growing continuously. Cartier love bracelet, Cartier Glasses as well as watch are some of their best creations.

9. Lancôme


It is a division of an already famous brand L’Oreal Paris and it is entirely a brand dedicated to cosmetics and is said to be one of the luxury fashion brands and they have the collaboration of many world famous YouTubers and they love the brand and its products. Mascara, foundations as well as perfumes of this brand seem to be always on top and they are surely in the wish list of many ladies which is quite normal.

10. Prada


This Italian based luxury fashion brand was founded in the year 1913 and since then the brand has really worked hard to achieve the position that it is holding now. People from all around the world have a craze of this brand and even fashion influencers go crazy about this brand and this brand is popular both in online as well as in the offline market. Prada sunglasses, Prada Shoes, Prada Bags are some of the most demanded products of the brand which you can also try owing.

11. Chanel


This brand is on the lips of every brand conscious girl and people love this brand and products of this brand as well. In today’s world, the brand holds the net worth of about $8 billion which is way too huge. This brand has equal demands both online as well as offline and in both the platforms it has good sells as well. Chanel Bags, Coco Chanel as well as Bleu de Chanel seem to be some of the most grabbed as well as loved products of the brand.

12. Tiffany


It is an American based fashion brand which is counted among the costly fashion brands which serve with some amazing as well as luxurious jewelry pieces which every woman love. Jewelry is not the only thing that they produce but they also have a good range of stationery products such as water bottles, watches, perfumes as well as crystals. The collaboration of this brand with Net-a-Porter was also seen and the collaboration proved to be beneficial for both the companies. Tiffany bracelet, Tiffany necklace as well as Tiffany rings seem to always on demand.

13. Balenciaga


This brand is said to be growing limitless and honestly, people love their products which is why the brand is not facing any bummer in the industry. It is a France-based brand which produces some luxurious as well as high-quality kinds of stuff for both men as well as women. The brand has organized many fashion exhibitions as well as shows and also collaborated with much social media as well as fashion influencers by these tricks, they came across many people and earned fame. Balenciaga speed trainers, shoes as well as sneakers seem to be their best sellers which people love.

14. Burberry


This seems to be the oldest luxury brand which is settled in London and was founded in 1856. Since then the brand has worked well to achieve the position that it is enjoying currently days. They have a range of women’s accessories as well as cosmetics which every woman wants to own for sure. Their scarf perfumes, as well as watches, seem to be bestsellers that everyone loves.

15. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

This brand founded in the year 1961. Since then the brand has worked really hard to be one of the best luxury fashion brands. This brand has a good range of fashion-oriented things and the brand serves both men as well as women with their collections. Yves Saint Laurent Perfumes, colognes as well as L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent seem to be the most hyped products of the brand. Everybody wants to own it once in their lifetime.

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