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Eyebrows are one of the most significant features of a human face. It is the ultimate finishing feature on your face. Have you ever wondered how your face would look without an eyebrow? Every woman makes a great attempt to maintain the perfect arch of their eyebrows. Eyebrow tattoo is a prominent way to ease the task of maintaining the perfect shape.

In today’s world, women are highly accepting  permanent eyebrow tattoos or microblading techniques. Since this technique has arrived in the fashion world, women and men have gotten great relief. It is a technique that all genders admire. Both women and men want to attain a perfect look.

There are numerous celebrities and famous personalities who have tried out this feather tattooed eyebrow. The strokes are created in such a way that it feels like a natural eyebrow. Many people fail to get the perfect eyebrows. For them, eyebrow tattooing turns out to be a savior.

I am pretty sure you are excited to know more about tattoo eyebrow makeup. Before fading your excitement, let us dive into the blog. You will get to explore many exciting and informative contents in the blog.

What Is an Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is an Eyebrow Tattoo?
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Exactly like the name says, an Eyebrow tattoo is a permanent or semi-permanent technique to shape your eyebrow. Yes, it is a fact that earlier eyebrow tattoos looked artificial and bold.

However, now with the help of an eyebrow tattoo pen, strokes are made with ease and flow. It seems like they are normal and natural. The flawless strokes done by experts are an excellent survival method.

There are usually different types of eyebrow tattoos. The different categories are nano brows, powdering brows, and microblading. The traditional method focuses on pigment or ink right below the skin.

The ink creates a permanent solution to your entire arch. The different techniques create different flairs creating an altogether different look.

Maybelline eyebrow tattoo derived from the concept of eyebrow tattoo. Yes, a Maybelline eyebrow tattoo is a temporary solution for attaining an ideal arch of your eyebrow.

However, coming back to the point, eyebrow tattooing is an innovative and modern technique. The technique creates a filler of strokes that replicate like an eyebrow and serves you an ultimate look. The fillers create a clean arch that altogether gives you a new, refreshed, and compelling look.

Types of Eyebrow Tattoos

As we discussed earlier, eyebrow tattoos are further classified into different types and styles. It is always beneficial to know about the types and styles, finalizing any one of them.


eyebrow tattoo

Let us come to the point. Microblading is a trending technique ever since its entry into the fashion world. Eyebrow tattoos have become common in the past few years. You can rely on this process for your brow tattoo.

The technique consists of many minion needles that are inserted beneath the skin. The needles release pigments or ink. This technique is straightforward, and the result is satisfying. If you are looking for the best qualitative result, definitely microblading.

For you to work with your age, the pigments inserted fade out with time. The only reason behind fading of the pigment is to upgrade the brows with time. It is not that you will always have dark pigmented eyebrows. As you grow older, the brows get changed into grey colors. Thus, this technique fades away with time.

Powdered Brows

Powdered Brows
maybelline eyebrow tattoo

Ombre brows! I am pretty sure you must have heard of this term Ombre brown. This is a perfect synonym for a Powder eyebrow tattoo. The process of creating the eyebrow is done with the digital eyebrow tattoo pen. It has a single needle that creates a powdering image and impact.

If you have oily skin or thick and textured brows, you can choose the following technique. Powdered brows are the best method to achieve corrected color eyebrows. It looks like you have the best-texturized eyebrows. So, what do you think, is this what you are looking for?

Nano Eyebrow Tattoo

Nano Eyebrow Tattoo
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Nan eyebrow tattoo is somewhat the same as microblading. It is popularly recognized as Hair Stroke Eyebrow Tattooing. This technique is designed with a digital eyebrow tattoo pen and a single-layered needle.

If you are looking for a natural-looking eyebrow tattoo, you can go for this technique. The technique fills the blank space of the shallowness of the brows. It is beneficial for all those who have thick textured and oily base skin.

In this technique, a single needle is highly accepted. This single layer of the needle allows it to insert deep inside the skin and work on the problem arising areas. Isn’t this an incredible way to enjoy the best permanent eyebrow tattoo?

Getting Prepared for Tattoo Eyebrow

Getting Prepared for Tattoo Eyebrow
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Preparation is the best way to reach your goals with ease and smoothly, without any risks. Just like we search on the exact location of the area or place we want to visit, it is better to accept the same method.

Now let us get clear with one thing, that this is a cosmetic correction on your face. Thus, it is crucial to understand that there are some considerations to think about.

You have to ensure that you are practically, mentally, and physically ready and healthy to attain this cosmetic enhancement to your face. Here I am listing down some preparational points you have to consider before getting an eyebrow tattoo.

  • Always ensure to keep your body hydrated before getting down to the expert. Keeping your body hydrated will keep your skin tension-free. Maintaining tension-free skin is crucial before acquiring a cosmetic treatment.
  • Avoid consuming excess caffeine and alcohol. Consuming either of them can adversely affect your health before and after the cosmetic treatment.
  • Avoid getting in the sun. Sun exposure is not a healthy idea for your skin. Try avoiding exposure. Exposing a lot to the sun is not advisable by experts. It is believed that overexposing your skin to the sun is risky.
  • It is better to reach out to a professional before getting a tattooed eyebrow. There are chances that you will get to learn new things from the experts. There are full chances that you will have to consider some things.
  • Be prepared with the design and arch style before getting to the professionals to get them inked. It is essential to understand and select which designs and arch styles will suit your face and features. Usually, people find it disturbing if they fail to choose the proper eyebrows.
  • Get in touch with the expert to learn more about the different methods of eyebrow tattooing. All the different styles have different experiences. Learn about them and decide which of them is beneficial and considerable for you and your skin.

These were some of the preparational points you must be prepared with before getting a tattooed eyebrow. Later, to maintain the quality, if you find a fading effect of the tattoo, try eyebrow tattoo makeup to enhance the boldness and fresh impact.

Benefits of Getting a Tattoo Eyebrow

Benefits of Getting a Tattoo Eyebrow
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If you are still confused, why get an eyebrow tattoo instead of covering it up with makeup? Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy after getting an eyebrow tattoo.

  • Modern and painless technology gives an entirely realistic look to the new strokes.
  • It adds shape and texture to your eyebrows. This will help you attain a new and refreshing look.
  • Your new tattooed eyebrow will never look messy even after an extensive sleep of long hours.
  • Shaping your brows with makeup can wash off due to water or sweat. Whereas if you get eyebrow tattoo makeup, it will last for way too long.
  • If you are afraid of your hair-loss condition, an eyebrow tattoo is a great deal.
  • It is applicable for all gender types and all age groups.

So these are some of the exciting and worth experiencing benefits you can enjoy. Let me tell you, and eyebrow tattooing is not a matter of pain or fashion. An eyebrow tattoo helps you in enhancing your look and appearance.

The eyebrows make a crucial feature on your face. To have a clean & neat, an arched eyebrow can change your entire look. And I don’t feel that you will need any other benefit to confirm the worth of trying it.

Getting an Appointment

Getting an Appointment
eyebrow tattoo makeup

Finding the right cosmetic treatment clinic is significant. If you want a qualitative result:

  1. Look for a professional who is experienced in this work.
  2. Explore all the eyebrow tattooing studios near you.
  3. Please explore and learn more about their experts and the experience they have.

Once you are confident with which clinic you would like to visit, get in touch with the expert. Book an appointment to discuss your requirements and expectations. The expert will examine your brows before working on them.

After examining the eyebrows, the expert will work on figuring out the design and shape. Later they will decide after considering your advice which of the methods is worth trying on your skin.

After all, before the inch procedures are done, the actual inking process takes place. The entire process hardly takes one to two hours to fully prepare.


eyebrow tattoo makeup

Now that you have got your new perfect and pleasing eyebrow tattoo done, it is time to take care of them. You have to ensure that you are taking utmost care of the tattoo for the initial few weeks.

Here are some of the professional tips you can consider. Let me clear this, and they will soothe your pain and inflammation. Aftercare is one of the best ways to heal efficiently.

  • Avoid sun exposure for the initial two weeks.
  • Clean your face to avoid any infection or skin rashes.
  • Keep your skin hydrated by consuming lots and lots of water.
  • Try to avoid using makeup. Keep your eyebrow tattoo away from every foreign body
  • Use ointments and hydrating cream on the tattooed area.
  • Visit your dermatologist for immediate help in case of excess irritation and discomfort.

These aftercare tips will help you heal quickly. If you find any discomfort or irritation, reach out to your skin expert for immediate help.

The Bottom Line

There is no harm in trying an eyebrow tattoo for your new, pleasing look. You have to learn everything about it before getting it done. Understanding the concept will not just save you from risk but will help you choose better. You have all the right to look confidently pleasing. So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab your chance, my friend!

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