Cosmetic Tattooing – Is It Worth the Money?

Cosmetic Tattooing

Everyone loves to look as best as they can every day. What if there is a shortcut to doing that – looking great all the time as soon as you wake up, without the hassle of spending time putting on makeup. That seems like a great deal right? But when people hear that this shortcut is called cosmetic tattooing, suddenly the word tattoo makes it sound a bit drastic.

Since tattoos are on your body for life, one wrong choice can lead to a regretted life decision. So, when people see the word tattoo being used to describe a facial treatment in beauty salons it is understandable people begin to veer away from it.

Cosmetic tattoos are also a big investment. The average cost of cosmetic tattoos, whether it be eyebrow tattoos or lip blushing, is around $597 (approx).  If you are considering cosmetic tattooing here is a guide to deciding whether it is worth the money.

What Is Cosmetic Tattooing?

What Is Cosmetic Tattooing

The treatment, also known as “micropigmentation,” entails injecting color pigments into the skin’s middle layer (dermis layer). This procedure will improve your appearance, face definition, and last a long time.

The treatment gives you the appearance of having precisely done makeup and enhances your features in a natural way. This treatment lasts a little over a year before you will have to get a touch-up.

A cosmetic tattoo portable implanter is used in the procedure. The iron oxide in this pen creates the look of newly applied makeup. Depending on the type of micro-pigmentation, a skilled and advanced implanter will utilize several machines and a number of needles.

The pigmentation intensity also varies based on the type of cosmetic tattoo; this procedure is meticulously measured and controlled in order to keep the client safe.

The Price Range

Cosmetic tattoos come in a wide variety of different treatments. Microblading, lip blushing, eyeliner, faux freckles, and scar concealing are the most popular. The costs will vary depending on who you see to get it done and where you are in the world. Keep in mind that these are the initial costs, not adding the cost of touch-ups throughout the years of getting this treatment done.

Depending on the artist, microblading costs from $400-$1,000. Lip blushing is more expensive, ranging between $800 and $1,400 including all 2-3 touch-up appointments required to achieve the desired effect.

The cost of scar camouflage varies according to the size of the scar, but it should be between $2,500 and $4,500. Finally, synthetic freckles cost around $200, which is on the lower end of the price spectrum for the treatment.


Risks of Cosmetic Tattooing

Any type of micropigmentation or body tattoo poses a risk of infection since the skin is being opened up, pathogens can easily spread. It is your role to guarantee that your artist is reliable and that he or she exclusively uses single-use, disposable instruments. Clients must take care of their skin after surgery by staying out of the sun for 10 days and keeping the area dry.

You should schedule a follow-up appointment after six weeks to make sure the skin has healed properly. But apart from the health risks, the only other risk is being stuck with an undesired finished look that you will be stuck with for over a year.

In order to prevent this make sure you study the artist’s previous work to know that you will like the final product. Keep in mind that more quality artists will charge a higher price for their work.

Benefits of the Cosmetic Tattooing

Benefits of the Cosmetic Tattooing

Saves Time

Many of us find it difficult to fit in our daily makeup routines, whether we are mothers caring for children, healthcare workers, or office workers. With cosmetic tattooing, your makeup routine will most likely be cut down by half the time or even more.

Saves Money

According to a study done by OnePoll for Groupon, the average American woman spends more than $3,700 per year on appearances. So, if you’re a beauty junkie, cosmetic tattooing could also save money.

Allergies and Poor Eyesight

Makeup application is difficult for most people, but it becomes even more difficult if you have impaired eyesight or a tremor. Cosmetic tattooing allows you to look even more beautiful without having to put in the effort of applying makeup on a daily basis.

Low Maintenance

This is a treatment you should consider if you are a gym rat who never misses a workout but still enjoys dressing up and looking attractive at the gym. It will save you the aggravation of worrying about your makeup smearing off or not being able to splash water on yourself after a hard sweat.


Overall, depending on what you’re looking for and why you are considering cosmetic tattoos, this treatment can be worth it or not. If you enjoy wearing makeup on a daily basis this treatment may be good for you because you will be saving money and time.

It is also worth it if you are looking for something to substitute the act of applying makeup every day. However, if you aren’t too concerned about your appearances and this treatment seems like a hit or miss it may not be worth spending the money on.

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