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eyebrow piercing

The fashion industry has kept the world going even after a long break of the Covid-19. Now that we are somewhere back to normalcy, it is time to upgrade our fashion. Fashion is not all about clothing, the accessorizing part makes a significant impact too. When we talk of accessories, one of the exciting zones is eyebrow piercing.

Eyebrow piercings are something that keeps fading in and entering back into the fashion world. I am pretty sure many people think eyebrow piercing is old-fashioned. However, the fact is, every accessory we wear has a trend. It is up to you if you want to flow with the trend or be the trend maker.

Piercing is a piece of jewelry that both men and women can enjoy. In fact, eyebrow piercing for men has become one of the most fantastic discussions in town nowadays. I completely agree that it is a painful procedure. However, it is a proven fact, every good thing requires a good deal too. The pain will only last until you watch your face glowing after wearing the beautiful eyebrow piercing jewelry.

This blog is all about learning and exploring different things about eyebrow piercing. I have come with a detailed guide on wearing this style statement on the arch of your eyebrow. Everything you would like to know about the piercing is mentioned over here.

What is Eyebrow Piercing

What is Eyebrow Piercing

The sexy eyebrow piercing is a similar form of surface piercing. Just as if you are piercing something on a flat surface. The plain surface piercing is the core reason why eyebrow piercings are comparatively more painful. The skin type and thickness are absolutely different from your other piercing areas.

Usually, people feel it is tough to bear the pain and inflammation. This eventually leads to the removal of the piercing jewelry. Though the healing process is longer in comparison to the other areas, if you remove the studs, it can heal quickly.

The fact is, piercing on the arch of your eyebrow is not the matter, it is your pain-bearing ability. The eyebrow piercing is next to impossible to hide during the healing process. Grow your eyebrows on the face are an extensive feature. No matter how hard we try, we cannot hide them. Thus, if you are looking for something that boldly shows up, go for eyebrow piercing.

This is, what is eyebrow piercing? Now the next question is, Does it hurt a lot? Or how much will it hurt?

Does Eyebrow Piercings Hurt A Lot?

Does Eyebrow Piercings Hurt A Lot

In a general context, the question has a simple answer, and that is a clear NO. However, even the experts and professionals say that the pain depends on the skin type. What type of skin you have does matter. The heftiness of your skin will lead to an amount of pain and inflammation.

Yes, it is fundamental that you may feel slight discomfort and pain near your eyes and eyebrows. You might experience blood flowing from the injured or pierced opening. You have to know that professionals will look after your safety. Feeling the pain and discomfort after the eyebrow piercings are typical.

If you still doubt that eyebrow piercings hurt a lot, contact any expert artists. They will guide you in a better way. There are chances of evolving black eyes after getting an eyebrow piercing. However, you need not worry about it, it eventually heals all on its own. Even if you feel highly irritated by the pain or discomfort, get in touch with your doctor.

When we talk of the healing process after getting the piercing done, there are numerous ways. One of the best ways to heal quickly is, take maximum rest and use cold compressing things that will relieve pain.

So, do eyebrow piercings hurt a lot? No, they don’t, if you follow all the aftercare guidelines and play safe with the piercing zone.

Explore the Different Variations of Eyebrow Piercing.

Have you ever wondered what different variations you can try for eyebrow piercings? No right? No worries, eyebrow piercing can be worn anywhere following the arch of your eyebrows. Isn’t this fun to listen to? Now imagine how exciting it can be when you explore the two main variations of the piercing.

Here are the two core variations of eyebrow piercing you can try.

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing

Horizontal eyebrow piercing is not way too different from if you notice the standard eyebrow piercing. The only difference between the standard and horizontal eyebrow piercing is the laying format.

The horizontal piercing runs horizontally with the arch of your eyebrow. The point is it is not precisely on the eyebrows. It either runs on the upper end of the lower end as per your interest and convenience. Believe me, this is an excellent option if you are not sure what type of eyebrow piercings you would like.

Multiple Eyebrow Piercings

Multiple Eyebrow Piercings

Now, this is what we call an ultimate challenge. If you are sure to try some challenging and exciting eyebrow piercing, definitely go for this one. In a multiple eyebrow piercing, you will get to experience more than one piercing.

  • Double Eyebrow Piercing
  • Cross Eyebrow Piercing
  • Run the arch Piecing

These three are some of the most admired and exciting eyebrow piercings you must try. If you are not sure, get in touch with some professionals who will guide you with the best option as per your face type.

So, what do I think about friends, aren’t they cool and exciting.

Cost Expectations

Now that we have come to one of the crucial factors of eyebrow piercing, ensure you read it well. The point is, if you are reaching out to a professional or expert who has good experience, the cost will be nominal.

The honest pricing of an eyebrow piercing stands somewhere between $25 to $80. And let me be honest, this does not include the studs or the jewelry. The pricing with the jewelry may add on as per the design and type.

The costing is done based on some specific factors and measures of consideration. To understand better, just go through the pricing factors for your eyebrow piercings.

  • Experience of the expert.
  • Sanitized tools and needles
  • Cleaning and dressing the piercing area.
  • The type of piercing you are opting for yourself.

I am telling you again, eyebrow piercing is a delicate process. It includes many risks. The expert has to examine your skin correctly before piercing it. They consider the quality of your skin, the depth of the skin, if any nerves may get damaged or not. After confirming three factors, they further pierce the eyebrows.

Thus, the cost lies somewhere between 25$ to 80$ without the jewelry. Now that you are paying this much, look after an experienced professional. Experience matters over here. They eliminate the amount of pain with their smoothness in piercing the eyebrows.

Aftercare Guidelines

Eyebrow piercings look alluring when done thoroughly. The matter is now that the piercing is done, you have to take utmost care of it. Anti-eyebrow piercing or the healing process takes almost a month or two to heal completely.

In this one or two months of duration, you have to take care of many things. The skin in that particular area gets exceptionally delicate and soft. If you fail to take proper care, you may result in jewelry rejection, inflammation, skin reactions, and wound deepening.

Thus, to avoid all these problems, here are some professional aftercare guidelines you must follow.

Be Careful while Washing Your Face

Be Careful while Washing Your Face after eyebrow piercing

It is crucial to understand that applying foreign products to your face can hurt and infect your piercing. Even your makeup can cause an infection that can worsen the wound. The healing process gets tricky if you apply any foreign products to your face.

For cleaning your face, either use wet wipes or a wet sanitized cloth. You can even sterile your face with steam to get rid of dirt pores after a week or two of eyebrow piercing.

Avoid Waxing Your Eyebrows

Avoid Waxing Your Eyebrows after eyebrow piercing

Wax is a foreign object. One such object can badly impact the piercing area. The skin is fragile and soft, which means waxing the eyebrows can tear them off. I am pretty sure you really don’t want to damage your face with some deadly scars.

More than having a scar, what will hurt you the more is the ultimate pain and discomfort. The point is if you can manage to keep the wax away from the piercing site, you can safely wax. If you have hairy eyebrows, it is better to pluck them lightly to avoid any mishap due to waxing.

Go for Quality Studs or Jewelry

Go for Quality Studs or Jewelry for eyebrow piercing

Jewelry reactions and migrations are some of the most common issues that are encountered. Failing to choose the right quality of studs or jewelry pieces may harm your skin and cause you pain and severe skin issues.

In the initial months, go for some best quality metals that are rustless and light-weighted. Go for 14 to 15-carat gold or silver that is not just safe but even good for your skin. The material of these metals is very soft and, most importantly, safer for your skin.

It is better to invest more in suitable metals rather than wasting on cheaper ones.

Do Not Play With the Jewelry

If you continuously keep moving the eyebrow piercing jewelry, it may cause irritation and pain. In the initial months, your skin is still adjusting the foreign body (jewelry) between the skins. Give it some time and let it heal.

If you are trying to avoid eyebrow piercings from people when newly tried, don’t do that. People will notice. If you want to have a comfortable introduction, go for some standard and straightforward patterns and designs of jewelry. This will eliminate the discomfort and hesitation within you.

The holes fill up quickly in the initial days and months if you remove the studs. Before you try to wear them back, there can be chances that they heal up by then. Thus, try avoiding removing the jewelry and studs.

Be Cautious while Getting Haircut

Be Cautious while Getting Haircut

I am sure you are wondering how a haircut will hinder your eyebrow piercing? While cutting, the front side of your hair may get tangled with the studs. Anyhow the eyebrow skin is very soft and delicate, thus be careful while getting a haircut.

Use Soothing Medicated Creams

Use Soothing Medicated Creams

I can understand getting an eyebrow piercing is really irritating and painful. In such circumstances, we look for some cream that can shut down the discomfort. For this, get in contact with your dermatologist. They will recommend you with some comforting creams that will help it to heal quickly and get you comfort and relief.

These are some of the aftercare guidelines. Following them will help get healed quickly. Now let us move forward to the next question.

Why Not Get an Eyebrow Piercing?

Why Not Get an Eyebrow Piercing

The eyebrow piercing entirely depends on your face structure and likings. Eyebrow piercing is something that can enhance your beauty and even spoil your features. You must understand that eyebrow piercing does not suit every face type.

Get in contact with an expert piercer and let them examine your face and features. Based on it, they will honestly guide you if you can get an eyebrow piercing or not! It is even essential to explore the different piercing variations before sticking back to any one of them.

If you are not sure and confident of your piercing, you will land up filling up the piercing. Thus, consider the factor and think about why not to get eyebrow piercings.

How To Treat The Infected Piercing?

There are some occasions when you get infected on the skin after getting an eyebrow piercing. In such circumstances, it is better that you immediately contact the doctor. Seeking professional advice and guidance will help you heal quickly.

There is nothing to worry about or panic about if you have any skin infection caused due to the piercing. Contact the doctor, and they will guide you with the best solution for you, your skin, and the piercing.

The Bottom Line

Eyebrow piercings have become a source of enhancing your beauty. It is a way to accessorize your daily look with some trending jewelry. However, before getting an eyebrow piercing consider this blog and finally decide whether you want it or not? And if you are looking forward to getting it done, best of luck, you guys!

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