How to Get Flaunt-Worthy Body Piercings

Body Piercings

Have you developed a sudden fancy for body piercings after being against it all your life? Well, welcome to the club! Just like you’ve finally realized, piercings on your body are definitely a thing you can flaunt. Here are some basics that you might as well get right if you really want your new fancies to turn out just the way they should.

Choose Your Spot

Where on your body you want to get your piercing done is the first, obvious big question. You might fancy putting jewelry around the corner of your eye. But before you do, you may want to think about whether it’s the ideal spot, especially in terms of how it’s going to look, and of course, how much it could hurt to get a piercing in the area.

As you know, you cannot undo a piercing once it’s done, and it certainly can be absurd making holes all over your body every time you feel like it! Therefore, take your time, take a good look at yourself, get opinions if you like, and some insight, THEN choose the perfect spot.

Choose a Type

Type of Body Piercings

Choosing the right piece of jewelry is super important, too. It should simply look perfect on the spot you’ve chosen. Sometimes, your skin tone and texture play a role in how pretty a certain piece of jewelry, gold, silver, or other, looks on you.

Some may look great in gold body jewelry, while others may carry silver better. Also pay attention to skin allergies and other issues if any, before you can finally decide what type of Piercing to go with.

Size Always Matters

Body jewelry can come in various shapes and sizes. Picking the most suitable ones also contributes to how good it looks on you. If you want to opt for a gold nose ring for instance, you’d need to think about factors like the shape and structure of your face perhaps, so you can pick something that’s just right.

You Can Double Up

They say two heads are better than one. It’s a good saying because two pieces of jewelry are sometimes better than one. A single earring might look nice, but it’s pretty plain and simple. Having a hoop beside a stud looks cool. Depending on the area you want to be pierced it’s worth thinking about whether or not you can double up.

Piercings Must Stay In

If you put flesh tunnels in your ears it’s hard to keep them in when you visit the beach. One strong wave is going to knock them out. Certain hoops can come out easily when you’re playing sports. Think about the kinds of activities you do and whether they could influence which type of piercing you get and where you get it.

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality Of Body Piercings Craftsmanship

Just because jewelry is made from the same materials and comes in similar styles doesn’t mean it’s all the same. If you get jewelry from the right place you’ll notice high-quality craftsmanship at its finest. Nobody will probably be able to tell the difference from a distance, but it’s nice to know you have a well-crafted piercing that will last a lifetime.

Hidden Talents

Sometimes there is a lot more to piercings than what the naked eye can see. A good example is a belly ring that glows in the dark. If you’re in an environment like a nightclub with ultraviolet lights they stand out. Some earrings that glow in the dark can still look classy. Can you find any jewelry with a hidden talent?

Pick a Professional

Always make sure you go to a professional to get your body piercings done. A professionally made piercing does not only make you look great, but will also cause you minimal or no pain and other complications. So, only look for the best people in town to get ear piercing your way. This way you are assured they’d do a flawless job!

A Little Bit Extra?

A woman with blue hair and tattoos on her body

It’s quite a thing to have a unique tattoo around or close to your piercing. It can give the whole spot a sharp look. Again, make sure you get an expert to do your tattoo if you want a flawless finish. Every detail matters, and it all needs to come together to look fab!

Take Care

Anything will look good if taken care of. Your pierced spot may need an extra few minutes when in the shower or during your grooming sessions. Make sure you cleanse the spot safely, take out your jewelry and clean it every once in a while. After all, anything that shines is more worthy of a flaunt!

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