Types of Ear Piercing Styles One Must Try: 13 Different Trendy Ear Piercings

different ear piercings

Ear piercing has always been in fashion for a long time. The trend for different styles of ear piercing is never going to fade. This trend and fashion’s success is just because the liking for different types of ear piercing is accepted in both sexes. However, some people prefer to get simple single, double, or maximum triple studded earrings on the lobe or the cartilage. Check out some types of ear piercings here.

But nowadays people are opting for cool and different sorts of ear-piercing. And when we talk about different kinds of ear-piercing on the other parts of the ears, it can be challenging to choose the right place, the right style, and the straight edge to get pierced.

Pain differs for different parts of the ears when getting pierced, so it is necessary to know which can be the best fit for you and your personality.

Are you searching for what kind of ear-piercing would suit you? We have some different trends and styles of ear-piercing, and how painful and what would it cost to get your favorite Piercing done.

Ear Piercing Chart? a Perfect Guide to Know Which Style Would Be the Best Suit for You!

Ear piercing has different styles and locations on the ear. It can be painful and challenging to get your type and choice of piercing done right. And what matters is that you should know the different kinds of ear piercings available in the market, so it becomes easier for you to communicate with the professional you would be getting the ear-piercing done.

To understand better different types of ear-piercing, we have a detailed diagram shown below. This can help us understand the other parts of the ear and which can be more painful.

The most common and famous Piercing for both men and women has been the lobe and cartilage piercing.

Different Types of Industrial Piercing You Can Get If for Yourself

Let’s see how many different styles of ear piercing can be the best for you. And let’s see if you could find something interesting.

Simple Ear Piercing

types of ear piercings

Simple ear-piercing is the most common choice for females. However, this choice can be the chicest and charming Piercing. Though people try to stand out different from the crowd and choose divergent styles for ear-piercing, the Simple kind of ear piercing is lovely and chic at the same time.

Daith Piercing

types of ear piercings

Daith Piercing is situated on the inner side of the cartilage and sounds to be painful. But the fact about Daith piercing is; it is the most painless Piercing, though it is a bit more painful than the upper and lower lobe piercing.

This part is very trendy for getting pierced and has easy upkeep. You can wear a classy floral design or a simple hoop to add style to your look.

Helix Piercing

types of ear piercings

Helix ear piercing is situated in the upper layer of the outer cartilage anywhere. This part is usually the first choice of getting pierced after the ear’s upper and lower lobes.

Confirmed by professionals, this has become the most trending zone of the Piercing chosen by the people. And they tend to get more than one pierce in the same ear. People like to explore and experiment more on this kind of Piercing.

Forward Helix Piercing

types of ear piercings

In forwarding Helix Piercing, there is nothing different; only the location is different. It is situated on the front side of the cartilage, near the bottom of your helix.

With its placement situated on the cartilage’s front side, studded gem or diamond earrings would look unique, beautiful, and trendy. And to be informed, it is easy to maintain and clean this part of the ear daily.

Industrial Piercing

types of ear piercings

For Industrial Piercing, you need to get your upper layer of the cartilage in two different locations. After completion of the Piercing, the artist places a small bar between the two openings.

Both the ends are secured with petite ball closures to ensure that the bar stays in its place. And this is seen alongside the exterior cartilage. This Piercing is painful and needs to be taken proper care of in the long run.

Ear Lobe Piercing

types of ear piercings

Ear Lobe Piercing is widespread and is chosen by every woman. It is effortless and less painful than any other piercing in the ear. Ear lobe piercing is done on the lower upper, and the middle lobe.

Ear lobe piercing is classic and standard Piercing. This is the most recommended Piercing, as well. Only 10 or 20 out of 100 find it painful and suffer the pain for a few days. Though it is widespread, it is a very classy and chic piercing you can get done.

Plus, this is for both males and females, and thus it is chosen very often by the people.

Cartilage Piercing

types of ear piercings

Cartilage piercing is the second most selected area for getting ear pierce. It is wholly based on your preference. There are quite a few spots on the cartilage, which you can get pierces depending upon your choice.

You must remember that cartilage piercing is difficult and painful because of the rigid and stiff skin. It may even be uncomfortable for a few days cause your pain to increase.

Tragus Piercing

types of ear piercings

Tragus Piercing is pierced on the inner side of the cartilage. It is precisely above the lobe and right in the canal of the cartilage. This is painful at times depending upon your sensitivity and stiffness of the canal part.

It is easy to maintain and clean. You can wear simple stud earrings and or hoops, which can look classy.

Rook Piercing

different ear piercings

Rook Piercing is situated between the snug to the opposite end of the rim cartilage. This Piercing is more painful than any other piercing. You can style with different types of earrings for this part of Piercing. It is advisable to seek a professional and experienced to get this Piercing. This Piercing is to be done with full care and proper method.

Rook Piercing is costlier than other Piercing because of its risk and tedious process.

Snug Piercing

types of ear piercings

Snug piercing is another kind of Tragus Piercing done in the inner cartilage, especially for those interested in an edge. The opening is made with the interior perimeter of the cartilage.

For this Piercing, you need to be cautious cause this is painful and brings a lot of discomfort to you. You need to avoid citric food when choosing this ear piercing to prevent boils, swelling, and extreme pain.

Conch Ear-Piercing

types of ear piercings

Conch Piercing is done in the middle part of the cartilage ear. This kind of Piercing is much adaptable because the opening is situated in the inner or the outer part of the ear based on your likings.

For a stylish and personalized look, you can wear hoops and gemstone studs. If you want to have a formal and straightforward look, you can wear simple rose gold or small silver hoops.

Orbital Piercing

types of ear piercings

Orbital Piercing is situated mostly in the helix, lobe, or the cartilage where two holes are made in the same part at a minute centromeres of distance, in such a way that a hooped piece of earrings can easily roll out through both the holes.

This Piercing can be made in any part of the ear.

Transverse Lobe Piercing

types of ear piercings

The opening of the lower lobe gains transverse Lobe Piercing. The transverse lobe piercing gets through the skin parallelly using a barbell.

To be sure, this Piercing can not be done on the cartilage of the ear. This can damage your ear and can be dreadful.

Ear Piercing Pain

types of ear piercings

Honestly, ear piercing can be painful at different levels depending on which part of the ear you are getting pierced. Some spots are very painful and can get you boils. It is advisable to get shot by professionals and experience so that you bear less pain.

If needed, do have medication to avoid any allergies and reactions. If you are experienced and have no responses for once, you can get other Piercing done in other areas like; Daith, Helix, tragus, and Conch.

types of ear piercings


So did you find it Interesting? We are sure you would be confused now; which part to get pierced all to get pierced? Ultimately choose the Piercing according to the costing.

However, the higher the cost, the better would be the quality and serving quality. And most importantly, take proper care and medicines if required after getting your ears pierced.

It is indispensable, and you take proper care of your Piercing, or else you can get reactions and allergies, which can be a lot painful, and in the end, there can be chances that you will have to stop wearing earrings. We hope you found this Blog helpful. So do share this Blog with your friends and families who are interested in different kinds of Piercing.

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