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industrial piercing

Regarding fashion, we always look for the best in comfort. Accepting challenges has become a trend in today’s world. Now that we’re talking about trends, industrial piercing is one of the hottest topics in fashion. Piercings have always been popular. Now that we have different types of piercings, people worldwide are eager to explore them.

What is an Industrial Piercing?

What is an Industrial Piercing

Before getting one done on your ears, it is better to understand what exactly it is. Industrial piercing requires puncturing from the uppermost section of your ear cartilage in either of two different directions. The traditional form of piercing is when two different piercings are connected with a piece of barbell jewelry.

The other name of industrial ear piercing is Bar Piercing or Scaffolding Piercing. In this piercing, the uppermost puncturing is directed in two different directions, usually half an inch apart from each other. A bar piercing is always done in a traditional style. The professional experts always use a needle instead of a gun.

One of the essential things in bar piercing is always to look for an experienced and professional piercer. Never choose someone less expensive. Industrial piercing always requires a professional hand to avoid any mishap.

The piercing procedure will begin with puncturing the helix, which is the outer upper ear, followed by a forward helix piercing with a barbell. This is the traditional way of piercing. Different variations are followed to attain a different look. Thus, bar ear piercing is a challenging one but one of the most admired ear piercings.

Does an Industrial Piercing Hurt?

After reading that it is one of the most challenging ear piercings, how much industrial piercings will hurt is a self-explanatory question. The fact is, though it seems to be painful, it is not much painful. In comparison to other cartilage piercings, industrial piercings are less painful.

The fact is, you will feel numb and tired as you will experience two piercings simultaneously. Your skin will experience tenderness during the entire process. The pain will gradually increase in the first few weeks of the piercing. During the piercing process, you will feel discomfort temporarily suppressed by keeping an ice pack after the revolution.

The piercer expert will make you wear simple barbell piercing jewelry. They will ask you to wear the same jewelry in the first few weeks. Wearing standard and lightweight jewelry will reduce the pain and help you to heal sooner.

However, industrial ear piercing is less painful than other cartilage piercing. Taking proper care to avoid further complications and skin reactions would be best. Taking proper care will help you to heal sooner and enjoy a variety of bar-piercing jewelry. In short, the industrial piercing process is not painful. The initial days after piercing can cause you a little bit of discomfort. That is it!

Various Styles of Industrial Piercing

Various Styles of Industrial Piercing
Different Styles of Industrial Piercing

So far, the standard industrial piercing is always admired the most. In a standard industrial bar piercing, helix piercing is connected with the antihelix piercing. Usually, most of the people who are looking forward to getting a bar piercing go for the standard style. However, being an ear-piercing enthusiast, I have to introduce you to the various types of industrial piercing.

There are two other styles of industrial ear piercing. Let us see which of them you can try for yourself.

1. The Vertical Industrial Ear Piercing

The Vertical Industrial Ear Piercing

In a vertical ear piercing, the piercing can be done in different sections of the cartilage. The helix piercing is usually paired with a conch piercing or with two conch piercings. They look extremely stunning when you explore the different types of barbell piercing ear jewelry.

If you are looking for something challenging and exciting, go for vertical industrial bar piercing. You will get to explore something different, which will help you stand uniquely in the crowd. So, what do you think, my friend?

2. The Twin or Triple Industrial Piercing

The Twin or Triple Industrial Piercing

The twin and triple industrial piercing consist of multiple piercings. Expert piercers always try various options for jewelry in twin and triple bar piercing. In the initial days, they will use the standard and light-weighted jewelry or studs. Later after completing the initial days, reach out to them, they will guide you with the best jewelry.

Just before finalizing any dress or jewelry, we explore the different styles and options. In the same manner, exploring the different styles of industrial ear piercing will be beneficial. So, what do you think? Reach out to professional experts and gain more knowledge for your betterment.

Industrial Ear Piercing Healing Process

Industrial Ear Piercing Healing Process

Industrial barbell piercing for ear will healing process is same as any other ear cartilage piercing. It takes around three weeks to a month to heal healthily. If you are worried about how long you will have to bear the pain and discomfort, it is no longer a matter of concern. There are ways to heal efficiently. So you have nothing to worry about the healing process.

The healing process is nothing to worry about. If you follow all the aftercare guidelines nicely, you will quickly heal without any further complications. Aftercare guidelines are very beneficial for all those who have recently got a piercing. Though the healing process guidelines are the same for everyone, the skin type matters too.

What is your skin type, directly impacts the healing process. If you find it difficult to heal, contact your dermatologist, who will guide you with the correct healing procedure. To avoid permanent closure of the piercing, it is better to reach out to your doctor.

If you were thinking and worried about your healing process, I will make it easier for you. I am sharing some of the basic aftercare guidelines you can follow for every skin type. All the aftercare guidelines can be followed in your daily routine. So for your better healing process, keep reading further to explore the aftercare process.

Aftercare Guidelines for Industrial Piercing

Aftercare Guidelines for Industrial Piercing

I am pretty sure you are eagerly waiting for the aftercare guidelines to heal quickly. Before you come down to any conclusion, let me inform you that these are practical guidelines for all skin types. So, let us see which one helps you to have a comfortable and less painful healing process.

1. Never Put Pressure on Your Jewelry

In the initial days, your skin and the area near the piercing are very tender. In the initial weeks, it is better not to put pressure on your piercing. If you try to set them or move them, they can hurt you and start bleeding.

If you feel discomfort or pain in the piercing, apply an ice-pack near the ear piercing. Applying ice packs will help you to heal better and efficiently. It helps you maintain a better comfort for your piercing.

2. Do Not Move the Jewelry in the Initial Weeks

It is not a good idea to put pressure on your jewelry, and it is better not to move the jewelry or the stud. Moving the studs, again and again, can harm you. This can eventually increase the pain and inflammation near the piercing. Thus, it is always recommended by professionals and experts not to change the studs and the barbell piercing.

If you feel the piercing jewelry is heavy, you can go for a simple industrial piercing without barbell jewelry. Using standard and bare light-weighted studs is helpful to sustain and bear the pain. This can give you a bit more comfort until the piercing heals properly.

3. Keep Your Hair Away from the Piercing

One of the essential things you should know is to keep your hair away from piercing. Your hair can get tangled in the piercing, which can cause discomfort and pain. Thus, please ensure to tie your hair properly. Every expert gives you one more piece of advice to avoid cutting your hair or style your hair with various applications. Thus, it is advisable to keep your hair away from the piercing.

4. Keep Your Bed Sheet and Pillows Clean

You sleep on your bed and pillows. We dig our face in our pillows which can be a great medium to invite infections and complications. If your pillows are not clean and hygienic, they can cause your infection or complications, further impacting your healing process.

Thus, it is essential to keep your bed sheets and pillows clean and sterile.

5. Keep Your Body Hydrated

One of the best aftercare routines is to keep your body hydrated. It is a great way to heal the piercing without creating any further complications. A hydrated body works for all skin kinds. This will not create any additional scars. When your body is hydrated, you won’t experience any itching sensation. Thus, keep drinking plenty of water to keep your skin nicely hydrated.

6. Keep Your Piercing Clean and Dry

One of the best aftercare is to keep your bar piercing clean and dry. Regularly clean the piercing with a wet wipe and let it dry. Try avoiding any cream application on the piercing. Using foreign bodies can invite skin complications or infections. Thus keep them clean and dry.

Industrial Piercing Cost

The industrial piercing will cost you somewhere between $30 to $70. Even if you go to the best professional in the town, they will not cost you more than this. It is better to explore different experts before finalizing any one of them.

The costing is done based on the [process they are following. As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to go for a traditional form of piercing. This will reduce the chances of skin complications. Thus, it is better to explore more options of piercing experts. Based on the professional expert and their piercing procedure, the industrial piercing cost is decided.

Why Not Get an Industrial Ear Piercing?

Before ending the blogs, here is a strong reason why you should not get an industrial piercing. Industrial piercing is an excellent source of skin complications. Not every skin can handle this piercing. They can cause harm and skin reactions. Thus, it is advised to reach out to a skin expert before getting an industrial piercing done. They will advise you if it is beneficial or not for your skin.

Final Thought

Industrial piercing has become a trend in today’s fashion world. All thanks to the various jewelry styling options you will get in this piercing. Before finalizing the industrial piercing, explore the piercing types and ask the professionals for the best piercing experience. So, when are you getting your appointment booked?

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