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Ear piercing has become one of the trending jewelry styles. People love to get different types of ear piercings in today’s world. However, one of the most exciting piercings after the lobe piercing is the Helix piercing. They are neither too painful nor too loud. Helix piercing allows you to explore different jewelry styles that you can try on.

Usually, due to the location of the piercing, people mistake it with all other piercing styles. At the same time, the upper cartilage piercing is called helix piercing. People have many thoughts before getting an ear helix piercing. Don’t you discover the place before visiting it personally? In the same way, you must discover the piercing style in detail.

In this blog, you will get to discover everything about helix piercing. It will help you understand the piercing better. After detailed research, I have compiled every fact and information in this blog. So, before wasting any further time, let us start with the blog.

What Is Helix Piercing?

What Is Helix Piercing

Ear helix piercing is done on the uppermost cartilage of the ears. This piercing is one of the most delicate piercing styles. It seems to be easy, though it takes longer than expected. As per the survey, most people love to wear helix piercings in comparison to other ear piercings.

Helix piercings need puncturing on the top of the ear. They are further dividing into three different types of piercing. People believe that helix piercing is just one spot in the entire ear. In contrast, the fact is that the helix is an arch that is created on the upper cartilage of the ear.

diagram of piercing

The figure that is depicted  above will help you understand the arch better. When you are planning to get a helix piercing on your ear, it is crucial to understand the puncturing points on your ear.

Helix piercings have different types.

  • Standard helix piercing
  • Forward helix piercing
  • Double helix piercing
  • Triple helix piercing

You will get to know all of them as you read further.

Does Helix Piercing Hurt?

Does Helix Piercing Hurt
 woman getting helix piercing

Helix piercing won’t hurt you much. Yes, you may feel a slight pinch while puncturing, but nothing more than that. The junction where you are getting the piercing done matters. Though helix piercings won’t hurt you much, they can become a source of complications. As discussed earlier, helix piercing is further divided into different types; the pain will fluctuate accordingly.

The three different types of piercing will impact the amount of pain you will experience. You don’t need to experience pain while puncturing. Once you are done with the piercing, you will experience the pain gradually for a few days or a week or two.

Some people experience boils, swelling, and blood release if they have susceptible skin. Though this is normal and has nothing to worry about, still, if you feel restless, you can immediately reach your skin expert. They will help you understand the exact condition of the skin and guide you accordingly.

Anyhow, in general, helix piercing is not at all painful. You will feel a slight pinch while puncturing your ears. That is all you will have to bear. Other than that, you can avoid any complications with the help of aftercare guidelines. It is crucial to understand the skin’s sensitivity before and after getting the piercing done for early healing.

Various Types of Helix Piercing

I am pretty sure you are excited to know exactly what the variations in a helix piercing are. There are various styles of helix piercing. Before finalizing the standard helix piercing, it is better to explore the other three of them too. You never know, maybe you will find them exciting and shift your interest towards them.

So, let us see what different variations are there in the piercing world.

Standard Helix Piercing

Standard Helix Piercing
girl with Standard helix piercing

Standard piercing is where puncturing is done right on the upper arch of your cartilage. It is located right on the top of the ear. This is one of the most commonly recommended and admired ear-piercing men and women both opt to try on their ears. However, it is advisable to go for standard piercing if you are a first-timer.

Forward Helix Piercing

forward helix piercing
girls with forward helix piercing

Forward helix piercing is pierced exactly on the uppermost cartilage. The ears take a curve while connecting the temple on your face. It is one of the most delicate portions of your ear. You may experience continuous pain if you are planning to get a forward helix piercing. You can limit yourself to sport studs made of gemstones to avoid more pain and irritation.

Double Helix Piercing

double helix piercing
girl with double helix piercing

Double helix piercing is one of the most admired helix piercings. Just as the name explains, double puncturing is done for getting a double helix piercing. Double helix piercing is admired because it allows you to wear more jewelry and honestly enhances your ears. Double helix piercing makes them look more appealing.

Triple Helix Piercing

Triple Helix Piercing
girl with Triple Helix Piercing

Triple helix piercing is the next level of piercing. It makes three punctures on the cartilage of the upper ear. It gives you the access to try out variations of helix piercing jewelry. If you want, you can explore different varieties of jewelry styles. Triple helix piercing is advisable for those who are ready to look after some complications if they appear.

Healing Process After the Helix Piercing

Healing Process After the Helix Piercing

Once you are done with the piercing process, healing is essential. The pain and inflammation should heal in a few days or weeks. At times you will have to seek the help of a skin expert to heal. Healing is a must to enjoy the various styles of helix piercing jewelry. If you are not healing, there are chances that you will experience some complications sooner or later.

The healing process is not a great deal if you follow the aftercare guidelines honestly. Usually, it takes two to three weeks to heal normally. However, it will take a maximum of one month to heal completely. In between this time, if you experience any complications or symptoms of discomfort, it is advisable to reach out to a skin expert.

The healing process depends on the skin type and what kind of aftercare you are taking. Though aftercare is standard for every skin type, the impact varies on your efforts. That is why it is said that having a healthy and natural healing is crucial and beneficial both. And, if you want to enjoy helix piercing, healing is essential.

I am pretty sure, and now you must be wondering what aftercare will help you heal sooner? They are specific and essential things that you can do daily. Don’t worry, read further to learn the tips for the same.

Aftercare Guideline

These aftercare guidelines are fundamental and advised by every skin and piercing expert. Usually, people believe that aftercare does not matter a lot, whereas it is crucial. If you know the exact methods, it will help you to heal sooner. Thus, here are some of the best, most common guidelines you can follow on your typical days.

Keep Your Face and Ears Clean

Keep Your Face and Ears Clean

When you get any piercing, it is crucial to maintain clean and hygienic skin. When you get a helix piercing, it is recommended by the experts to keep your face and ears clean. Especially the section near the piercing. The skin is susceptible to the pierced area. Keeping the area clean will prevent you from all kinds of skin complications that can lead you to pain and discomfort.

Even when cleaning your ears, ensure that you are using clean and sterile wipes or cloth. Ensure that it does not get stuck in the jewelry that can hurt your ears and piercing. Be very careful while cleaning the area surrounding the helix piercing.

Avoid Moving the Jewelry

Avoid Moving the Jewelry

In the initial days, even the piercer will ask you to wear simple and standard jewelry. The skin is susceptible, wearing or moving the jewelry, again and again, will cause you pain and, at times, bleeding too. Thus, ensure that you are wearing simple light weighted jewelry that will not cause you much pain.

Try to wear stud jewelry to avoid any mishap. Wearing loops can get stuck in your hair, which can cause you more pain while getting rid of it. Thus, wear simple ones and do not move them until you clean or wipe the dirt near the area.

Keep the Piercing Dry

Keep the Piercing Dry

After understanding that the stud is supposed to be a light and straightforward weightier, it is crucial to understand that piercing should be dry. Using any solutions to avoid pain or infections, do not use any solutions.

Do not clean the piercing with water frequently. The more you keep the piercing dry, the sooner your skin will heal. If the skin remains moist, they tend to welcome various complications. Thus, for your good, keep the piercing clean and dry.

Wear good quality metal as your jewelry to avoid rusting and causing further complications. This aftercare can help you heal soon.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Diet matters a lot in healthy healing and aftercare. Avoid food items that contain citric acids. Citric acid is a source of skin complications. They tend to cause boils and skin reactions. Thus to avoid that pain avoid citric food.

Consume more water to keep your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin helps your piercing to heal quickly. If you are not sure what to avoid and what to consume, you can ask a skin expert to advise you on the correct choice of diet.

Keep Your Pillows and Bedsheets Clean

Where you sleep and how much cleanliness you are maintaining effects directly on your healing process. It is crucial to keep your bed sheets and pillows clean, dry, and sanitized. Mainly your pillow and pillow covers when it is about helix piercing. You place your ears directly on the pillow, thus it is essential to maintain a clean and soft pillow.

Use clean and sanitized cover daily for the initial weeks to avoid any skin complications.

Avoid Foreign Bodies Connected to the Ear

Avoid Foreign Bodies Connected to the Ear

Foreign bodies are to be avoided when you have got a new piercing. Especially in the case of mid helix piercing. It requires a lot of care when you have two different piercings on the sides. They require a lot of care. Foreign bodies like any cosmetics or solutions you are using on your ears may not react positively to the piercing. Thus, avoid using foreign bodies in the initial days of the piercing.

Keep Your Hair Away from Your Ear

Keep Your Hair Away from Your Ear

Hair can be a great deal to take care of. If, by chance, they can get stuck in the studs and jewelry while doing your hair. So, be very cautious while doing your hair. If they get stuck in the jewelry, safely and patiently remove them from the jewelry.

How Much Is a Helix Piercing Cost?

Helix Piercing Cost
helix piercing jewelry

The fundamental question that hits every mind is, how much is a helix piercing cost? Though it does not cost you much, it is still better to ask or know before the piercing process. Usually, helix piercing will cost you somewhere between $40 to $50 if getting it done in a standard style.

If you are planning to get it done by gunshot, it will cost you around $20. However, it is advised to get it done in a traditional style. Gunshots are instant, but they can get you other complications. It closes the opening soon as the piercing is very minutely creating.

Thus, go for traditional styles. Any piercing expert will charge you a reasonable cost. So, you need not worry about how much you will have to spend to get a helix piercing done.

Why Not Get a Helix Piercing?

Why Not Get a Helix Piercing

Usually, experts believe helix piercing is not for everyone. In some situations, experts do not advise you to get a helix piercing. They feel not every skin type can bear the pain and discomfort. Some of the situations are listed below:

  • If you have sensitive skin. Dehydrated skin, which cannot take piercing positively. They advise not to get the piercing done unless they are ready to bear the pain and complications.
  • Helix piercing pain is not bearable for everyone. Usually, many of them feel a lot of pain and discomfort. Eventually, they remove the studs, and that closes the piercing.

These two are some of the common reasons why not to get a helix piercing. So, if you are ready to bear all the pain and discomfort, you can plan to get a helix piercing done.

The Final Thought

Helix piercing is a trend in today’s world. People love to try variations of helix piercing. All thanks to the varieties of jewelry you will get to explore in a helix piercing. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your chance!

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