Which Type of Jewelry is More Trendy in 2024?

type of jewelry

Jewelry can make an excellent fashion statement. Which type of jewelry is in for this year? Irregular shapes and bracelets are in right now.

There’s no reason to let the pandemic keep you from indulging in your favorite type of jewelry therapy. After all, you still want to look great on that Zoom call. Without a lot of jewelry, the appearance is incomplete.

From the dramatic baroque chandelier earrings to the large-size chain necklaces that express urban amorous feelings, gadgets enrich the designers’ horizons and further enrich the stories they try to tell through their collections. Look fabulous and on point with the hottest jewelry trends in this year.

The Type of Jewelry to Keep an Eye On In This Year

Maybe the pandemic put designers in a nostalgic mood for better times. Whatever the case, you’ll notice that even more strongly than usual, they looked to the past for inspiration. Some of this year’s trends are grounded in your childhood, while others have roots that go back much farther.


Bangles jewelry

Bangles are back. Designers had the slim wrists of their runway models adorned with the biggest, the chunkiest, and the most eye-catchy designs. Modesty is not the keyword this year. So, if you like wrist candy, this is your time to shine.


Charm bracelets are also big this year. If you didn’t save your charm bracelet from junior high, don’t worry. There are enough new offerings out there to keep you jingling throughout the year.


Pearls jewelry

Pearls are in. That’s right, pearls. But these pearls aren’t the boring little perfectly round white ones your grandmother handed down to your mother. Some of the newer pearls sport irregular shapes and are coupled with various metals and other jewels like tourmaline gemstones.


Speaking of talismans, it seems that this is the year to wear a symbol, pendant, or relic that tells the world who you are and what’s important to you. Let your freak flag fly from the end of your favorite necklace.

Handbags on Necklaces

You can also expect to see purses dangling from necklaces. The one-time standard dress item for the boho crowd is back. Of course, designers give you the option to choose items that still fit in with the quasi-hippie vibe or go uptown with necklace and bag combinations more suited for invitation-only after-hours parties.

Extended Length Necklaces

Necklaces have grown this year. Yeah, you can still wear your chokers, but extended necklaces are now hot. You’re not running with the cool kids unless your necklace reaches at least the middle of your torso.



If you’re getting the idea that much of the trends in necklaces borrow from the past, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that beads are also back. Remember those beads you played with in elementary school? They’re showing up in some well-respected jewelry lines this year. They’re just as colorful as you remember them, but not as cheap.


You probably also remember making DIY necklaces out of paperclips or the pull tabs from soft drink cans. Designers have hacked your childhood memories and upgraded them with semi-precious and precious metals. Chains are big this year, and so are the size of the chains. Like bracelets, necklaces have gotten noticeably chunkier.

One Earring

Earring jewelry

The one earring trend continues this year. So, get used to people politely but incorrectly informing you that you’re missing an earring.

Big Earrings

If you were missing an earring, it would be easy to spot because big earrings are the thing this year. Also, if you like feather dusters, you’re on-trend. If feather dusters aren’t your thing, how about hoops?

Did you put your hoops away a few years ago to avoid looking dated? Polish them and wear them proudly like you’re in your own 80s music video. Or go shopping for new ones. The latest designs weren’t anywhere near the design board that last time this look was this hot.

The Current Year is not the year many of us think of. With the coming of the New Year, we look forward to ourselves with ambition and a positive attitude, and hope to get out of our homeland. Although the only solution in this year should be to return to normal life, we are preparing to return to our old practices (hopefully), but we also need to be prepared for this.

We spent most of the time at home last year. We did take care of the skin and the body, but we did not really update the wardrobe, styles, etc. Hey, is jewelry-the most important accessory? Well, most of us have neglected these essentials. If you love jewelry as much as we do, then it’s time to take a look at the above trends that determine this year’s jewelry industry.

The whole world is getting prepared for global vaccination plan but can we really bid goodbye to our pajamas and welcome these above trends? Stay on top of the latest type of jewelry and all other fashion trends by reading the latest blog entries here on Fashionterest.

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