Top Animal Jewelry with Their Meaning and Significance

Animal Jewelry

Humans and animals have an age-old connection. Ever since humans came to this earth, they have been connected with animals for various reasons. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Animal Jewelry adds significance to many aspects of humans’ life. Whether it is using them as a means of transportation, or wearing animal talismans to bring about positive transformation in our lives, animals have been of great significance to us.

Talking about animal jewelry, cultures, religions, and countries have relied on symbols for years to protect themselves. Wearing such pieces show myriads of emotions and beliefs of people from all across the globe.

And it still prevails today! People in modern times also want to wear elegant jewelry that carries a message about who they are or to get some form of energy. It has to be something that attracts high vibrations and good energies.

In this blog, we have discussed the top 5 animal jewelry and their associated meanings.

Life is complicated without all the fuss and frills of keeping up with fancy trends. As such, wearing animal jewelry is a way to adorn yourself in the most simple and elegant way along with getting positive energy.

Here are five kinds of animal-themed jewelry to fill your life with positivity and abundance.

Octopus Jewelry

Octopus Animal Jewelry

The octopus has different meanings for different people and communities. For some, it represents willpower, concentration, and intelligence, as the Octopus has a unique nervous system. Since the octopus can get out of any trouble easily, octopus jewelry also symbolizes luck.

In some cultures, this sea creature has been linked with evil and darkness. This is because when an octopus senses any threat, it secretes ink-cloud, which turns the sea water into impassable darkness. For this reason, sailors often wear Octopus jewelry and amulets. Octopus is believed to protect them from danger or the evil eye.

According to some modern beliefs, octopus-themed jewelry is linked with time spirals and cyclicity. As such, Octopus jewelry symbolizes longevity and eternity in the current era.

Other symbolism of Octopus jewelry includes regeneration, adaptability, courage, and flexibility.

Turtle Jewelry

Turtle Animal Jewelry

Do you feel drawn to tortoises or turtles? The tortoise is the most ancient creature on this earth. Also, they have long life spans. Hence, the tortoise represents longevity. Turtles are believed to bring messages from the natural world.  They have incredible energy, which represents the time-honored concept of the turtle that carries the world on its back. In feng shui, the wisdom that became the I-Ching was also said to have arisen from the markings on the back of a tortoiseshell.

Turtles are recognized as a symbol of prosperity and abundance. It is considered a powerful talisman that encourages fortune and grants wishes. Wearing turtle jewelry can also enhance wisdom.

Starfish Jewelry

Starfish Jewelry

The starfish is considered a celestial symbol just like the stars. As beautiful as they appear, they have several beautiful meanings associated. A starfish represents infinite divine love. It also symbolizes renewal, regeneration, and self-sustainability.

Wearing starfish totems can move you through life doing most things in your own way. Your instincts become high-spirited and you can use your innate ability to discern new opportunities and possibilities. Your ability to follow your inner voice and heart improves and you tend to achieve your goals and desires. Also, your tendency to see things either up or down, black or white, right or wrong improves.

Dolphin Jewelry

Dolphin Jewelry

Different philosophies are associated with wearing dolphin designer jewelry. Some love to wear them because of their love for this playful creature, while some others wear them to honor Mother Nature. Similarly, some others have their religious beliefs related to it. Christians, for instance, demonstrate dolphins as a sign of prosperity. On the other hand, it symbolizes knowledge, territory, majesty, specialist, and affection for Greeks. In Celtic culture, it is regarded as the defender of hallowed wells and water.

Dolphins in some cultures also symbolize a charm offered to young couples to ensure fertility and future family.  These are also believed to bring luck.

Whale Tail Jewelry

Whale Tail Jewelry

Ever wondered why people around you wear whale tail pendants orrings?

A whale tail represents strength. The tail of a whale has a lot of power ad is a major source of strength for this gigantic mammal. Hence, it symbolizes brute power and strength.

According to some beliefs, a whale tail also symbolizes wisdom, transformation, communication, protection, and magnificence.

Did you know that whales can navigate through the vast oceans with ease? Thanks to their tails – they’re constantly up and down movement helps them speed up and catch their prey.  For this reason, whale tail jewelry represents speed and agility.

Observing the whale’s tail closely will let you see the two lobes uniting to form their fluke. This is the most powerful asset of whales. Hence, a whale tail symbolizes unity.

Are You an Animal Jewelry Lover?

Are You an Animal Jewelry Lover

If you have a fascination for animal jewelry and a love for animals, you must add some pieces to your closet. Not only will these pieces make you look stylish and enhance your look, but will bring a positive transformation to your personality and life. Many online stores are available out there where you can find a unique collection of animal jewelry. Just explore your options and buy the jewelry that you are most drawn to. But choose authentic online stores only.

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