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Engagement Ring

Have you made up your mind to sell your old engagement ring? Letting go of such sentimental jewelry is difficult. To top it off, not getting a good deal once you sell diamond rings will hurt even more.  So, before you start looking for places to sell your old diamond ring, you need to understand what it is actually worth.

Very often we think that our ring is worth a lot of money just because it has a diamond in it. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your diamond ring needs to be assessed and evaluated in order to determine what it’s worth. Based on this assessment, you can then sell diamond rings with realistic expectations.

So, What are the Factors That Affect Your Engagement Ring’s Value?

Your diamond ring needs to be assessed by gemologists to arrive at its value. For authentic grading of diamonds, there is a need for uniformity. As a result, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has put out four primary factors that must be kept in mind while examining a diamond.

These are also known as the 4Cs – clarity, color, carat weight and cut of a diamond, and you must pay special attention to these factors when you sell diamond rings.

Diamond Clarity

Very often, natural diamonds have a host of imperfections and flaws. This often compromises their clarity. But, sometimes these imperfections are too minimal to be noticed by the untrained eye.

The value of your engagement ring also varies on the basis of relief and inclusions present in the stone. Thus, the bigger the inclusion, the greater will be its impact on diamond clarity, and this will have a negative impact on its value.

Diamond Color

Diamond Color of Engagement Ring

GIA classifies this color factor on a scale of “D” to “Z”, where D represents colourless diamonds and Z signifies diamonds that are yellowish or light brown in colour. When you sell diamond rings, colored diamonds like blue and pink hold high value. A yellowish tint is not considered to be desirable in case of white diamonds.

Carat Weight of Diamonds

Due to the extreme precision required in weighing diamonds, the fraction of a carat can make a huge difference in the diamond value. Thus, accurate weighing is of great importance when you sell diamond rings.

Diamond Cut

Cutting a diamond is the key to increasing its appeal. The proportions and cutting determine the angle at which light enters the diamond.

These were the 4Cs of determining a diamond’s value. Now, let us look at some other factors that will help you better understand the value of your engagement ring. Keeping these in mind, you will be able to sell diamond rings properly.

Did your engagement ring come with a diamond certificate?

If yes, good news! Your engagement ring will fetch you a good sum of money. Since they are a world-class laboratory with the highest standards of evaluation, GIA diamond certificates are highly coveted. As a result, diamond certification can tilt the scales in your favor when you sell diamond rings.

Diamond Symmetry and Polish

Diamond Symmetry and Polish of Engagement Ring

In case a diamond is not well-polished, its facets fail to act as mirrors. So, light is not reflected properly, and the diamond will appear dull and ordinary. Diamonds with poor symmetry look deformed. These are visual flaws that bear a negative impact on the resale value of your engagement ring.

Diamond Fluorescence

Diamond fluorescence is nothing but a tinted glow emitted by diamonds. The fluorescence of a diamond is heavily dependent on the color range of the stone. As a result, engagement rings can vary in value due to the degree of fluorescence of the stone.

Diamond Shape

Based on the shape given to a diamond after it has been cut, certain names have been assigned to them. You must have heard of a princess cut, emerald cut, cushion cut or asscher cut engagement ring. These too, may affect the resale value of your engagement ring.

Metal Setting

Is the diamond of your engagement ring set in a precious metal? When you sell diamond rings, you also receive payment for the metal band. So, depending on the value of the metal, the resale value of your diamond ring may increase.

Having a clear understanding of these factors can help you get a firm footing when you sell diamond rings. Now, the big question – where will you get the best deal for your diamond ring based with professional assessment of the above factors?

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Why Should You Sell Diamond Rings at Sell Your Jewelry?

Why Should You Sell Diamond Rings at Sell Your Jewelry

Upon booking an appointment with Sell Your Jewelry, you receive a 100% free consultation with expert gemologists who assess your diamond ring. The complete selling procedure is fully transparent and safe. Their jewelry assessment takes place in Sell Your Jewelry’s Singapore office and the ring is evaluated in your presence.

After a thoroughly professional assessment of  your diamond ring, an appropriate price is offered. Starting from the consultation, till the moment you receive your payment, the whole process is entirely safe and seamless.

Rest assured, when you sell diamond rings with Sell Your Jewelry, you will be receiving the best prices in Singapore.

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