Showcase Your Love with Versatile Heart Shaped Diamond Rings

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

The ring has been a symbol of pure love and commitment for centuries. In recent years, however, more emphasis has been placed on buying the “perfect” engagement ring: not just a symbol of your love, but a symbol of your pure love, personality, and strong relationship.

Whilst love is a universal emotion, no two relationships are ever the same. When it comes to expressing your love and commitment to that special someone, consider doing it in a way that is as unique as the bond you both share.

A ring has the symbolism of life and was first used in Roman times as a pledge of marriage between a couple. These were later adorned with pure diamonds because of their own remarkable significance.

Heart Shaped Diamond

Couples are seeking out Custom ring designs and classic styles that reflect their unique tastes, making for more personalized rings than ever before. This trend has led to the rise of more unique diamond cuts, shapes, and colors.

Since both hearts and diamonds represent feelings of love, the heart-shaped diamond is a beloved choice for engagement and wedding rings. Because the heart shape is so distinctive, it is considered as the hero in diamond jewelry.

The heart shaped diamonds are beautiful and take quite a bit of skill to cut, which makes them even more valuable. To bring out the best in your superior heart cut diamond, choose a setting that will complement its unique shape and bring outs exceptional brilliance and shine.

Solitaire Setting

Solitaire Setting Diamond Ring

You can never go wrong with a quality solitaire setting that brings out the beauty of the heart shaped diamond, accentuating its shape and shine. The solitaire setting is quite simple and easy to clean and maintain and has classic look that perfectly complements the heart shape. Make sure that the sharp point of the heart shaped diamond ring is protected with a carefully placed prong.

Halo Setting

Halo Setting Diamond Ring

The halo setting offers an extra circle of shine around the diamond, emphasizing the heart shaped brilliance.  However, halo settings need proper care and maintenance than solitaire settings because of the tiny diamonds and many grooves the ring contains.

Side Stone Setting

Side Stone Setting Diamond Ring

Side stone settings are popular to add width to an engagement or wedding ring, complementing the heart shaped diamond with added sparkle.  A variation to the side stone is the 3-stone setting, which consists of only 3 stones of equal, or mixed sizes. 3 side stone settings are symbolic, designed to represent the past, present, and future of the couple.

Vintage Heart Shaped Diamond Rings

Vintage Heart Shaped Diamond Rings

If you are a lover of vintage items, a vintage-inspired Heart shaped diamond ring might be perfect for you. You might not get the exact heart cut, as that’s a relatively recent cut. However, you can still find a diamond ring featuring the heart shaped stone.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your New Diamond

Heart Shaped Diamond Cutting Skill

Heart shaped diamonds are considered one of the most difficult cuts to design and requires a talented diamond cutter. It is quite important that a heart shaped diamond is cut with accuracy and high skill. Both round ends of the heart need to match and the cleft should be sharp, well-defined, and divide.

Weight & Shape

It is suggested that a heart shaped diamond weigh above .5 carats. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to see details of the cleft and points. The cleft should be sharp and clear and the wings of the diamond need to have a slight round shape.

Simple settings are perfect to accentuate a heart shaped diamond’s exceptional quality. If you really want the heart shape to pop getting a custom halo setting made can do the trick.

Final Thoughts on Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

Heart shaped diamond rings look stunning in nearly every setting. Whether you choose a solitaire, a halo, or a 3 stone ring design, a heart shaped diamond ring will be a classic piece of jewelry that will turn heads in every room – perfect for the beautiful and lovely woman that captured your heart!

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