Choose Best Earrings for the Shape of Your Face

earring for shape of face

One of the best ways you can style up your look is through fabulous and classy earrings. Indeed, jewelry has been a must-have for most people. Enhance your facial features and add personality and color to an outfit by choosing the best earrings.

Considerations When Buying Earrings

Considerations When Buying Earrings
  • Design – Earrings come in different designs and shapes. Therefore, choose a design that matches your preferences and would go with what you wear. This should not hinder you from trying out new designs that you find attractive and right for you.
  • Material – what type of earring do you need? Would you like a gem earring that stands unique or just metallic jewelry that requires little effort to maintain? Choose an earring that would be easy to maintain and that would not cause allergic reactions on your skin.
  • Color – The color of the earring you choose should complement your outfit, facial complexion and eyes. Try out the various colors available and select the one that blends with the colors that dominate your wardrobe. The earring’s color should determine your outfits, not the other way.
  • Comfort – The appearance and comfort of your earring are affected by their weight. It’s possible to tear or rip your earlobe if you wear heavy earrings. Reach out for light earrings that would not bother you when turning your head or carrying on with your activities.
  • Cost – In most cases, earrings’ prices are set by the materials and quality. You can spend moderately on the earrings you wear randomly and select a few more expensive pairs for special occasions. The most important thing is your satisfaction from the value.

However, the results would be counterproductive if you don’t consider your face shape when buying earrings.  Therefore, it is vital to choose an earring that blends with your natural beauty even if they are not in style.

The simplest way to determine your face shape is by pulling back your hair and traces your lining with lipstick or soap. Choose an earring that is opposite to your facial features.

Below you can find the best earrings for your face shape.

The Best Earrings For Your Face Shape

The Best Earrings For Your Face Shape
  • The Diamond Face – This face shape identified by a wider cheekbone than the forehead and the chin. Most earrings work well for this shape, but you should choose earrings that add more to your beauty and stop just above the chin.
  • The Round Face – These are faces with wider cheekbones and have a narrow forehead. Besides, the jawline is narrow in relation to the cheekbone. In general, your face takes a circular form. The best type of earrings for this shape includes the teardrop long and dangling earrings. The best thing about these earrings is that they elongate your face and counter the round shape with a long straight appearance. Therefore, earrings with the long and sleek build are the best pick.
  • The Oval Face – In the oval face shape, the forehead is not that wide, and it aligns with the high cheekbones. Besides, an oval face is characterized by a narrow and slightly rounded chin, and it is the luckiest shape you can have as a woman who loves earrings. The face is ideal for almost any style and type of earrings as the shape known to blend and has versatility. The best thing to do if you have this shape is experiment with the best earring that complements your look.
  • The Narrow Face – The most defining characteristic of a narrow face is its length. In this case, there is no much emphasis on the width of your cheeks and forehead. Although this face shape is more elongated, it has a general shape as the square face discussed below. The best earrings for this face shape are the short dangles with long curves to add softness and accentuate the cheekbones.
  • The Square face shape – There is no much difference in a square face shape from the jawline to the forehead. In most cases, the width of the jawline, cheeks, and forehead are similar. Therefore, you should go for the round design earrings, especially the ones with rounded edges or oversized hoops. These types of earrings are ideal for your face as they help soften your face’s natural angles and bring attention to your earrings.
  • The Heart Shaped Face – As the term suggests, the faces have a wider forehead than the cheekbones. Therefore, you should choose earrings that are wider at the bottom than at the top.

For instance, the teardrop-shaped dangle would balance your face shape and bring attention to the eyes and jawline.

Now you know how different earrings could fit in various face shapes. Ensure you master your face shape and choose earrings that will complement and balance out the shape. Besides, choose high-quality fashion jewelry as you are wonderfully made regardless of your face shape.

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