Engagement Rings Fitted with Black Diamonds Are the New Way to Propose!

black diamond engagement ring

Black diamonds are quite unknown simply because their grading level is low. It is only recently that people have started loving black diamonds because of how amazing it looks on their hands. Black has always been the industry’s favorite color and noun the same can be seen in the jewelry world. They give a regal and elegant look. If you or someone who is looking for a unique diamond engagement ring then a black diamond engagement ring is perfect for you because it has only been recently explored and we assure you as soon as you’re tired you will absolutely fall in love with it.

Now, what exactly are black diamonds? Diamonds have a lot of inclusions in them to an extent that light leaks absolutely out of them. This gives an intense black look to the internal of the diamond because there is no internal reflection of light happening within the diamond.

Grading authorities do give black diamonds a very low clarity and color grade because of the number of inclusions but the finished look of a well-cut polished black diamond is unmatched.

Why Are Black Diamonds Becoming So Popular


One of the biggest reasons why black diamonds are gaining so much popularity is because of how inexpensive they are. The Diamond grading for black diamonds is quite low and hence the market price of Black Diamond is also extremely affordable.

If you are looking for an alternative diamond ring then black diamonds are the perfect match for you because they make exquisite engagement rings but they are also very friendly to your pocket.

Interesting History

If you go back to folklore and mythology you will find that black diamonds have a mystical charm to them. Black diamonds have conspiracy theories surrounding them and also around what they signified in history.

Earlier people used to believe that black diamonds were an actual outer space object which didn’t really belong to the earth but came from outer galaxies. Many people who have faith in folklore do prefer to buy historically significant items like the black diamond.

It is also said that the black diamond was used to honor gods and goddesses in different royal societies around the globe hundreds of years back.


The color black is associated with power and loyalty both of which are values you absolutely would want in your marriage. The color black is also seen as a sign of sophistication which makes for an absolutely perfect engagement ring.

Uniqueness and Rarity

Natural black diamond engagement rings are a rarity and they are not something that you see on someone’s finger every day. Naturally, black diamonds are even rarer to find than colored diamonds, and hence the appeal of having something that no one does increase the popularity of Black Diamond engagement rings.

The black diamond is gaining popularity but if you’re someone who has just started to explore Black diamonds, Here is a starter guide of the most exquisite and famous designs for black diamond engagement rings.

The Black Diamond Solitaire

The Black Diamond Solitaire

The four-prong Black Diamond solitaire ring is one of the most stunning engagement ring jewelry designs we have seen in a really long time. Black Diamond is extremely affordable; hence you can go with a bigger central diamond. A big central Black Diamond gives the ring a very clean and strong finish and this is definitely an engagement ring that your fiance will always remember.

The Black Diamond Carved Ring

The Black Diamond carved ring is not a specific design but there are some specific branches like carvings you can go with when choosing a big central black diamond.

A platinum band that has intricate carvings wrapped around the Black Diamond gives the ring an antique and beautiful contrast with an all-around heavenly look. You can choose to add small diamond accents to the band of the ring but this is completely optional and suited only for those who want an even more glamorous design.

The Combination Diamond Halo Ring

The halo ring design is one of the most popular designs when it comes to engagement rings but with the combination of two contrasting diamonds, the black diamond, and colorless diamond accents, you get the perfect most grand engagement ring design.

The primary black round cut diamond is complemented by Diamond accents which also cover the band of the Diamond giving an extremely shiny look.

Black Rose Ring

The black rose ring is an exceptionally elegant design and an extremely unique one which only is suitable if you opt for a black diamond. The band of the ring is carved with petals and branches that circle around the main round-cut black diamond which emerges from between the petals exactly like a rose.

You can either go for a platinum band or for a black metal band. Black metal gives an extremely rare look to the ring and platinum gives an elegant finish to the ring.

Pear Cut Black Diamond Ring

Pear Cut Black Diamond Ring

This is the most preferred design that you see when it comes to choosing a black diamond engagement ring. The pear-cut black diamond engagement ring is also a design that has been seen in many popular movies. A simple pear-cut diamond is a primary diamond set in the middle by 4 prongs to keep the Diamond in place.

You can either go with a simple pear cut solitaire or you can go for a Halo ring where the pear cut diamond is surrounded by a pear-shaped halo that has colorless Diamond accents. You can also have the Diamond accents paved on the band if you’re looking for an even more glamorous look.

Ending Remarks 

If you are someone who is looking for a unique and affordable diamond ring then the Black Diamond engagement ring is the perfect option for you. The Black Diamond is gaining popularity day by day as people realize that it is a great alternative and an inexpensive one that lets you have a great and memorable engagement ring. We hope all the information provided above about the Black Diamond helps you in deciding what engagement ring to go for. Happy Shopping!

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