The Allure of the Colored Diamond

Colored Diamond

Diamonds, Everyone’s Best Friend!

Colored diamonds! Ever heard of them?….. First of all, we all know the magic and euphoria that comes with diamonds. They are the subject of a lot of women’s dreams and even men’s filthy rich fantasies. Diamonds in themselves never lose their luster and always glimmer no matter how old they are worn as adornment for special occasions or as a sign of status and prosperity diamonds are known for having quite a reputation in the Jewelry world.

But what most people don’t know that diamonds take on many different characters; they can be romantic, intense, dreamy, or even hardcore. These characters present themselves in colors. Yeah, colors! Diamonds have lots of different colors.

They actually come in almost all the colors of the rainbow. Out of 100,000 diamonds, only a few will have a natural color, making colored diamonds some of the rarest. These diamonds take the jewelry fairytale fantasy to a whole other level.

When Did Colored Diamonds First Appear

When Did Colored Diamonds First Appear

Colored diamonds’ first historical appearance was in the 2nd century when the Romans used them. Colored diamonds were also highly valued in India centuries ago. During this period, brown diamonds were for the warriors, and yellow diamonds were for the merchants. However, the kings and noblemen were the only people allowed to own the full range of colors, so these gems have always carried a level of notoriety.

Colored Diamond jewelry was marketed in Australia during the 80s, playing a significant role in increasing colored diamonds’ popularity. The Argyle mine marketing campaign was the most famous colored diamond campaign at the time, but the mine dropped the campaign in the late 90s because they had achieved their goal of bringing awareness to the colored diamond.

Celebrity Attraction and Popularity

Celebrity Attraction and Popularity

Colored diamonds have also been popular with many celebrities from the 80s up to date. But the new status that these unique gems have received started in the early 2000s. One famous couple at the time, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got engaged, and the subject of the engagement was a beautiful 6.1-carat pink diamond ring.

Jennifer’s engagement ring garnered a wave of interest toward colored diamonds. This has intensified recently with celebrities like Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Victoria Beckham, and even the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Princess Kate Middleton adorning these pieces of art.

Besides celebrity status and the allure and beauty of colored diamonds, they are also popular because of their rarity. Only a few diamonds out of 100,000 will ever have a natural color; that’s how rare they are! Who doesn’t want something that not everyone can have, am I right?.

Collectors also desire colored diamonds. These collectors look for extreme rarity, beauty, and potential investment qualities. For example, the yellow Cora Sun Drop sold for a startling $10.9 million at a Geneva auction in 2011 after exhibiting it at the Natural History Museum in London.

At 110.3 carat, it’s one of the largest diamonds ever sold. This pear-shaped diamond is a rare item among a shortlist of equally record-priced fancy colored diamonds in the last decade. These anonymous collectors buy these gems to place them in a personal collection or on display for all to see.

The Best Kind of Colored Diamond

The color of a fancy diamond varies in intensity and dispensation. Some colored diamonds are very pale, while others are vivid in color. One interesting fact about these gorgeous gems is that every stone has a unique color intensity, so these diamonds are coveted highly by collectors and exquisite buyers.

Certified Diamonds have to be graded by a reputable gem laboratory, and they are graded based on their “4 C” attributes. These attributes are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Among these, most people look out for the color—especially the clarity and saturation level of the shade.

Diamonds with a highly pigmented color are very rare and are the most valuable on the market, making them much more expensive but the best kind to own because of their vibrancy.

How Do Diamonds Get Their Color?

How Do Diamonds Get Their Color?

Do you wonder how diamonds get their color? Let’s go into a bit of gemology; some diamonds are colored in a lab but the most valuable diamonds are the ones that get their color naturally during their formation.

Naturally-colored diamonds are created when trace elements, which are considered foreign substances to the diamond components, interact with the carbon atoms during the diamond’s creation and change its color. Different foreign substances cause different color reactions that give us a pretty wide selection of diamond colors.

Diamonds come in 27 base colors, listed in the color wheel below. However, the varying levels of intensities and modifying hues result in over 200 color combinations.

The most common diamond colors are brown and yellow but diamonds come in natural green, pink, blue, orange, violet, and red. Black and grey also occur but these particular colors are extremely rare and are a lucky find.

Colored Diamond Jewelry

Colored diamonds make some of the most gorgeous jewelry. The metal in which the colored diamond is set makes a huge difference to the glimmer and brilliance of the gem. The gem also compliments the metal with which it is paired.

If you’re wondering what pairing is a match made in heaven, here are some ideas;  pink, violet, and purple diamonds go beautifully with rose gold and yellow along with cold-colored diamonds like the blues and greens look absolutely stunning in platinum, silver, or white gold.

Overall, Colored Diamonds have the wow factor and make some of the most unique and brilliant diamond jewelry. A colored diamond piece is a must-have in every classy and luxurious wardrobe.

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