Engagement Ring for Her: How to Choose the Best One?

Engagement Ring

Choosing a diamond ring could be a daunting task as there are various factors involved. A regular buyer has no choice except to believe the words of a jeweler and therefore sometimes buys an engagement ring with a poor quality diamond.

Although lab-made diamonds are being popular nowadays, because of their low cost and high quality, the cherish to have natural diamonds never faded away. But before purchasing natural diamonds the buyer should check a few things.

Check GIA Certification

GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America. It certifies the diamond quality based on four factors named Color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The price of diamonds varies based on these four factors.

While choosing the diamond for engagement the buyer should keep in mind that, GIA certification is important. If you can understand the words of the certificate, you will be able to know which diamond is of good quality and which one is not. Let’s dive into a little more detail.

Check GIA Certification of Engagement Ring


GIA-certified diamonds have color levels of color variation from D to Z, where D is the colorless diamond and z has the maximum hue giving it near to brown or light yellow color. Still, everything does not depend on this color grade alone. Fancy color diamonds are there which can cost more than what you expect.


A chemically perfect diamond should have no presence of inclusions. But naturally formed diamonds generally has different levels of inclusions. GIA  classified it into 11 level diamond clarity scale having flawless(FL) to included (I). Flawless diamonds price will be much higher than the included one. Choose wisely!


Diamond cut is related to light. A professional jeweler can understand the diamond cut easily whereas general buyers buy it by checking which one looks good in real life.

It would be very difficult for the buyers to check which cut give the maximum light transmission. I would suggest checking which cut like oval, round, marquise, pear looks best and buying an engagement ring based on that.

Carat Weight

First please know, 1ct=0.2gm. The less the carat the weight will decrease. For engagement people generally selects between 0.5ct to 2 ct diamond. Please keep in mind, the price difference between 0.9ct and 1.00 carat will be huge.

Whenever a diamond exceeds the 1ct mark the price increases significantly although the difference between 0.9ct and 1ct would be almost impossible to understand by the naked eye.

Carat Weight of Engagement Ring

Selecting a Trustable Jewelry Shop

There are many shops out there. But to choose the best shop for an engagement ring. I will show you how to find it.

To find the best diamond jewelry shop I will take the help of Google Maps.

First search, ‘Diamond store near me’ or diamond store near ‘your area’. For example, my search query was, ‘diamond store near Houston. I found some store ideas from Google Maps.

Now, check the reviews of the stores. Check what someone like you, said about a business. From my search, I found that Diamond Exchange Houston has 103 reviews and all of them are 5 stars. I read a few reviews and found that people are comparing this store with other nearby stores and are really excited about buying from Diamond Exchange Houston.

I checked a few images, uploaded by the customers, not the owner. The engagement rings purchased by random people are really great looking and they mentioned the price was much less than what they thought. I found 103 happy customer reviews and I really felt confident buying from there.

The next stage is to check Diamond Exchange Houston’s website.

I visited Diamondexchangehouston.com and I found the reason why they can sell at a lower price than its competitors.

First of all, I understood they are not resellers of diamonds but a diamond wholesaler with a retail outlet. For sure, purchasing from re-sellers will increase the price multiple times than its actual price. There are many retailers so check wisely.

Based on my search, I decided to visit Diamond Exchange Houston and purchase from there.

Final Words

Purchasing the best engagement ring requires research. To check the quality of diamonds, the buyer should search for GIA-certified diamonds. One of the best ways to know which store is good for buying diamonds is to check reviews on Google maps as shown in my example using the query ’Diamond Store near Houston’.

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