Tips To Design Your Engagement Ring

Design Your Engagement Ring

Your love story is one of a kind. So why should your engagement ring be mass-produced and pre-designed? To cherish your love in a beautifully unique way, design your engagement ring that reflects your affection and your personalized touch.

Creating a customized engagement ring that portrays your love for the most significant person in your life will be the prologue of the journey you are embarking on together.

How do you design your engagement ring? You don’t need much! Some creativity, your affection, and our guide will be enough to help you create the perfect engagement ring for the special moment.

Thanks to the benefits of digitization, you don’t need to step out of your house anymore. All you got to do is use the online tool to create custom engagement rings online and get doorstep delivery.

Design Your Engagement Ring with These Easy Tips

Design Your Engagement Ring with These Easy Tips

Fix Your Budget

Before you start browsing your ring designs and thinking about the customizations you want, plan a budget. There’s no particular boundary to how much you can spend on your engagement. You can make an exorbitant purchase as long as it suits your budget. There’s no right or wrong amount.

However, ensure you don’t need to break your bank or fall into debt traps to buy your engagement ring. Setting a cap prevents you from overspending.

The price of the custom engagement rings online depends on the following factors-

  • The cut, quality, and size of the center diamond
  • The choice of your precious metal
  • The intricacy of your design

Plan in Advance

Engagement Ring

Designing a customized ring takes more time since you’re not just selecting a pre-designed ring from the store. None of the custom engagement rings online are prefabricated or premade. The jeweler starts designing your ring only after you’ve finalized your design and placed an order.

The process of “design your engagement ring” includes crafting the design from scratch and then actually bringing it to life. Your time of delivery may also depend on the complexity of the design.

Plan at least one month ahead to craft the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Trust Only an Experienced Jeweler

You must be extremely careful while deciding on your jeweler. Choose a jeweler who has qualified craftsmen with extensive experience in the diamond industry. Reputed jewelers generally procure their diamonds through ethical sources.

You may have a distinct idea of how you want to design your engagement ring. To accurately replicate your concept, you’ll surely need the expertise of skilled artisans.

Also, ensure to buy only certified diamonds and metals. Your partner will wear this special ring forever, so you’ll want it to be an accurately crafted piece of the highest quality.

Understand the Style You Want

A reputed online ring store offers tailor-made engagement rings in various styles, from timeless classic to chic ultra-modern. That means no matter what style your partner prefers, you can design a brilliantly unique piece.

Various styles and settings of customized engagement rings exist. Most designs work with both modern and traditional style preferences. Some popular engagement ring styles include:


A simple, timeless beauty featuring a single center diamond without any secondary side stones. The type of setting you choose, the central diamond shape, and the base metal in the ring can give the simple design a unique appearance.

Side Stones

If your partner prefers a slightly more glamorous style than a solitaire, you can go for side stones to complement the central diamond.

  • Halo- In the halo setting, the central diamond is encircled entirely by smaller diamonds, depicting the look of a halo around it. You can select any shape for the center diamond. For a more gorgeous look, you can upgrade this style with a row of smaller diamonds running along with the entire band (eternity pattern).
  • Three stone- In a three-stone ring setting, the center diamond is flanked by two side diamonds slightly smaller in size than the centerpiece.


This popular style features an heirloom design reflecting an antique look. Most vintage styles have intricate rings and complementary precious gemstones to add a uniquely brilliant traditional look.

Stone Settings Central Diamond

Stone Settings Central Diamond
  • Prongs- In a prong setting, tiny claw-like prongs hold the central diamond in position. Standard configurations feature either four or six prongs. With a prong setting, most of the diamonds get exposed to light to illustrate a brilliant effect.
  • Bezel- While a prong setting is an exquisite option, a bezel setting offers a secure alternative to hold the central diamond. It features a metal rim encapsulating the main diamond from the sides to keep it secured. Full bezels cover all sides of the stone and are enclosed in a complete bezel setting, while partial bezels have open sides.
  • Tension: A tension style features the band itself holding the central diamond to depict a suspended effect. The two ends of the metal band create substantial tension to hold the stone in position. This setting exposes a significant portion of the diamond to light and creates a minimalist modern look. Precise diligent craftsmanship is needed to project the correct amount of tension.

Stone Settings- Side Stones

  • Channel Setting: In a channel setting, a groove or channel secures the diamonds in position.
  • Pave Setting: The pave setting features small diamonds nested closely together into drilled holes and using tiny metal beads to hold them in position. The ring creates an illusion of a continuous blanket of diamonds covering it.
  • Bar setting: The bar setting features vertical metal bars for securing the side stones. With this setting, only two sides of every diamond are protected. The top and bottom margins are left exposed.

Choosing the Precious Metal

Now that you’ve determined the ring’s style and design start selecting the precious metal for your ring. Here are the most options-

  • Gold- White/ Yellow or rose gold available in 14k and 18K
  • Platinum
  • You can also opt for unconventional metals, including titanium or palladium.

To design your engagement ring, you need to make various decisions. Ultimately, creating the engagement ring to propose to your partner should be an enjoyable and memorable process.

Customized engagement rings are not as expensive as you think. Choose a reputed online ring store for a quality ring designed with utmost love and care.

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