9 Body Jewelry Styles in 2024

Body Jewelry

Did you know that online fashion sales are expected to grow by 30% this year? Digital shopping means we don’t get to try before we buy. So do you know how to accessorize this season before making your purchases? A lot of piercing jewelry is non-returnable, so you need to get it right. Read on as we discuss the best body jewelry fashion tips this season.

1. Multiple Ear Piercings

 Multiple Ear Piercings

The curated ear is a term being used to describe multiple piercings in one ear. Where it used to be fashionable to have one or two piercings, the ear is now becoming its own microcosm of fashion. This involves going big, bold, and making statements.

The traditional lobe piercing is a great place to start. After this, you can spread out to the upper and inner ear. You could try different types of stud and ring, or go for a different one in each piercing.

One subtrend is cluster piercing. This involves placing the same type of ring or stud in a line using many piercings. This ear gauge size chart can help you when choosing the right sized jewelry for your lobes.

2. Arm Bracelets

Arm Bracelets

This summer, the bare arm is going to be one of the biggest fashion statements. Exposed from a strapped dress or a beach-going vest, shoulders to fingertips are going bare. One way to bring attention to them is with high-quality body jewelry for the arm.

The trend is to wear them relatively high, almost wrapping around the bicep and tricep. The other place is just below the elbow on the forearm.

When buying these armbands, thin, delicate pieces do just not grab the attention. So instead, go for a chunky statement piece in silvers and golds.

3. Bigger Is Better

Bigger Is Better

Make no mistake, this season’s jewelry trend is that bigger is definitely better. When you visit a body jewelry store, you will notice that pieces are getting larger and bolder.

When creating an outfit, opt to go for fewer pieces on the body. The ones you do choose should make a real statement. Large hooped earrings, heavy rings, and large pendants on chains are back in a big way.

4. Nasal Piercings

 Nasal Piercings

Nose piercings have had a real resurgence as of late. Bella Thorne and Zoe Kravitz are just two celebrities to have rocked the look. When considering a nose piercing, you have several choices.

The first is the centrally located septum piercing. This goes on the skin between your two nostrils, under the nose. Many people have been using it to wear ornate, decorative rings.

However, one retro resurgence is the high nostril piercing. Rings remain the preferred fashion choice, though if you want to opt for something a little more understated, you can go for a classic stud.

5. Belly Button Piercing

Belly Button Piercing

It can not be denied that nineties fashion is back with a bang. Chunky sneakers and cropped tops can only be accompanied by one Britney and Christina-inspired choice. That is the belly button piercing.

You can get a lot of great body jewelry online. Opt for a belly button bar that brings just enough attention. Also, you don’t want to go large here for practical reasons as it may snag.

For those just venturing out, belly button piercings are not as painful as you might think. If you still have it there from back in the day, get it out and show it off!

6. Power Cuffs

Power Cuffs

Sticking with the bigger and bolder theme: the power cuff is back. Larger and tighter than a bracelet, a power cuff extends from the wrist up the forearm. A great way to create balance is to wear it on an outfit without sleeves while wearing a high armband on the opposite arm.

Taking cues from Wonderwoman herself, you can go for any number of materials such as wrapped leather or metallic touches. The styles can be highly varied, from ethnic and classical influenced to modern, contemporary pieces. In addition, they often come with embellishments that should reflect the rest of your outfit’s aesthetic.

7. Surfer Chic

Surfer Chic

Another trend that has returned from the nineties is surfer chic. This beach look extends away from the promenade and can be worn for any laid-back, chilled occasion. Washed out, easy-going, and loose fabrics are the order of the day.

When it comes to jewelry, you need to think about the kind of things you buy when shopping on holiday. Shells and corals allow you to add much more color than the standard gold and silver metallic efforts. Leather bracelets and simple twine bindings also add to the laid-back aesthetics.

8. Big Chains

Big Chains

Nothing screams big like the use of a chain. Links that are supersized are right on-trend. They can be worn on everything from chunky bracelets to hanging necklaces.

This look is surprisingly sophisticated. It works best when worn with formal outfits or for stylish streetwear that suits many occasions.

9. Conch Piercing

Conch Piercing

A conch piercing is slightly different from the other types of ear piercings. It goes inside the ear, within the auricle, and allows for several different jewelry types.

One choice is the earplug or an orbital conch. You could also choose to wear a ring that faces from the inside of the ear to the outside.

Tracking Down the Best Body Jewelry

In summary, body jewelry has returned in a big way. Think nineties fashions and go large. Make sure you find a great online retailer for all your needs, and make sure those accessories really turn heads!

If you liked our article, we have lots of hints and tips from the catwalk to the high street to keep you looking fantastic this season!

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