Tips on How to Style Your Jewelry with Modern Indian Trends

Style Your Jewelry

When you wish to build yourself a fine jewelry collection that can match your outfits, you must carefully select different jewellery types. You have to stay fashion-forward with the ways to follow Indian trends. It requires a delicate balance between the style your jewelry, elements of design, appropriate matching diamonds or the coloured gemstones with the outfits you style and Indian aesthetics.

The types of Jewelry a woman wears adds character and originality, depicting her dressing sense. The way you style your Jewelry is essential whether you are wearing it for a formal, grand or casual occasion.

1. Mixing the Metals

A woman wearing a black dress and a Metal necklace

Wearing a similar pair of Jewelry might seem that it’s all the way to go down, but who says it’s a rule in the book? It would be a great choice when you would mix various sets of Jewelry and wear the stack!

The most modern Indian trend is to mix your jewels in the chicest ways that exist, pairing a block of platinum with a mix of gold or a gold ring with a diamond necklace.

The sky limits hypothetical ways to mix and match the Jewelry with ethnic wear to get a fantastic look.

2. Knowing Your Focus

focus on Your Best Jewelry

Focusing all on your Jewelry is not what we mean; do what you do the best, focus on your best aspect. For instance, a woman with gorgeous, large eyes that are coloured can be done into Smokey.

Adding a little extra highlighter to the eyes is one way to focus all on your eyes, enhancing your features and making the person look distinct and prettier. It similarly works for Jewelry.

If you have a long neck, wearing a diamond choker necklace will get you to be the centre of attention.

3. Neckline and Neck

A woman wearing a diamond necklace and ring

You might not want to wear the same choker with a turtleneck, and subconsciously we always know that neckline matters while choosing a necklace.

Hence, whenever you choose a neckpiece to wear, make sure to match it with the neckline of the dress you are wearing. If it is a V-neck, then you should go for a heavy-looking diamond necklace.

If it is just a shirt with a round neck that is a little bit deep, it might be the chance for you to wear the best choker out of your collection.

Even if the shirt you opt to wear is a turtleneck, there would not be better than a long pendant to wear that is modern and trending to make you look better than other sets in your collection.

Did We Only Think About Layering?

We can refer to the rings as minimalist, stunning, yet genuinely classic. Your fingers can do all the talking when you stack it all up! More than three rings in your fingers do good work.

Matching a few rings with different gemstones if you are headed to a party or only wearing diamond rings does a relatable work for a casual look.

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