Unconventional Engagement Rings: A Ring As Unique As You!

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People and their tastes are unique. When you’re in the market for an engagement ring, you might want something that instantly makes you think of your partner. The traditional diamond ring is not the option for you! Nowadays there are heaps of other options. People have been steadily moving away from traditional customs in terms of wedding jewelry, customizing it, and truly making it their own.

Getting an unconventional engagement ring has been gaining popularity in the last few years. There are tons of new options in the market now that cater to all kinds of tastes and sensibilities. From elegant, classic pieces, modern minimalist designs to emo and goth options, there truly is an unconventional engagement ring for every unconventional bride. So what are some options in engagement rings that you can look for?

Metal Engagement Rings

Metal Engagement Rings

This is for the minimalist, understated, and subtle couples out there. You can choose simple band designs, with only small embellishments like embossings or cut-outs. This keeps the form to a simple wedding ring band but adds the little intricacy that you want from such a sentimental piece.

You can choose different metals to create a beautiful engagement ring. You can choose a band made up of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold braids. This creates a wonderful contrast and looks very chic as well.

You can choose a titanium band, to symbolize the strength in your relationship. This design is only deceptively symbol because you can personalize it just as well as any other design. Another thoughtful addition would be engravings of something intimate in the back of the band.

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

If you want something unusual for your engagement ring but you still like a diamond ring, you can look into colored diamond rings. Colored diamonds are natural diamonds that get their hue from different elements that got mixed in when the diamonds were being formed. The price of these diamonds also differs from color to color. The rarer the color, the higher the price.

Yellow diamond rings and pink diamond rings are really popular unconventional choices, as they are both great value for money. The most common color is yellow and brown, while the pinks, reds, and blues are very rare. It is important that you buy your colored diamonds from a reputable retailer and get a certificate of authenticity along with it.

Unconventional Gemstone Engagement Rings

Unconventional Gemstone Engagement Rings

There is another world of precious and semi-precious stones out there that aren’t diamonds. Beyond diamonds and colored diamonds, you have emeralds, rubies, sapphires, moissanite, opal, quartz, and more! If you want a stone on your engagement ring, it can be any pretty stone in the world. You don’t have to stick to only diamonds!

Some unconventional but beautiful stones would lapis lazuli, morganite, onyx, peridot, and topaz. The great thing about unconventional stones is that it can turn simple, unassuming designs into beautiful pieces of art.

Plus, now you aren’t constricted by colors. You can get a huge range of colors in gemstones. Lapis lazuli, for example, is a brilliant blue hue. Onyx is a jet black stone that lends an air of mystery to whatever it is on. Peridot is a near neon-green brilliant stone that is sure to draw the eye of everyone in the room.

Dermal Implant Engagement Ring

Dermal Implant Engagement RIng
Blue Diamond engagement rings

This is for the truly unconventional, alternative couple! If you love your body mods, your tattoos, and your piercings, then a dermal implant engagement ring might just be what you’re looking for. Called finger dermals, these are small studs of various sizes that are implanted under the layer of the skin. They look like a stone placed on the finger, exactly where a band would have held it.

Because you can have them anywhere, they have become quite popular in recent times. From celebrities to normal people, everyone seems to have a dermal piercing! Because it is a piercing, you’ll have to take standard precautions. Choose a reputable place, and make sure you and your piercer are on the same page. Discuss aftercare and know the ins and outs of the procedure.

A dermal implant instead of an engagement ring might sound really out there, but if it fits you then this is definitely something you should look into! These implants are also likely to cost much less than a diamond engagement ring, so you’ll be paying less for a more badass looking product too!

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