7 Tips You Cannot Overlook When Buying Designer Jewelry

Buying Designer Jewelry

While jewelry represents beauty, designer pieces, on the other hand, depict luxury and class. One of the reasons why women nowadays are more fond of designer jewelry collections. Are you one of those?

Well, in today’s digital epoch, we can buy anything & everything over the Internet, and designer jewelry is no exception. However, people like us are often perplexed when buying something that has sentimental value and is costly. 

At the same time, the Internet presents us with the convenience to browse a broad selection of designer jewelry options and save time as you do not need to visit multiple brick-and-mortar jewelry shops. 

To help you out with shopping for a gift, an engagement ring, or even something special for yourself, in this article, we will enlist crucial tips to ensure you are proud of your purchasing decision. 

Let’s learn about the SEVEN incredible tips to keep in mind for shopping jewelry online:

1. Do Your Research

Before you checkout, ensure that the online jewelry store is a reputable one. 

Don’t forget to read online reviews and ratings and go through the about us and return policy page. 

To avoid any surprises, thoroughly read the jewelry listing. How pure is the gold? You can always connect with their customer support team of the seller to clear all your queries. 

A reliable seller would answer even the minutest doubt you have.

Research before Buying Designer Jewelry

2. Read the Shipping & Return Policies

Right before you make the purchase, ascertain that you are aware of the seller’s shipping and return policies.

Since you are purchasing an expensive piece of jewelry, you have to be sure that the shipping is insured for the item’s value.

The return policy has to be straightforward. If you have any doubt, reach out to their support team. 

Most online jewelry stores allow a return for the majority of jewelry items, but certain pricey jewelry pieces may be excluded from the policy. Remember, customized pieces are generally not eligible for return. 

3. Know the Gold Purity

Know the purity of the jewelry item you are purchasing. 24kt is the purest form of gold. It is delicate and extremely pliable. Therefore, when alloyed with other metals such as silver and copper — they provide strength and durability. 

So, you will find designer jewelry items that are made out of 22kt or less gold. As the purity of the gold decreases, the price goes down. 

However, online jewelry stores add the making charges. You ensure your month’s true worth; buy only gold jewelry that is certified. 

The certification is proof of purity, promising you true value when you sell/exchange it. 

In addition, a credible seller will provide this information clearly on the piece’s listing page. 

4. Understand the Warranty

It is pivotal to determine whether the jewelry piece you purchase comes with a warranty from the seller or not.

The warranty covers any defect and loose gemstones for a year or two. If the warranty is not offered, then you will have to pay a hefty repairing fee., 

5. Figure Out Your Size & Availability

Knowing your size matters a lot, especially when it comes to shopping for a ring. You’ll first have to understand the sizing in the jewelry list. 

You will find rings in Europe, the US, and other listing measures. Be sure you are well-versed with the sizing standards. 

If you are not sure of your exact ring size, you can visit a local jewelry store to know the size. 

Figure Out Your Size & Availability of Designer Jewelry

6. Compare Price

Don’t just buy jewelry from the first online store you come across. If you like a jewelry piece on a particular website, then bookmark it, hold your horses before you click the “Buy Now” button. 

Look for the same product on other sites, and there are chances that it may be available at a discounted price. So, invest some time to compare on different sites and then buy it.

7. Read Reviews

Always read the customer reviews for a specific jewelry price before buying it. These reviews will enable you to effectively decide whether the purchase is worth it or not. 

The people who have purchased it have written the feedback based on their practical experience. Therefore negative ratings must be given due consideration. It will only help you make an informed decision.

Wrap Up

Designer jewelry is a class apart; it cannot be compared. Investing in one such elegant piece is no less than a treasure. While you are going through the jewelry options, it makes sense to speak to your relatives and friends who generally shop for designer jewelry online. Their first-hand experience could prove to be handy for you, ensuring that you stay clear of all the prominent mistakes when shopping for jewelry.

Do you have something to add in terms of mistakes or tips when buying designer jewelry online? Let us know.

Till then,

Happy Jewelry Shopping!

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